With lush green surroundings, modern infrastructures and flawless connectivity, Hill View Cottages Murree is an ideal place that intermingles contemporary times living as well as the peaceful living. This project offers to own a lifestyle that is the wonderful blend of effectiveness and comfort at the queen of hills. This place provides the best and amazing 5 Marla houses, one can ever desire for. It is uniquely designed with state-of-the-art planning and specifications.

Hill View Cottages Murree spread over many acres land while providing the best place to live. The place comes alive with the vibrancy and exclusiveness sets in the heart of picturesque hills of Murree while providing a very ideal location. Adorned with many facilities and features this place provides one with the modern urbanized existence addressing your all requirements. Along with the daily comfort and leisure, one will get the direct interaction with serenely beautiful and healthy atmosphere.

This quality and peaceful existence are available to people on a very easy payment and instalment plan. A privileged way of living is available to people after the successful establishment of this project where living is facilitated, safe as well as enjoyable at the same time.

Hill View Cottages Murree Location Map

The location of this project is the most attractive and amazing feature which is prime as well as beautiful and peaceful. Ideally, this residential project is situated in Muree just 50 minutes drive away from Islamabad Convention Center, on Main GT Road. Muree Mall Road and Pindi point are very close to this residential place. Living here is very much like to live in a self-sustained and facilitated place with all the conveniences and proximity to schools, shopping centers, transportation and medical facilities.

Hill View Cottages Murree Location Map

One gets interacted with modernity, luxuries and nature at the same time as this project is surrounded by the lush green atmosphere and stunning mountains. Living at this place is convenient and pleasurable because of the mixture of natural beauty and modern amenities.

Hill View Cottages Murree Payment Plan

A desirable living is available to people at this place while falling within a very suitable and reasonable payment plan. The houses can be booked on cash payment while easy instalment plan also exists. These cottages can be hired on rents which provide best services to people. The payment plan is highly appealing to people if they consider the opportunities and facilities this project is packed with. Here is the payment plan of this place.

Hill View Cottages Murree Payment Plan


This project is developed by an esteemed and brilliant name called National Developers. They have established this project with considerable excellence, professionalism and reliability to provide an incredible living experience for people. Their approach to real estate projects is very unique, planned and new. They aim to provide a comfortable and remarkable existence to people according to the contemporary time’s needs and demands. Hill View Cottages Murree is a very complete illustration of their sincere concerns about the luxury, comfort and satisfaction of the people.

Features and Facilities

This thoughtfully and excellently planned project is enriched with enormous features and facilities which are essential to living in an idyllic way. It is founded on such features and amenities which make the life easy and happy. Now let’s move to the details of the facilities this project is packed with.

1. Advanced Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Hill View Cottages Murree is no doubt developed in the best and the most modern way. Modernly designed cottages provide the best quality of living to people and attract people to live in a beautiful place like this. The inner and outer designing is incredible where people. These extraordinary architectural homes are very well designed to live luxuriously.

2. Safety and Security

A safe and secure environment is assured to people by providing the best security services to people. This place is highly secured by CCTV and other smart cameras to provide a terror-free environment for people. It is fully gated community where checking at the entrance is very strict. The security system and security staff are very active and high alert which carefully work 24/7 to provide a safest and desirable living experience to people.

3. Restaurants

Restaurants are available to provide the best food and services to people. They provide a very good experience with the best food and the best atmosphere and very good ambience. One can have a great time while enjoying a meal at these restaurants. Delivery service is also available for cottages where people can enjoy the best meal at their homes. 

4. Grocery Stores

Shopping centres and grocery stores are built within a society where people can have fresh grocery items very easily. It is a source of many conveniences as people do not need to go far away for the fundamental necessities. 

5. Electricity, Water and Gas Supply

The place assures the continuous supply of clean water, electricity and Sui gas. It has its own power backup system through which the electricity breakdowns and load shedding could be avoided. With the undergrounded electrification system, major power failures are prevented in rainy or storm season. Filtered water and Sui gas are supplied properly and all the time to the residents of Hill View Cottages Murree. 

6. Jamia Mosque

A central Jamia mosque is built within the community which is designed very amazingly. Its interior and exterior are very beautiful while it is fully adorned with all the facilities. It shows the unity of the Muslim world while and due to the maintenance architecture, the people feel the environment very sacred and inspirational. 

7. Lush Green Parks and Playgrounds

This society is enriched with many small and lush green parks which are a source of and relaxation. Sitting and walking in these parks while surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains and landscapes are provides the best sort of recreation and delight. Separate playgrounds offer a safe and enjoyable playing experience to the children.


Finding an ideal place to live in Murree? Do not waste your time by wandering here and there and consider Hill View Cottages to have the finest living. This place won’t let your expectations and desires down at any rate because of the amenities and features it provides to its inhabitants. Living with the luxuries and surrounded by eye-catching views will bring contentment and pleasure to you.




Hill View Cottages Murree Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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