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Project Highlights 

- Located on Main GT Road

- LDA Approved 

- 3, 5, 7, 10 & 20 Marla Residential Plots

- 2 and 4 Marla Commercial Plots

- 2.5 Year and 3 Year Easy Installment Plan

- World-Class Facilities & Features 

Garden City Muridke is LDA Approved housing scheme by Al Rehman and Al Raheem Group. Located on GT Road near Narowal Chowk, Garden City Muridke offers affordable living and investment options. This project is attractive for the residents of Lahore, Muridke, Gujranwala, and other nearby cities. Garden City is the latest housing society in Muridke where all facilities of life will be available. You will enjoy an updated lifestyle here as society is planned exceptionally. Garden City Muridke developers are highly famous and well-known in Pakistan real estate.

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Features and Facilities

This is a vast housing project that is spread over considerable land thus consists of many blocks and sectors. Each sector is featuring futuristic properties that are safe and beneficial for investment. Having the ideal location and proximity to Lahore city, Garden City is the most attractive real estate development. Garden City NOC has also been issued by LDA. This housing scheme is developed with the concept to improve the living standards of people. Muridke real estate activities are growing significantly as this area enjoys a great position for being close to Lahore and many other important places.

Many top-notch housing schemes have been developed or initiated in this place by well-known developers. People are showing great interest to buy property here. Garden City is one of the best housing schemes in Muridke that is affordable and futuristic. Because of the immense connectivity and proximity to Lahore, this project is also called Garden City housing scheme Lahore. Society is planned innovatively according to the latest development trends.

Garden City Muridke

The premium infrastructural planning and modern amenities make it a sought-after project. Here, the development work has started at the initial level that is going on at a fast pace. Garden City Muridke payment plan is also designed conveniently for potential buyers. You can easily buy a plot in Garden City without going out of budget. From all the perspectives, this society is ideal for living and investment. Moreover, this project aims to revolutionize the real estate activities and growth in Muridke.

The residents of Garden City will enjoy a splendid lifestyle close to all the facilities of life. This is a well-planned gated community that has so much to offer you. Garden City Muridke plots for sale are available in multiple sizes to cater to your multiple investment and residential needs. All your basic, as well as advanced necessities, will be fulfilled here. Moreover, the project plan of Garden city is designed by professional architects and engineers.

Garden City Muridke Entrance

Apart from many other benefits, Garden City also enjoys a legal status. This is among the LDA approved housing schemes that are planned according to legal laws and regulations. A very trusted and reliable name has developed this housing project to meet the expectations of people very well. Garden City Muridke is an idealistic living and investment hub that offers an incredible environment with an abundance of features. A safe and facilitated living is guaranteed at this place. Moreover, Garden City investment prospect is also high because of its renowned developers, strategic location, easy payment plan and high-end master plan. You will get the best value of money by investing in Garden City Muridke where everything is managed beyond your expectations.

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Garden City Muridke Details

Garden City Muridke is a centrally located residential project on Main GT Road that is spread over a large land area. The development work in the society has started already after getting approval from LDA. This housing scheme is planned according to the latest real estate trends. The whole community design is excellent that incorporates all the modern-day amenities. Hence, there are various blocks that offer incredible residential and investment options. Currently, Garden City is offering 3.5, 5, 7, 10, and 12 Marla residential plots for sale while 2 and 4 Marla commercial plots are for sale in easy installments.

Garden City Muridke LDA Approved

Garden City is LDA approved housing scheme that makes it a highly safe and sought-after investment hub for potential buyers. This is one of the legal housing schemes in Lahore that gain LDA approval with planning and development permissions even at the initial phase. Garden City project plan is ready and approved by LDA and other concerned authorities. The development work within the society is going on according to legal laws and standards. Everything about Garden city is planned carefully to meet the criteria of LDA and real estate laws. Investing here is safe, secure, and beneficial as the social value and demand will definitely grow in the near future. Also, you will face no issues as Garden City is a fully approved and legal housing scheme.


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Garden City Muridke Latest News

At the initial stage, Garden City Muridke off ground deal was introduced that is still going on. In which you can book 3, 5, 7, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot files. On 3 year installments. According to Garden City latest update, the society on-ground plot plan has also come on a surface that is offering you 3.5, 5, 7, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots for sale on 2.5 year installment plan. Hence, the authorities have committed to providing all the basic utilities including electricity, SUI gas, clean water, and more within 6 months. Garden city is also offering commercial plots for sale in 2.5 year installments.

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Garden City Muridke Plots for Sale

Fulfill your investment cravings by investing in Garden City Lahore plots that are available in multiple sizes and categories from which you can choose the desirable one.

Garden City Residential Plots for Sale

According to Garden City Lahore latest news, the society is going to introduce on ground plots for sale on easy 2.5 Year installment plan with 6 month possession. This is an ideal time to invest in garden City as the prices are economical at the current time. With time, garden City Lahore plot prices will definitely increase providing you the best returns on investment. Garden City plots are available in the following sizes!

- 3.5 Marla Plots Garden City Muridke

- 5 Marla Plots Garden City Muridke

- 7 Marla Plots Garden City Muridke

- 10 Marla Plots Garden City Muridke

- 20 Marla Plots Garden City Muridke

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Plot Files for Sale in Garden City Muridke

At the initial stage, garden City introduced files for sale on 3-year installments that are still available. The files are affordable thus ensure the best value for your money. Currently, Garden city Lahore plot files are available in the following sizes.

- 3 Marla Plot Files

- 5 Marla Plot Files

- 7 Marla Plot Files

- 10 Marla Plot Files

- 20 Marla Plot Files

Garden City Muridke Commercial Plots for Sale

Garden City is an exceptional housing scheme that intends to fulfill your residential as well as commercial property needs. After getting a huge response for residential plots, the society has also introduced commercial plots for sale on 2.5-Year installment plan. Garden City Lahore commercial plots are available in the following sizes!

- 2 Marla Commercial Plots

- 4 Marla Commercial Plots

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Garden City Muridke Payment Plan

Garden City Muridke is the most economic housing scheme that is offering incredible living and investment options. Located ideally, this project is enjoying a significant value among investors. This society is offering residential plots, commercial plots, and files in multiple sizes. Garden city Lahore payment plan is conveniently designed for your ease. Currently, there are two payment plans going on within the community. One is for plot files that are of 3 years installment plan.

The other payment plan is of 2.5 years that is for on-ground plots. Garden City Lahore plots for sale are available in multiple sizes including 3, 5, 7, 10, Marla, and 1 Kanal. However, Garden city Lahore commercial plots are available in 2 and 4 Marla sizes. You will find the price plan of this project very convenient and appealing. The developers of this venture want to offer a lifestyle to people especially those living in Muridke. Also, this is an attractive project for the residents of Lahore as it offers high returns on investment. 

Garden City consists of four blocks, each one of them is offering plots for sale in multiple sizes. The prices vary according to plot sizes. Hence, the interested buyers and clients can easily be a part of this exclusive venture by following the attractive and best installment plans. The buyers just need to pay a certain amount of down payment at the start and then they can make a lot of profits.

The investment or buying property here will provide you with enormous benefits in the present as well as in the future time. The price and value of Garden city plots for sale will definitely grow so it would be a wise decision to occupy your desired place here with a very excellent price range. Here the detailed Garden city Lahore payment plan containing all the information and procedure is mentioned below for you. Book Garden City Muridke plot on installment now! 

Garden City Muridke Payment Plan 2.5 Years (On-Ground Plots)

Garden City Muridke Payment Plan

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Garden City Muridke Payment Plan 3 Year (Files) 

Garden City Muridke Payment Plan

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Garden City Muridke Project Plan

Garden City is ideally located at the prime location of GT Road Muridke near Lahore. This area is becoming a real estate hub as many top-notch developments are going on here. Soo, this area will be fully developed while boosting up the value of all the housing projects here. Garden City Lahore is a well-planned gated community that aims to uplift the living standards of people. This project intends to spread over a large area while consisting of many blocks and sectors.

This is a project of Al Raheem and Al Rehman developers who have proven their excellence in the real estate sector by introducing the best housing schemes in Pakistan. Garden City master plan is crafted by professional architects, designers, and engineers where attention is given to every detail.

Also, the society is LDA approved and enjoying a legal status. This place is ideal both for living and investment as the value of properties is increasing day by day However, the development work has started within the society. Being the mega real estate project, this project has 3 Main Gates. One is on Main GT Road, the second is on Gujranwala Road and the 3rd is on Canal Road. The international standard facilities are planned to be made part of this gated community to provide a standardized living to people. You can book Garden city Muridke plot in installments.

Garden City Muridke Project Plan

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Garden City Muridke Blocks

Garden City is a mega real estate development where many blocks and sectors are available. The community is designed innovatively according to new trends. Garden City Lahore blocks are fully equipped with modern-day amenities and facilities to provide remarkable living to people. They are planned to be perfectly designed for families with a great neighborhood, lush green landscapes, security, and so much more. All the blocks of Garden City will have wide road networks, parks, commercial markets, and everything. A modern community design with an abundance of features and facilities makes this project the top choice.

Block A

Garden City block A Block is offering incredible living and investment opportunities to people. The development work in this block has already started however it will have all the basic and advanced amenities of life. This includes parks, playgrounds, mosques, 24/7 security, wide carpeted roads, markets, schools, hospitals and more. You can buy plots for sale in Garden City Muridke Block A an easy installment plan.

Garden City Block A Development

Block B

This is another important block of Garden City Lahore where various sizes plots for sale are available on a flexible payment plan. In Garden City Muridke block B, machinery has been installed and the development work has started already. All the facilities and amenities will be made part of this block including schools, parks, mosque, carpeted roads, and security to provide an exceptional living experience to people.

Garden City Block B

Block C & D

Garden City C and D Block are also launched where the development work is in the initial stage. This block is easily accessible from all the gates of Garden city. Here, you can book plots with easy payment. However, this sector is planned excellently where all the amenities of life will be easily accessible to the residents.

Garden City Block C and D

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City Muridke Development Status

Garden City is a top real estate development that is established to provide an affordable and upgraded lifestyle to people. This is a project of trusted and well-known developers who always fulfill their promises and deliver the projects timely. Because of this, the investors always trust them and respond to their projects. Same is the case with Garden City Muridke that is a new housing scheme on GT Road.

Garden City Lahore


The initial project plan has been introduced by the developers that includes plots for sales both residential and commercial, many features, facilities, blocks and more. Initially, Garden City Lahore consists of 4 blocks including Block A, B, C, and D. The society will definitely extend in the coming time. However, the development work in all the blocks has already started after gaining planning permissions from LDA and other concerned authorities. Central mosque development design is ready however the construction of it will be started soon.

Garden City Lahore Development

In all four blocks of Garden City Muridke, the machinery has been installed and the development work is going on at a fast pace. Garden city main entrance gate has been constructed hence the development of the 160 feet main boulevard is at a fast pace that will be completed soon. The boundary walls around the society have also been constructed. Currently, the road development and carpeting work is going on along with commercial area development.

In all blocks, the developers aim to provide world-class amenities to the residents for which the whole planning is completed. The whole construction and development are going on according to advanced trends. Also, the legal rules and regulations are kept in view so that the work goes on smoothly.

Garden City Muridke Location Map 

Garden City Muridke is strategically located on Main GT Road near Narowal Chowk Muridke. The main entrance of the society is direct from GT road however other entrance points are on Gujranwala Road and Canal Road. Garden City GT Road enjoys the best location that is well connected to Lahore, Gujranwala, and other important cities. This is an ideal location both for living and investment. All the facilities and commercial places are close to the society.

Many schools and hospitals are also nearby. Garden City enjoys the best connectivity and accessibility from all the parts of Lahore and Muridke. Garden Muridke direction is simple as you can easily access this society via GT Road, Lahore Eastern Bypass and Sialkot Motorway. Many important housing schemes including SA Gardens, Lahore Smart City, and more are close to this society. 

Garden City Muridke Map

Modern investors and clients find this location perfect to live and invest in as the value of properties here will be increased in the near future. The residence here will be full of comforts and conveniences as all the facilitated spots are closely available. You do not need to go far away to fulfill the basic and important requirements of life. Many highways and main roads are directly connected to this society. 

This venture is worth considering from the location’s point of view which allows you to remain close to the best attractions. Because of Garden City Lahore location, the developers are considering it a safe and futuristic investment hub. Society has an equal appeal for the residents of Lahore as well as Muridke. Many real estate developments are going on around this project. However, the surroundings will be more developed in the future increasing the worth and demand of properties more. You will find Garden City location excellent from all perspectives. 

Garden City Muridke nearby Attractions

- 12 KM away from Kala Shah Kaku Interchange 

- 2 Minutes away from Muridke Chowk 

- 25 Minutes away from Shadrah Lahore

- Close to Sialkot Motorway  

- Neat SA Gardens and Lahore Smart City 

- 1 hour drive away from Gujranwala 

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Garden City Muridke Developers 

Garden City housing scheme Muridke is a joint venture of Al Rehman and Al Raheem Developers who have delivered many excellent projects. The professionalism, excellence and high-quality work, all are evident in their work. Before this project, they have been developed many outstanding housing schemes because of which they are appreciating at a large level. The developers have always shown an elevated kind of hard work and professionalism in all their projects. 

Garden City now took to them at a new level of success and appreciation. They have developed this project in an excellent way where the latest concepts and trends are applied. Hence, the developers intend to provide upscale living standards to the residents of Muridke and other nearby cities. 

This is a very top-class project where excellence is combined with class and sophistication. A safe, facilitated and desirable lifestyle is available to people combined with extra comforts and conveniences. The developers have established this project in a very unique and outstanding manner. High standards and special public concerns are kept in mind. This top-class development provides people with an opportunity to make the life of people totally changed and unique with the best living conditions available to them.

The sincerity and professionalism of the experts are evident from each and every part of this place. The best architects and engineers applied their skills in a highly remarkable manner to make available an ideal and exceptional living place to people. New and advanced modes of construction are applied everywhere which makes it the finest and appealing residential society. From all the aspects and perspectives, Garden City Muridke is a very remarkable addition to the real estate of Pakistan while offering the lifestyle of your desired vision.

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Garden City Muridke Facilities & Features 

Garden City housing scheme Lahore is a premium project that is offering a significant lifestyle to you. This society is planned innovatively where the modern-day amenities and facilities are planned to be made part. Here, you can enjoy comfortable, secure, and convenient living. 

All the amenities in Garden city are planned while keeping in mind the needs of people. Here everything is enough amazing and fantastic to indulge you in luxuries while providing you with the lifestyle of your dreams. From basic to advanced, all the facilities will be made part of this scheme to improve the living standards of people on every level. Garden city offers the following facilities and features to its residents! 

Modern Infrastructure 

Garden City Muridke housing society is planned to be developed on the advanced and latest ideas of development. The developers know very well that what is the need and demands of modern time and developed everything accordingly. Same excellence and innovation will be seen in Garden City that will be the most exclusive venture with its modern infrastructure. 

24/7 Security 

Proper security and protection are the need and demand for the current time. People want to live in a place where they feel secure in the best possible manner. Garden City highly understands this aspect and offering the best security services to residents on a basis 24/7. Here the CCTV cameras and high alert security staff are always available to maintain a peaceful environment.

Advanced Sewerage and Drainage 

The sanitary and sewerage system is developed in a very advanced way so that people can enjoy a beautiful, peaceful as well as a clean environment. In all the blocks, you will find the properly installed and advanced sewerage system.

Electricity Supply

Garden city will have a proper electrification system in all blocks. You won’t have to face long electrical failures or massive load shedding while living here. 

Water Facilities

Garden City makes sure the proper and continuous supply of clean and pure water for the residents. The residents of this place will not find issues related to water as it is a basic need of people. 

Schools & Hospitals 

This place is ideal for living in this regard too. Health and education are the basic requirements of people and they want to live close to them. Garden City is a perfect place if you want to enjoy the best health and educational options very close to your residence. Many universities, schools and hospitals are also closely available to Garden city Muridke location.


A state-of-the-art central mosque will be there so that people can offer prayer five times a day in a great environment. The state of art mosque design, interior, and exterior make it a masterpiece. Along with this grand mosque, Garden city blocks will have their own mosques. 

Wide Road Network

Garden City has a wide road network where all the roads will be wide and carpeted. The main boulevard is also spacious and beautiful. All the roads will have green belts however there will be jogging and walking tracks. 

Parks & Playgrounds 

Many parks and playgrounds will be part of Garden City. According to the project plan, there will be 26 Kanal central parks in the community along with many other small parks, landscapes, and playgrounds. 

Commercial Area

Garden City Muridke commercial area is also developing at a fast pace. Here, all the commercial facilities will be available to the residents. 

Sports Complex 

The sports complex will also be made part of this housing scheme where you will be able to enjoy the sports activities in a great environment. 

How to Book Plot in Garden City Muridke?

For Garden City Muridke details and booking, contact the expert team of Garden city Muridke booking procedure is simple. You can also visit the society before booking plot. Contact us now for more information! 

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Garden City Muridke Location Map | Payment Plan | Project Details
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