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F8 Islamabad

Sector F8 is a residential sector of city and is one of the highly population density sectors with 7.5 person per housing unit. According to the population census of 1998, the Sector F8 of Islamabad has a population of 10548 persons with 1397 housing units.


Sector F8 is very next to the Sector F7 of Islamabad from eastern side while it faces Fatima Jinnah Park at its western side with 9th or Shaheen Avenue Road as adjoining road. Sector E8 is on the Northern side of Sector F8 while the Southern side is on G8. The famous Skyscraper of Pakistan "The Centaurus Mall" is also on Southern side of Sector F8.

Property Prices in Sector F8:

Sector F8 is considered to be one of the most valued sector in terms of facilities of life that’s why the property prices are very high. A house within the area covered of 500 to 2000 square yards will cost for about 25 to 120 million rupees.

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