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F11 Islamabad

Sector F 11 is located on the western side of Islamabad and a last sector towards West side of Islamabad. The Population Census of 1998 reveals the population of Sector F 11 as a 17289 persons with 3373 Housing Units at that time. The person per house rate for Sector F 11 is 5.1 persons per house.


Sector F 11 is on the western side of city and is very next to the Sector F 10 from Eastern side. No sector is located at its western side while Sector E 11 is towards the Northern Side of Sector F 11. The Southern Side faces the Sector G 11.

Property Prices:

The property rates in Sector F 11 for starts from 40 million to 150 million rupees for a house of 500 to 2000 Square Yards.

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