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Garden Block of Garden Town Lahore is a fully developed master premeditated block, situated in extreme nearness to Kalma Chowk & Ferozepur Road.

The neighboring developments of Garden Block are immense and some of the major ones include Daewoo Express Bus Terminal, Kalma Underpass & Flyover, Punjab Stadium, national Hockey Stadium, Qazzafi Stadium, National Park, Doongi Ground and Raja Market.

For any medical emergency, Zainab Memorial Hospital also exits nearby to cater medical emergencies of the area.

The infrastructure in this part of the Lahore city is exemplary; some of the connecting roads of Garden Block of Garden Town comprise of Khayban-e- Jamia Punjab, Usmani Road and most significantly Canal Bank Road also exist in extreme nearness to Garden Block of Garden Town Lahore that is the most lucrative aspect of the Garden Block. is committed to provide information to those who are in search of "Houses for Sale in Garden Block Garden Town Lahore". This dedicated page is a good opportunity for those who are in search of “Properties and their prices in Garden Block Garden Town Lahore”.

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