The Green Orchard is one of the premier farmhouses in Lahore for the individuals who like to enjoy a peaceful and safe environment. It is a new successful project by Landmark Group and Future Developers after many other prosperities. Green Orchard Farm Houses are located in Lahore and ideally surrounded by natural landscape. A convenient payment plan of Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore for the purchase of supersize plots are now opening the door for the investors. The address is easily accessible through wide roads as far as Green Orchard Farm Houses location map is concerned. The Green Orchard Lahore is offering 4,5,6, and 8 Kanal plots for first of its kind managed and serviced farmhouses.  Such type of farmhouses has never introduced before in Pakistan. The visitors and residence as a picnic point, or dream living place, can avail frame houses facilities as they like. The payment plan is comfortable regarding the Green Orchard Lahore Farm Housing plots purchase price and booking detail. 

All we know that the Lahore city is a heart of Punjab. People in the shape of tourists, employees, and investors move toward Lahore every year. Where the lacks residential houses likewise it is demanding for the picnic spots as well. Many peoples living in Lahore prefers to visit some natural place at the weekend for a day or two, rather than the visit to far northern areas. The farmhouse can be rent out as a picnic spot and also utilized as a personal living area where all the leisure activities can be a reality. Advantage-wise,  farmhouses contain all the living facilities that most of the people can dream only. Mainly, About the definition of Farmhouses, It is a house on a piece of agricultural Land and farming is the core function of it. Attractively, the Green Orchard Farm houses Lahore are already at the natural place with fully fertile soil. The surrounding greenery around its location is showing that the land is ideal for farming. Growing use of the chemical in our agricultural system is lowering the quality of plant-based foods and even make them intoxicated at some level. So, the people, who own some part of agrarian land whether in a form of lawn or Farmhouse have now started to utilize the homegrown vegetables. Green Orchard Farmhouse buyers, who prefer well being, can also grow organic vegetables on the fertile land. 


An Ideal Bussiness Place:


Growing plant is not enough to utilize the farmhouse for its further advantage. It can be a part of the Farmhouse activities, but we can also organize lots of other business and fun activities through it. When talking about living in nature, pet animal is the compulsory part of the environment. Indeed, Nature is incomplete without animal, especially the pet ones. And Green Orchard Farmhouses that consist throughout natural environment are the right place for Pet Animal Breeding. Some pets that can be a part of a colorful natural life are Red Deer, Lima, Horses, Cows, Goats, Sheeps, Rabbits, Indian Peafowl and Peacock. Many animals out of the mentioned name are the halal and excellent source of livestock as well. On one side they are attracting the tourists, and on other, they can produce milk and meat that is a business itself. Undoubtedly, Farmhouse on the outskirt of Lahore is ideal for many companies as well. As a dairy farming business, It can be a right spot for milk production or supply. The poultry farm is another useful option as of the eggs, and chicken meat is one of the daily consumptions food. Another business that ensures the high return is the nursery of plants whether it can be a crop of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, echinacea, feverfew, Basil, lavender or home flower plants. The business owner can become a significant supplier of herbs to pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. Describing another valuable business, the production of natural honey can be a right business on the place. In respect to the demand of natural honey, its production will surely go in profit, and that will rise every year. Thus, the above-mentioned business point consisting of Green Orchard Green Farmhouse worth the plots.


Landmark Builders And Developers:


Landmark Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a Group of Companies based in Lahore, Pakistan and is busy in a various range of business particularly in the domain of real estate projects consultancy, architecture, management, construction, development, media, marketing, event management, sales and after-sales project cares, web development, international trade (import & export) etc. They are emerging rapidly in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Under their supervision, they have completed more than 22 housing and commercial project in more than 12 major cities of Pakistan. The towns that are part of their project are known as Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Wazirabad, Sambrial, Daska, Dinga, Jhelum, Dina, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, Taxila, Hassan Abdal, Abbottabad, and Gawadar. The evidence of their success lies in the form of throughout projects upon GT Roads that starts from Lahore and end at Islamabad. 

Their Architecture team has no comparison, and they are skilled in providing end to end planning, architectural and creative services. The practices of their work base on the latest design and set a standard. They are shifting the architectural and construction work to the next level. They are capable of meeting the client expectation through their expertise. They have complete possession of project land on which they are working. Some of their flagship projects are Airline Avenue, Islamabad, Taxila Gardens Housing Scheme, Taxila, Taxila Home at Taxila Gardens, Taxila, KDC Garden Housing Scheme Jhelum, Garden Town Housing Scheme, Jhelum, Al Kausar Garden Dina. They are still engaging in developing the new project that can be defined as Highway castles Gwadar, Kings Residency Gwadar, Queen’s Enclave Gwadar, Pawn’s Residency Gwadar and Margalla Enclave Islamabad. Also, their executed residential projects are going successfully on their way. And the projects  are known as Hamza Centre Lahore, Mall of Gulberg Lahore, S A Gardens Lahore, Al Jalil Garden Lahore, Canal View Housing Faisalabad, Garden Town Gujranwala, Shadman Mall Commercial Center Lahore, Bhutta Commercial Gujranwala, Royal Garden Housing Scheme Sialkot, Graceland Housing Fateh Jang Road and Taj Garden Housing Scheme Wazirabad.


Project Plan:


Green Orchard is a magnificent project of its kind. As described above, the farmhouse is the best place to do the hobbies as well as it can be the source of business income. Concerning about the project plan of Green Orchard, its main entrance only is 530 feet wide, and it is standing at the main barki road Lahore. With general disclaimer “offering plot at the reasonable price,” The Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore are presenting the Four, Five, Six and Eight Kanal plots at reasonable prices with the easy installment plan. The location of the plot is nearby DHA phase 6 and 7 and that is another advantage also. It is amongst the best farmhouses of Pakistan, and that is sensibly managed and serviced. 

Discussing the design of the farmhouse in the light of advanced principles, Firstly we would like to say that is based on agriculture land. Unlike to the villas and houses, the farmhouses are usually away from the residential area but contain all the facilities of life in it. Because it can mostly utilize as agriculture purpose, so plenty of greenery appears on the most of the farmhouse land. Besides enhancing the natural beauty, the greenery is a vital source of beneficial oxygen in its surrounding. After the importance of greenery, another facility that is the crucial part of any farmhouse is the swimming pool. To Attract the tour nothing is essential than the beautiful swimming pool system. As we are well aware of Pakistan's weather that remains warm for the most time of the year that brings the peak in tourism to farmhouses. Effectively, high temperatures urge the bevy of visitors to seek some fun in the water and beat the hotness. For the construction of swimming pool, the Green Orchard City Housing Lahore has arranged all the disposal. And the continuous supply of clean water for swimming is safe to dive in. In Lahore City, there are many other locations that contain successful Farmhouses such as Bedian, Manawan, Raiwind Road, Ferozepur Road and Multan Road. And Green Orchard barki road is emerging as a new inclusion in the list.



Location Map:


The Location of Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore is full of beautifully natural sights. The location map of Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore is enlightening that it provides maximum accessibility through wide and traffic free roads. The Farmhouses are situated on the barki road near Hudiara canal. The location is away from the noisy traffic and pollution of city and peaceful environment containing all the facilities of life.The main barki road is leading to the Indian border and is in the center of natural landscapes. The best thing about the location is that it is standing at only 10 minutes of distance from DHA phase 6 and 7. The well known Lahore School of Economics (LSE) is also at 15 min distance from Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore. Due to living in proximity, The Residence of the Farmhouses can also enjoy the advanced Facilities of DHA. Appreciably, DHA in Pakistan is known for providing best busy commercial areas and outing points such as restaurants and parks. So the Farmhouses offer a complete living setup in the clean, healthy and beautiful environment. The Green Orchard Farm Houses Location Map is ideal due to providing real value for money through natural and essential conveniences of life.


Payment Plan:


The Green Orchard Farmhouses Lahore booking detail is now available for all the investors.  The project authorities are offering 4, 5, 6 and 8 Kanal of sizeable plots. As per guideline, the booking of Green Orchard Farm Houses starts from 10% and balance amount is payable in 12 Monthly Installments. Through the deposit of 50 percent payment, the buyer can also get immediate possession on the Farm Houses. Mentioned prices in Green Orchard Lahore installment plan is increasing as 10% extra on the purchasing of plots positioning at the corner location. For the plots that are facing 50 feets road, the buyer will pay 5%  extra besides total price. Also, the plots at main boulevard charging 15% extra other than the total price. Regarding the price list, The Green Orchard Farm Houses Pre Launch Booking offer  4 Kanal plot at 2,20,00,000 PKR,  5 Kanal plot at 2,75,00,000 PKR, 6 Kanal at 3,30,00,000 PKR and 8 Kanal plot at 4,40,00,000 PKR (total price). Check out the below-mentioned payment plan of Green Orchard Farm House Barki Road Lahore that is only available for a limited period. For Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore plots booking contact number is 0092-3116339844.




Pakistan’s First Serviced & Managed Farm Houses

Gated Community

Secured with CCTV Cameras

Fully maintained with 24 hours security

80 Feet Main Boulevard

Sewerage/Drain System

Clean Drinking Water

UnderGround Electricity

Minimum 40 & 50 Feet Wide Roads

Beautiful Mosque


Green Belt


Mini Golf Cort

Members Club


The Green Orchard Farm Houses Lahore Payment Plan & Location Map
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