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DHA multan Booking

At first DHA Multan area was proposed to be delivered on 32 thousand segment of land arrive, yet in light of estimations of Multan city the course of action was revived, so now it will be spread over just 9000 areas of place where there is arrive. A segment of the tremendous budgetary masters of the country are allowed to secure land from the genuine proprietors in Mauza Sangi, Mauza Kotla Sadaat, Madina Basti and others zones.

Discussing DHA Multan Plot File trade framework, It requires the copy of task/Intimation/Allotment/Transfer Letter immediately. For the further file, the report trade process in like manner demands Computerized National Identity Card, National Identity Card of Authority Holder, Paid Voucher of Verification Fee and Property Dealer Registration Card. To begin the strategy, the customer will report check casing to DHA Office Reception Multan. In resulting stage, DHA Transfer and record branch recognizes check shape close by documents.

On the next day, Customer/Authority obtains check performed at DHA Reception. The further archive trade process includes No Demand statement open on given helpline number. Moreover, The DHA official page guides for standard report trade, Hiba Transfer, Legal Heir(s) Transfer, Foreign Transfer (merchant Abroad), Foreign Transfer ( Purchases Abroad) and Issuance of Allotment Letter.

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Sale of Plots in DHA Multan Phase 1:

DHA Multan Phase-1 is completely developed phase. Booking is continue for the people who want to avail this opportunity. We have a group of satisfied customers. Contact us to become a part of DHA Multan phase-1.

Payment plan of Phase-1:

  • Residential plot size:

Size of plots are 5-marla , 8-marla , 10-marla.

  • Down payment:

Down Payment of 5-marla plot is 200000, and 8-marla is 300000 , and 8-marla is 350000.

  • On installment:

On installment payment of 5-marla plot is 150000, and 8-marla is 225000 , and 8-marla is 262500.

  • Transfer Expense:

Transfer expense of 5-marla plot is 75000, and 8-marla is 98000 , and 8-marla is 112,000.

  • Total payment:

Total payment of 5-marla plot is 9,15,000, and 8-marla is 10,32,000 , and 8-marla is 14,24,500 .

DHA multan Booking

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