Multan is becoming urbanized day by day while the living standards are improved remarkably many famous builders and construction companies are paying attention towards this city. The biggest example of this can be seen in form of Green Lane Palm Multan. This residential project by Creative 9 provides a secure, luxurious and comfortable living experience for people who choose to live at this place.

Green Lane Palm Multan is the place of opportunity, reliability and benefits. Living and investing here is a big deal as one gets the best revisit of one’s payment. The living and investment opportunities are very bright in this residential project while the payments are not very high. Everyone can have one’s dream house and beneficial investment chances with this project.

This residential project includes different Marla houses which are designed according to modern trends and designs. The comfort and luxury of this project involve attracting a large number of people to start living in this ideal place. The international level constructed houses offer an ideal and exclusive living to the people. It is a perfect living destination which assures the provision of quality lifestyle while meeting all the requirements.

Project Plan

This is a project spread over a considerable land while the houses are fully furnished and ready to provide the best living experience to its residents. MDA has improved this residential project where different Marla houses are available according to family needs and demands. Green Lane Palm, Multan offers 8 Marla houses available with the option of 3 bedrooms while 10 Marla houses with 4 bedrooms. Every house has an extensive parking space and a servant quarter.

Green Lane Palm Multan Location Map

The location of this project is very ideal and attractive like the other features. Primarily this project is situated on Askari Bypass Multan which is one of the most famous and awesome locations of this city. This place is connected to many important roads while surrounded by commercial centres, transportation spots, educational and health institutions. New International Airport and Railway Station are just 10 minutes away from Green Lane Palm Multan.

Green Lane Palm Multan Payment Plan

The payment plan for this ideal place is organized very flexibly. The prices of the houses are reasonable and attractive if we consider the features and facilities they are enriched with. The golden standard living is available to people now very easily. Houses can be purchased on cash payment whereas easy instalment policies are also available. Here is the payment plan for this project:


Green Lane Palm Multan Payment Plan


This venture is developed by Creative 9 which is a name of brilliance and trustworthiness in the real estate world. The aim linked to this project is to provide a comfortable and quality lifestyle to people thus in an affordable range. The project is developed very tremendously and with an excellent planning. Professionalism and public concerns are very prominent by the developers in Green Lane houses. The best and unforgettable residential experience is guaranteed to people through this outstanding project.

Features and Facilities

This place is wrapped with enormous features and amenities which are essential to living a happy and comfortable lifestyle. Extraordinary features and facilities available for the residents of Green Park Lane. All the basic facilities are part of this project while additional amenities and features are also added to provide a desirable lifestyle to people. This place is:

1.  Modern Architectural Designed Houses

The place offers luxurious houses which are designed exactly in accordance with the latest trends and techniques. A quality building material and equipment are used everywhere in the houses every part is built or designed on international standards. The houses are generously broad while rooms, attached bathrooms, kitchen, drawing room and TV lounge, all are very amazingly built to provide the best sort of living in every way.

2. Carpeted Roads

During the construction, one thing was kept in mind that all the roads are developed in such a way that traffic does not get jammed. All the roads are designed accurately while keeping in mind the relevance and need for properly developed roads. Not only the main roads but this thing is also kept in mind that all the roads in the streets and in front of the homes are enough wide that people won’t face any vagueness at all.

3. Safety and Security

This place is highly secure where people can live in a terror free environment. The CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed everywhere to keep a critical eye on every happening. Checking at the entrance point is very strict while the security system and staff is high alert and active.

4. Parks and Playground

Much land of this project is allotted to greenery where many small and large parks are available. The parks are neat and beautiful while providing a very pleasant experience during walking and sitting in them. The lush green environment is a very attractive feature of Green Park Lane Multan.

5. Basic Necessities

All the houses of this project are fully equipped with basic necessities in a best possible way. There are proper connections of Sui gas, electricity and water to each house. The election system is undergrounded through which major breakdowns are avoided while every house has a proper gas connection. The clean and pure water is supplied to the residents.


The most important thing is the proper development in the city of Multan. Green Lane Palm Multan is a very significant addition to level up the living standards of people of Multan. It is a perfect combination of modern amenities, striking features, ideal location and easy payment plan. This is the reason for which this place is becoming the centre of attention for quality living and investment options. This place is the best choice for people to have their own dream house full of luxuries.


Green Lane Palm Multan Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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