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Clifton Colony Lahore

In Pakistan, Clifton is associated with Karachi Sea View, however most of you may not known to the fact that there is a Residential Colony in Lahore named Clifton Colony. The Colony is located in Allama Iqbal Town of Lahore. The Colony is fully populated as it has a complete & developed infrastructure.


Clifton Colony Lahore is located in Allam Iqbal Town, Neelam Block is located towards north of it, while Fateh Abad is located towards Wahdat Road side on South. Allama Iqbal Town Main Boulevard is located towards West of Clifton Colony Lahore.


Clifton Colony is located between already developed and populated area, that’s why it has all of the facilities in surroundings of it, the residents can have access to any thing within a few minutes of drive, while the infrastructure of Clifton Colony includes roads, electricity, sui gas, water supply, drainage and sewerage system. In short, the small residential colony is an ideal place to live with peace of mind.

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