Global City Islamabad is an ideal opportunity for real estate investor, especially in Pakistan. It is a peerless housing society bounded by the natural landscape. It is perfect either you are planning a farmhouse or a personal home. For the purpose, Global City Islamabad offers sizeable and luxurious plot options perfectly suitable to prepare farmhouses and homes. Global City is introducing the Farmhouses under the title Global Farms that brings 4 and 8 Kanal of sizeable plots. For the housing purpose, Global Avenue is another division of Global City Islamabad and offering  5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal lavish residential plots. Both projects the Global Farms and Global Avenue are connected with each other under the umbrella of Global City Islamabad.

In the light of Global City Islamabad location map, the society is the proportion of the Qurtaba City knows for it International Living standard and colossal land. The general population of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has acknowledged the Qurtaba City as the enormous lodging venture. Sight-wise, It is full of beautiful landscape and has no comparison at all. The Installment plan of the Global City Islamabad describes easy plots booking detail and total prices as well. On this page, we are focussing Global Farms payment plan, plot rates, and booking detail. But for the residential house installment plan and plot prices, please read another news of Global Avenue Islamabad mentioned on our website.




Global City Islamabad is an artful culmination of Nobel Vision Developers. They are working with the plan to enhance the living experience of Pakistan significant urban areas.They have arranged the Global City to guarantee all facilities of luxury living. 24-hour security, continuous supply of clean water, power and green condition are some essential component ensured by the Nobel Vision Developers. With a strong determination and dynamic group, The Nobel vision engineers are emerging as significant players in the land industry. Nobel Vision Developer have strived their best in construction and infrastructure development of the society. Gradually they are earning respect in the Profession through their creative housing solutions and customer-driven strategies. Bearing all aspect of nature in mind, they have chosen the correct region in the territory of Pakistan’s capital city. Location Wise, the Global Farms Islamabad is appealing.


Project Plan:


The Project Plan of Global City Islamabad is composed of Global Farms and Global Avenue. Being a part of the Qurtaba City Islamabad, the Global city residents can enjoy historic architecture and modern amenities. Incredibly, the five pristine neighborhoods are dividing the Qurtaba City Community in the form of Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Roman and London Blocks. The blocks structure and salient features reflect the design philosophy of each city according to their names. So, the residents of Global Avenue Islamabad can take pleasure of the architectural design reminding them of  Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Roman, and London. Art, culture and roadside cafe in the blocks will prominently attract the visitors.The symbols and designs will somewhat discover the sought after cities culture. As a part of Global Cities Islamabad Project, the Global Avenue housing scheme comes up with educational purpose as well. It is contributing significantly to another progress in the already high educational standard of Islamabad. And going to be a home of five international standard universities. With carrying every essential for the luxury life, it is considered ideal for the overseas Pakistanis. 

On Global Farms side, the master plan invites you to a gateway to every leisure and amenity. Global Farm Islamabad is offering total security, uninterrupted power supply & clean water in life.  For the construction of farmhouses in the midst of nature, the Global Farms is providing four and eight Kanal residential plots. The Leafy environment is giving a meaning to the life, and surrounding landscape is caring you from everywhere. The developers are utilizing the natural land to construct an eco-friendly design In Pakistan. Bearing the value of environmental protection in mind, They are organizing livable ecosystem. Also, A grand mosque in the society is a serene place with the capacity of numerous worshiper. The Grand Mosque is representing an Islamic architecture that contributes to the feeling of loyalty, harmony, and brotherhood.

To ensure a peaceful life round the clock security system is monitoring the society. CCTV Cameras are covering all the critical junctions, roads, entry and exit points as well as a mobile security staff is ready for an on-time response. As a most significant part of any farmhouse society, Global Farms has done all disposal for a planning of swimming pool. In this aspect, the proximity to River Sill is supporting a great deal as it is a continuous source of water supply and drainage. Thus, the master plan of Global City Islamabad is the complete arrangement of facilities.


Location Map


The Location Map of Global Farms Islamabad is pleasantly adding to its progress. Global Farms The project address is within the boundaries of Qurtaba City and have 15-minute driving distance from the Islamabad International Airport. As a landmark, The Lahore to Peshawar Motorway (M2) is going from a short separation. Magnificently, The River Sill is flowing side by side the boundary of Global Farms, and it's a sight to behold. The nearby Qurtaba road is leading to another jaw-dropping view of  Soan River. Also, it is adding the natural landscape in the location map of Global City Islamabad.


Payment Plan:


Global Farms is offering 4 and 8 Kanal of residential plots perfect to plan a farmhouse. Shortly, the Global Farms complete payment plan with plot file prices, balloting date, and booking detail will manifest itself on this page. At the moment, Global Avenue housing scheme only is revealing complete payment plan on an additional page. For further inquiry dial at Global City Islamabad Contact number 00923116339844.



300 feet wide Main Boulevard
50 feet wide carpeted roads with pathways
Underground wiring for continuous power supply
The community lit up by street/road lights
Modern drainage system with adequate maintenance
Ample supply of clean drinking water
Horticulture & landscaping
Nine Hole Golf Course
Community Transport
Total Security
Thematic Park