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F10 Islamabad

Sector F 10 is a residential sector of Islamabad which is very next to Fatima Jinnah Park. The sector F 10 is one of the most populated sectors of Islamabad as according to the population census of 1998, the Sector F 10 has a population of 12796 while the total housing units at that time were 1565 housing units with 8.1 population density of per house.

During the earthquake of October 2005, the Margalla Towers fell down and claimed a number of human lives, while the 11th Avenue is supposed to be developed between the Sector F 10 and Sector F 11. HEC (Higher Education Commission) Pakistan has also established a Library in Sector F 10.


The eastern side of F 10 faces Fatima Jinnah Park while the western side of Sector F 10 faces Sector F 11. Sector E 10 will be developed towards the Northern side of Sector F 10 while on the Southern side faces the Sector G 10.

Property Prices:

The sector F 10 is one of the old and developed sectors of Islamabad with all the amenities of life. That is Why property prices are relatively higher than other sectors. A house of 500 to 2000 Squares yards is available within the range of 25 to 125 million rupees.

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