Pakistanis accredit the Global Avenue Islamabad as the city of knowledge and Peace. Also, It is an example of signature living in a serene environment. Global Avenue is a proportion of the largest housing society known as Qurtaba City Islamabad. Total 5 blocks named after world famous cities are dividing the project locality wise. PARIS, BERLIN, CAIRO, ROMAN & LONDON  are the identification of the project blocks. The project is unparalleled in its arrangements and sets an example of independent living with containing all the desired facilities. For all investor, the Global Avenue Islamabad is offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal lavish residential plots. Interestingly, the location map of Global Avenue is placing the housing society near Islamabad International Airport. Approaching the housing scheme address through wide and main roads is effortless. The payment plan of Global Avenue Islamabad housing scheme is supportive as it is offering complete booking detail and plots rates.

As a most facilitated phase of Qurtaba City, the Global Avenue Islamabad is offering high prices for plots. Because of complex interconnection between Global Avenue, Global City and Qurtaba City Islamabad, ordinary people don't know the distinctions. Firstly, the Qurtaba City is known as the origin of the entire project having multiple phases. As far as the Global City Islamabad is concerned, It is part of the Qurabta City and consists of two projects known as Global Avenue and Global Farms. The people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has accepted the Qurtaba City as the most massive housing project. It is located in the territory of Pakistan Capital City known for its educational standard. Global Avenue phase 2 Islamabad is mainly to inspire the overseas Pakistanis, and it strives to meet their world class expectations.




Global Avenue Islamabad is a masterpiece of Nobel Vision Developers. They are working with the aim to bring the advancement in the living standard of Pakistan major cities. For the purpose, they have planned the Global City to ensure all facilities from downstream to upstream. 24-hour security, uninterrupted supply of clean water, electricity and green environment are some essential feature guaranteed by the Nobel Vision Developers. With a clear vision and dynamic team, The Nobel vision developers have successfully progressed into one of the emerging players in real estate industry. They are now enjoying a reasonable level of respect in the industry even though they have newly joined the Business.  

As per location map of Global Avenue Islamabad, The Developers have planned the housing society near M2 Motorway. It is a comfortable access area through wide roads and contains all the advanced facilities of life. Hopefully, the community is going to provide a relaxing and mental stillness to its residents. Even having all the luxury means, the Global Avenue Islamabad housing scheme plot rates and payment plan also backing the progress.


Project Plan:


Global Avenue Islamabad project plan is offering Five Marla, Ten Marla, and One Kanal luxurious residential plots at the appropriate price. On the other hand, the sister project “Global City” is offering large-scale plots for farmhouses.  Although, some real estate buyers consider the plot rate of the housing scheme too high without evaluating the existing facilities. As the Global Avenue housing Society is the part of Qurtaba City Islamabad, It covers the portion of phase 2.  The project is attracting the individuals who want to live in the surrounding of trees, flowers, parks, and green belts. The Masterplan of Global Avenue Islamabad is aiming to provide valuable property in the clean environment. Talking of  Qurtaba City Blocks, the five pristine neighborhoods are dividing the community. The neighborhoods are known as Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Roman and London Blocks. Structure-wise, each block is reminding you of the cities for which they are appearing.

In the range of necessary facilities, the society has 300 feet wide main Boulevard, 50 feet wide carpeted road, underground electricity system, streets lits, modern drainage system, clean drinking water. In addition to the above facilities, the society luxury means consist of, community transport system,  thematic park, swimming pool clubs and nine-hole golf course. For the wellbeing of residents, the Professional Doctors and trained paramedical staff are serving 24 hours through the advance medical complex. Being source of an Educational City, the Global Avenue is ushering the five well reputed international universities. And this aspect is the most highlighted canyon of the Global Avenue Islamabad Layout Plan. Due to having all the luxurious and essential at one place, the phase 2 of Qurtaba City Islamabad is setting an absolute living standard for overseas Pakistanis.


Location Map:


The Location Map of Global Avenue housing scheme Islamabad is nicely contributing to the project advancement. Global Avenue Islamabad address indicates that it is located at 15 minutes of driving time from Islamabad international airport. Also, The famed Lahore to Peshawar Motorway (M2)  is passing from a short distance. The residential scheme deals out with the most sightly portion of Qurtaba City that is known as phase 2. The phase 2 through phase 1 is also connecting Qurtaba Road that leading further to a natural sight of River Soan. Appealingly, another natural River is known as “Sill” flows beside the boundary of Global Avenue. The Sill river is also a dividing phase 4 and 3 from phase 1 and 2. Locality Wise, The project is also known for its worlds class institutes. Thus, it is an entire housing society with all the bells and whistles.


Payment plan:


The payment plan of Global Avenue Housing Scheme Islamabad is straightforward. For plots booking, the 15% down payment is required, and the balance is payable in 30 monthly installments. Secondly, The bulk installment plan is for those who want to pay installment after the interval of six-month. 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots rate of Global Avenue Islamabad manifest itself below. Authorities are charging 10% extra for the main boulevard, park facing and corner plots. For further inquiry and plots booking, the Global Avenue Islamabad contact number is 00923116339844.




300 feet wide Main Boulevard
50 feet wide carpeted roads with pathways
Underground wiring for continuous power supply
The community lit up by street/road lights
Modern drainage system with adequate maintenance
Ample supply of clean drinking water
Horticulture & landscaping
Nine Hole Golf Course
Community Transport
Total Security
Thematic Park