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Sector G11 is a Residential Sector of Islamabad located between Kashmir Road on South and Ibn-e-Sina Road on South. G-11/2 is a sub sector of Sector G11 located on facing Ibn-e-Sina Road and Sachil Sarmast Road on South of It. G-11/2 is a fully developed and well planned sub sector which offers a residential community with complete and comprehensive life style. G-11/2 has complete infrastructure including carpeted main roads of 600 feet, sub sector roads of 110 feet and streets of 40 feet. The facilities at G-11/2 includes electricity, gas, water treatment while developments and layout includes 2 children parks, landscapes, schools, college for girls and mosque, while site is reserved for a shopping center and market. Wall.PK is committed to provide informational properties to those who are in search of Sector G-11/1 Properties. This dedicated page is a good opportunity for those who are in search of Sector G-11/1 Islamabad Properties and those who want to sell/rent/exchange their Properties in Sector G-11/1 are invited to advertise their properties.

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