Community life style has its own merits and these merits are the main reason for the adoption of dedicated community life style in Pakistan, that’s why various Real Estate Developers are getting involved in the community life style projects. Goldcrest DHA Islamabad is also a real estate project which offers a comprehensive life style comprising of residential apartments while the luxurious developed residential units and their structure catch the attraction of viewers and they want to be a part of such a convincing and convenient living community.


Goldcrest DHA Islamabad is one of the co-ventures of Al Ghurair Giga and DHA Islamabad. Al Ghurair Giga is a well known real estate developer that has already developed state of art real estate projects that have eye catching infrastructure. The developers and designers of project provide all the necessities that are part of today modern living style.


Goldcrest DHA is located Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road which is back to the main G.T. Road of Islamabad. It is located in DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Sector C. Iqbal Boulevard is located towards southern side while Hospital Road located towards northern side as well. The eastern side faces the sector road while the Main G.T. Road is towards western side.

Master Plan:

Goldcrest DHA Islamabad is a master plan of two residential towers which offers luxury apartments. The two towers are designed in a unique way that one of the towers is a high rise tower while other is a traditional terrace tower. The infrastructure includes Underground cabling system of Telephone and Electric system, streets are paved enough wide and broad that suits and fulfill the needs of residents. Durable drainage and sewerage systems are also designed and developed according to the design and needs of residents of Goldcrest DHA Islamabad. World class and elegant way of living style makes the site perfect for modern way of living standard. The apartments are designed keeping in view the living and social needs of families. The apartments are designed with modern & beautiful material, while bed rooms are equipped with proper ventilation facilities and attached bath with best sanitary work and tiles as well. Kitchens are equipped with all modern tool kit and are large enough to serve a complete family unit.


Goldcrest DHA Islamabad
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    How to find the best agent dealing in Goldcrest DHA Islamabad, looking for an apartment.

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    I love the location of Goldcrest DHA Islamabad.

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