Ecstasy Parks Luxury apartments are here to define luxury, comfort and delight in the true sense. Located on Islamabad’s best location, this project offers exclusive apartments to people with all the desirable amenities and features. Spread over Eight Kanals, this project gives you a chance to enter into a lifestyle of convenience and comfort by stepping into the sophisticated living spaces designed very outstandingly and modernly. 

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The luxurious apartments of this place offer a unique and elevated lifestyle to their residents according to contemporary time’s needs and demands. You will enjoy a great vicinity to several transportation spots, educational and health institutions, shopping centers and roads which will give you a chance to live a life where you will be surrounded by enormous benefits all the time.

Ecstasy Park Luxury Apartments Islamabad

The classy and stylish renovations and designing make this project different from all the other projects of this city. Living in these modern apartments enhanced the delights and comforts of life in the best ways. You will find everything here more elite and more comfortable than at any other living place. This project ensures satisfaction in all the aspects of life and here to provide you with a very memorable living experience in the womb of luxuries.

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Property Types 

Ecstacy Park Islamabad is offering you the deluxe apartments in the following types:

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment 
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment 
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment 

Ecstacy Park Luxury Apartments Islamabad Location Map

If you really want to live in the most prime and facilitated location then here is your chance. Located in the sector F-16, Faisal Town, you will find this place really very appealing and exciting to live. Tarnol Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway is very close to this project while Islamabad International Airport is just a few minutes drive away.

Ecstasy Park Luxury Apartments Islamabad Location Map

It is easy to envision your life here while enjoying the closeness to many important places. When you live in Ecstasy Park Apartments, you will enjoy the connectivity to the Islamabad’s most prominent attractions while surrounded by every facility. It is the best place for those who want to live within walking distance to of the city’s best and beneficial spots.

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Ecstasy Park Luxury Apartments Islamabad Payment Plan

This place is offering very good and convenient policies and payments to book your apartment now. You will be really very delighted to know about the prices of the flats which are very reasonable if we consider the high development amenities they are packed with. The booking is open where you can purchase luxuries and comforts very easily here. Easy instalment policies are also available for the convenience of people. The detailed payment plan is given below:

Ecstasy Park Apartments Payment Plan

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Win Win Marketing and Developers is a company who has established this project with utmost brilliance and quality where you will find a remarkable sort of existence for you. This name is a very renowned name in the world of real estate who work with the vision of enhancing the standards of the lives of the residents. Many top residential and commercial projects are developed by this company which gives the best services and experience to people.

This name has become a very reliable and excellent name in the real estate while Ecstasy Parks Luxury Apartments add more to their reputation and esteem. Their dedication to the customers can be clearly seen in each and everything this venture is offering. The enormous services are available here while the commitment of providing excellence is also fulfilled greatly.

Apartments Features

This apartment community is designed for your peace and comforts. Make your living outstanding by taking pleasure of all this place is offering you along with the best designs this place is offering you.  This place accommodates your needs in ways no other apartment community can.

  • Deluxe Structure
  • Spacious Rooms
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  • Balcony
  • Modern Appliances
  • New Kitchen and Bathroom Styles
  • Beautiful Flooring in Living Areas and rooms


You will find this place full of luxuries and facilities and living here would be a source of much delight and relaxation. Think of being surrounded by everything which is essential to have in today’s, modern time. This project fulfils all those yearnings and cravings you have for an idyllic sort of existence. Lets go through all what you will find here:

  • Modern Architectural Building
  • Sustainable Designs
  • Spacious Lobbies
  • Smart Security System
  • Extensive Parking Area
  • Commercial Surroundings
  • Fitness Center
  • Recreational Options
  • Modern Lifts
  • Sports Area


The stylish apartment you’ve been searching for is waiting for you here at Ecstasy Park Luxurious Apartments Islamabad. These excellent living spaces are here to provide you with the most desirable living environment with elevated designs and modern amenities. This place is surrounded by all the comforts you crave for. Book your apartment now to be a part of this sophisticated place which is really a dream living place from all the aspects.

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Ecstasy Park Luxury Apartments Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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