We all know that Multan is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan. With the rich Sufi history and soulful culture of Pakistan Multan also portrays our rich Islamic history as well as the norms of Sufism in its very natural way. That is the reason why it is the centre of attraction for all the investors and the international development organizations. When we look around we will see that there is very less and rare amount of development which has been done in Multan in past decades. But now the investors and the real estate development cooperation are looking forward to developing this city and make it more prominent in front of the international world.

DHA Villas Multan Balloting
DHA Villas Multan Prices

DHA has always been associated with the best development and establishment systems. As we know that all the important metropolitan projects in all the major cities are done by the Defence housing authority. This is the reason why in all these years it has gained a very stable name in the field of development and construction as well. There is a new initiative that has been taken by this leading housing scheme of Pakistan to improve and upgrade the level of urbanization in Multan and then increasing the value of property and real estate development in Pakistan as well. That is the reason why after DHA Multan, Defence housing authority is proudly presenting DHA Villas Multan. This Major project has specially planned to execute the desire of upgrading urbanization in Multan.

Let’s discuss this project and the execution plan in depth;

DHA Villas Multan Prices, Balloting 2018

More About DHA Villas Multan

We all know that DHA is the most well-known housing scheme in Pakistan. It has a very high reputation in all the countries whether it has done the projects in those regions or not. That is the reason why the aims and objectives of the housing authorities are changing and upgrading as more development opportunities become possible from this platform. Let's discuss the major aims of this housing scheme.

Now let's move towards the objectives of this housing corporation:

  • To provide the overall urbanization to every city of Pakistan.

  • To increase the standards of the development by upgrading the way of urbanization

  • To provoke modernization in all those areas which are neglected by the other housing schemes

  • To provide the international standard for the development in Pakistan

  • To provide quality and increase the revenue, so that everyone can have the ultra-modern setup.

  • To increase the market value of the property in Pakistan by commercializing the areas on an international level.

  • To provide all the facilities which are provided to the residents on the international level as their right.

  • To reshape and upgrade the living standards in Pakistan.

Brig. Nadeem Aslam Project Director of DHA Villas Multan Project:

The Brig. Nadeem Aslam has made an important announcement that the Askari III possession will be given to the end of 2019. Golf Course groundbreaking will be held on Nov 2018 and the launching ceremony of the Golf Course Community will be held on June 2019. And, He has also informed that the most important news as the Balloting of DHA Multan Phase-1 will be held on Dec 2018.

DHA Villas Multan Balloting 2018

The number of villas in DHA Multan is 556 in total whereas the further breakdown is not yet possible.  You can book your Villa the until 28 Sep 2018.

The most important thing is that this area where these villas are constructed has no issue of load shedding. This is the amazing news which needs to be delivered to all who are interested in investment at DHA Multan Villas.

DHA Multan Villas Balloting and Possession

DHA Multan Villas balloting will happen on October 2018. Up to 30% Villa possession will happen in June 2019. Up to 70% Villa possession in Dec 2019 whereas the remaining 30%  will happen till Dec 2020.

DHA Villas Multan Location Map

DHA Multan is present on the ideal location in Multan and consist of 9000 acres of land. These villas are the VIP and exclusive part of DHA Multan. They are present on the Nothern bypass Multan. This road has the most important link with almost all the important areas in Multan.

  • The airport is next to the DHA Villas Multan.
  • On Bosson road, just after 10 minutes drive, you will reach the ISP Multan.
  • DHA Multan is located in the cantonment area of Multan. This means it is a very good choice for the retired army officers to built a home here.
  • BZU is also on the same road and next to DHA Multan.

DHA Multan Villas Prices

Let's discuss the Layout plan and the payment plan of DHA Multan Villas.

  • 6M 1994 sq ft 3-bed application fee is 3500 and booking fee is 50,000. Whereas, 3 years easy instalment plans are available.
  • 9M 2751 sq ft 4-bed application fee is 4000 and the booking fee is 75000 with a 3-year instalment plan.
  • 12M 3142 sq ft 4-bed application fee is 4500 and the booking fee is 100,000 with the easy 3-year instalment plan.
  • 12M 3626 sq ft 5-bed application fee is 5000 and booking fee is 125,000 with the same 3-year instalment plan.

These can be used as lower and upper as separate units.

DHA Multan Villas Booking Instruction:

When you fill the DHA Multan Villas Application form you have to submit it to the DHA Multan Office.

This will happen when you will submit the payment to the bank.

  • Booking fee and application processing fee (category wise) has to be submitted initially in the bank.
  • For each villa, you will have to fill a new application separately.

  • All Pakistanis whether they are local or overseas, have the chance to apply

  • The fee of application processing non-refundable.

  • Down payment fee will adjust the booking fee in it also if someone gets success in the balloting.

  • Those who didn’t achieve the success in balloting will get the refundable booking fee back from the bank after original receipt and a copy of CNIC/NICOP.

DHA Villas Multan Features

There are many new and evolved upgrades which are going to happen with this project. All the affiliated amendments in the development of DHA Multan villas consist of all the below characteristics and features. These features will make you choose your plot now! Let's have a review so that you can get a more clear idea.

Theme Park

There is the plan of giving Multan the biggest theme park in this country. As we know that many people go out of the country to enjoy the rides at the famous theme parks. No worries soon there is going to be a theme park in DHA Multan Villas where people from out of the countries will come and enjoy the international standard rides as well!


There is going to be zero hour load shedding in DHA Multan Villas. This is a promise made by the development of this huge project.

Mini Zoo

There will be a mini zoo for the kids to enjoy and get the information regarding the beautiful wildlife that Pakistan has.

Community centre

The huge and the beautiful community centre is also a major part of this project. This community centre will hold the international level meeting and the national level events also.

Community Club

There is a community club for the people to meet and interact in a very supportive environment.

Grand Central Mosque

There is a central mosque which has all the components of the great and huge Islamic dynasty. This mosque will show the unity in the Islamic world and it will be the symbol of eternal beauty and the respect for our religion. This mosque is also important for delivering the message of peace and love.

Commercial Area

There is going to be a commercial area which will be present in all the blocks and the sector of DHA Multan. The best commercial area of all the society will be present in the region of DHA Multan Villas. So the executive group can enjoy the luxuries and cherish the convenience as well.

Huge Shopping mall

This project also includes the plan of a big shopping mall. Multan has only shopping plazas but there is no proper huge shopping mall, which is present in other metropolitan cities of Pakistan. That is the reason why this initiative has been taken to provide the huge shopping mall in this area of Pakistan as well.


For all the fitness freak there will be a gymnasium which will have the best equipment and the trainers. These trainers will provide the personal guide to a healthy diet for all the members.

Swimming pool

There will be a swimming pool at the community club. This pool will also have the sauna bath with the best faculty and the trainers.

Central Parks

The very sector is going to have a central park which will have the favourite swings in the children. This way families could enjoy the happy time every day.

Jogging Tracks

There is going to be a jogging track for the people who like to run and then burn their fats. This way everyone will stay fit and healthy.

Water purifying plant

DHA Multan Villas will have separate water purifying plant. From there every home will get the pure drinking water at their home. This is a very important step for removing the ratio of disease.

Wide Road and international architecture

Roads are built in a beautiful way. These roads are design to shoe the international standard and architecture. This will be an impressive thing for the international clients as well.


This project will redefine the future of Multan in a very positive way. It will upgrade the standard of Multan providing it with the development which is the necessity of this time. This will also add value to the property in Multan. Whereas this will prove to be the best step for the future of Pakistan as well. When the people will see the international standards and sheer urbanization is all the cities of Pakistan equally. This is a very positive initiative by DHA development authority. Here you can avail this opportunity as well by collaborating with wall.pk because your location is our Destination.


DHA Villas Multan
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