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Ideas Tower B-17 Islamabad is a brand new residential icon which is unique and exclusive. It is designed differently from the other developments to provide exceptional living to people. Various sized advanced and spacious living spaces are available in an attractive price range. Established in the fantastic location of Islamabad, this place is opening doors to an innovative life. Beautiful outside views, lush nature and amazing lifestyle will add much excitement and exclusivity to your living. You will be able to enjoy a splendid and colorful existence here while having all the essential facilities of life. The living spaces here ensure the global standard lifestyle with utmost privacy, comfort and efficiency.

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Facilities and Features

Islamabad is becoming the hub of many marvelous real estate developments. People are very much inclined to buy property here because of the economic growth, enormous opportunities and high potential. Among so many best real estate investments, Ideas Tower is emerging as an extraordinary project enjoying unique approaches. Being developed in the heart of Islamabad with smart living concepts, this project is catching the attention of many. You will have a luxurious, safe and facilitated sort of living with its magnificent outlook.

The latest architectural trends inspire this whole project. It is enriched with every facility, which is essential to lead a meaningful life. The residents of Ideas tower will e able to elevate their living status to new heights. It is packed with everything crucial to have in this modern era. You will be able to acquire a smart lifestyle enclosed with all which is necessary in this modern era to live remarkably.

ideas tower Islamabad

The affordability and convenience of people are highly considered by the developers of this venture. You can become a part of this iconic project very easily as the whole payment procedure is very easy. It is an excellent development in Islamabad having the brightest investment future and best opportunities for everyone. Developed on the advanced concepts, the place has so much to offer its residents. A large urban environment will be provided to people through this mega-development. Let’s go through some other important aspects of this top residential project in Islamabad to make an informed decision.  

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Project Highlights 

  • Deluxe Apartments
  • Meticulous architectural building with luxurious design
  • Luxurious and stylish entrance lobby
  • Italian marble flooring
  • Modular kitchen with branded accessories
  • Branded fittings and accessories
  • Highly secure and high quality living environemnt 
  • Great Investment Potential 

Project Plan

Ideas Tower is a new and topmost project which is developing on new and advanced ideas. Approved by the MPCHS, this place is planned in a fantastic way where you can get the highest return of your money. It fulfills all the legal requirements of real estate in Islamabad and there are no chances of any scam or fraud. The safety and comforts of the residents are at the core of this venture. 

Living here will give you a tremendous experience of comfort and class while surrounded by the facilities all the time. The 13 storey building of this project is a symbol of urban architecture while you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The place falls under the category of stylish and renowned developments where everything is defined by style and sophistication. Even in its initial stages, it is considered as the top real estate development in Islamabad fulfilling all the requirements of modernization.

project plan


The building is constructed excellently on the advanced designing concepts where all the modern amenities are available. You will find the interior and exterior the best planned by the professional team. The sincere efforts of the construction professionals can be noticed easily from the overall development status of the venture. Interiors are designed appealingly while touching perfection. The project contains all the luxuries which you need and desires for a while every detail is given proper attention to attain a higher level of satisfaction by the clients. 

The deluxe and furnished apartments in different sizes are available to meet the various residential needs of people. You can enjoy a life beyond expectations here while the incredible opportunities of entertainment, shopping, education and dining are available. 

The living spaces of Ideas Tower Islamabad are all exclusively designed while having the best furnishing. All the parts of the apartments, including the bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom are fully fitted and equipped. These are designed excellently while keeping in view the latest ideas of construction. You will find here such amazing luxuries which will leave you with much delight and happiness. 

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Ideas Tower Islamabad Apartments for sale

It is a vast project which is spread over a considerable area of land. The developers of this place have divided into various size apartments according to the residential needs of different families or people. Here you will find the 1 bed, 2 beds, 3 beds and 4 beds apartments for sale having all sort of facilities and modern amenities. You will be able to have a secure and significant sort of existence here while enjoying the best outside the city’s view from the balcony. All the apartments are constructed on international ideas while enjoying the spacious layout. You will be pleased and cannot leave without appreciation the overall development, building and apartments’ architectural approach. 

1 Bed Apartment Layout 

 1 bed apartment

2 Bed Apartment Layout (954 sq.ft)


2 bed apartments

2 Bed Apartment Layout (1124 sq.ft)


2 bed apartment

3 Bed Apartment Layout

3 bed apartment

4 Bed Apartment Layout 

 4 bed apartment

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Ideas Tower Islamabad Location Map

Islamabad is becoming the hub of many excellent residential and commercial developments. The city has a high potential for modern buyers and clients. Ideas Tower is the most prominent and highly valued project which is located at a fantastic location. You will find this venture to be situated at the top-class B-17 Sector Islamabad. It enjoys the excellent connectivity to GT road and M-2 Motorway.

CPEC Motorway Interchange is also adjacent to the location of this venture. The Islamabad International Airport is also closely available, which increases the value and demand of this venture. This sector of Islamabad is very highly developed, and more accomplishments are planned for the future here. Currently, the properties here have very high demand here while the futuristic developments indicate the high value in the coming time. The modern investors and clients are much inclined to buy property in this area because of the growing demand.  

ideas tower

The Ideas Tower location is really great and exceptional close to all kind of facilities. The residence of this place will enjoy the best shopping, dining, entertainment and other necessary facilities very close to their residence. They do not need to go far away to avail all these options while living here. Anyone can access the place easily as it is enjoying the best road links to the small as well as main highways. People can reach it easily from the M-2 Motorway. 

The city’s best school and colleges are closely available where you can send your children to get a high standard of education. All the other basic and advanced necessities of life are also there so that the residents can have a meaningful existence. The location is not only beneficial and facilitated but also beautiful. From the balconies, the residents of Ideas Tower will be able to enjoy the incredible beauty of Islamabad’s hills, mountains and landscapes. It is a peaceful and secure area to live happily with your family and gather the best memories. The residential demand for this area is increasing very much, and it is the best time to buy your dream living place here. Sophisticated lifestyle is available to you at the top-class location with amazing present and future benefits. 

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Ideas Tower Islamabad Payment Plan

Have a best and significant living experience without going out of your budget. Yes, all is available to you very easily and conveniently. Turn out your dreams into reality with affordability and easiness. Ideas Tower Islamabad is offering you a lifetime opportunity to elevate your living standards with many conveniences. The developers of this project care a lot for the people, and that is why they want to facilitate them in every sphere. It is common that because of complicated booking procedures and high charges, it becomes difficult to own your dream home. Here you will be facilitated in this regard as ideas tower has organized a very appealing payment plan for its clients.

Various properties are available according to small and large size families and have different prices. You can also book your desired flat on cash payment where maybe you get a discount. It is a great opportunity which one should not miss.Just visit this place for a while, and your mind and heart will desire to live here. Book your property while following straightforward terms and conditions. Booking is open at the moment on the first-come, first-serve basis. The detailed payment plan is given below for you!


ideas tower Pyament

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Facilities and Features 

Modern Building Architect

Ideas Tower Islamabad has a well-designed and stylish building. The interior and exterior of the building are eye-catching where the attention is given to every single detail to perfection. Investing and living in such a tremendously architected project will let you enjoy the sense of unique luxury, style and eminence. 

Deluxe and Spacious Apartments 

This venture is offering 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms apartments, which are all furnished, luxurious and spacious enough to accommodate you remarkably. Flats have excellent layouts where the residents will be able to enjoy the privacy and comforts. All the material, fittings and other equipment are made of durable material while the apartments have a trendy outlook. 

 Security Surveillance  

Live safely and securely all the time with the best organized and smart security system of Ideas Tower Islamabad. Alert security staff and security system are active all the time to maintain the peaceful ambience. No unknown person can enter the building without verification. Safety of the residents is one of the top concerns of this project.  

Spacious Parking space 

Park your vehicles with ease at an extensive and international style parking area. Here your vehicles will be parked safely without any mess. It is a great facility which is available for the residents as they will not face any parking issue. There is much space to cater to all the parking needs of people. 

Waste System 

The covered waste disposable system is part of this venture where special attention is paid to a clean and hygienic environment. You will not face any water-related issue while living here as all the apartments have advanced water pipelines fittings. 


Remain fit and active with the luxurious gym of Ideas Tower, which is equipped with all the fundamental necessities and amenities. It is equipped with every modern facility so that people can have a memorable experience here. 

Recreational Options

Along with the basic, the place is also offering the advanced recreational facilities. All these options will prove a great source of relaxation and entertainment. The indoor and outdoor recreational spots including the spa, restaurants, BBQ area and much more is part of this place.  

Maintenance Staff

You will be helped and directed by the maintenance staff in case of any problem. The services of the maintenance staff are very quick and bring satisfaction. The members are very helpful and concerned all the time. The residents won’t feel any delay if they need any help or assistance. 

Meeting Room

Meet with each other in a spacious and comfortable meeting room of this place. It is most suitably developed for meting purposes of the residents in any case. 

Kid Play Area

A separate playing area for children is available within the building so that children can have a secure and enjoyable playing experience within a place. 


High-quality elevators are made part of this project. They are fast at speed while never get stuck because of the maintenance regularly. The inhabitants of this venture can go to any storey very easily by using the services of these fast and modern elevators.  

Lush Surroundings 

Ideas Tower is an ideal living place from all the perspectives. Here you will have a chance to enjoy the modernism, luxuries and tranquility all at the same time. The lush green parks, landscapes and gardens are nearby located where you can go anytime with your loved ones to enjoy the fantastic views of nature. You will have a peaceful existence here. 

Nearby Places 

You will have a comfortable life here because of the beneficial nearby places. The city’s best school, hospitals, cinemas, parks and shopping centers are closely available to this venture. You do not need to be troubled for your basic needs of life. The best entertainment places are also close to this project. 

Swimming Pool 

You can have a refreshing dip in the fantastic pool of Ideas Tower with your friends and family. It is a fascinating feature of this venture which offers the best entertainment as well as fitness opportunities to kids and adults. 

Roof-top restaurant

Dining on the rooftop and enjoying the amazing views can be a great experience. It is attainable in Ideas Tower which has the best roof-top restaurant where you can spend quality time while having tasty meals. 


Does this place appeal you? Of course, it does because of its outstanding features and facilities. Choose Ideas Tower B-17 Islamabad and live in the womb of facilities where people can live with ease and comfort. This venture is not something to be missed out and you just need to visit this place to decide.

The unique approach of this project along with an easy payment and ideal location attract the attention of people to start living in the best possible manner. The most developed project in the fastest developing city called Islamabad is becoming the priority to live. Do not wait to book your flat as the place is ready to give you a gold standard living. Contact the expert team of to be a part of this stunning development where every detail is a defined excellently.

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