Apartments for sale in City Star residencia lahore is a one time opportunity for people who are looking to buy luxury apartments, apartments that they can call home.

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City Star Residencia

As we know that City Star Residencia is a project of selling apartments. Mostly when we go to buy an apartment, we see that there is huge building with narrow corridors and without ventilation. But City Star Residencia change this scheme, the developers of city star plan a very fine structure of apartments. There are no more floors in one building, they specially focus on ventilation and luxury for you.

The unique structure of this building is as follows:

In building A there is a unique architecture of all apartments in each floor. Here is a few description that guide you about proper apartment architecture:

  • First floor (building A)

  • Ground Floor (building A)

  • Second Floor (building A)

  • Elevation (building A)


If you come to second Building B, you will see same structure as building A. Building B has same features and laish infrastructure as building A.


  • First floor (building B)

  • Ground Floor (building B)

  • Second Floor (building B)

  • Elevation (building B)


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