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Chiniot is the famous city of Punjab province, which is the administration headquarters of Chiniot District. Chiniot is located near the river of Chenab in the heads of the hills. Chiniot city is famous for its wooden furniture and architecture all over the world. There are vast majorities of people from all around the world, who are interested to buy wooden furniture made in Chiniot.

Chiniot city is located near the Faisalabad-Sargodha and Lahore-Jhang joining roads. The covered area of Chiniot is almost 10 square kilometers with an elevation of five hundred and eighty seven feet. A worship center is also located near the bank of Chenab River of famous Muslim Sufi known as Bu Ali Shah Qalandar.  The products which are most importantly found in the city of Chiniot are rice, milk, pottery, sugar, wheat, silk, cotton and wooden furniture. Chiniot city also comes in the well-known cities of Industries of Punjab Province after Lahore and Faisalabad.

The famous sugar industry of Pakistan Ramzan Sugar Mills is also located in Chiniot. This sugar mill is the reason behind the increase in economy of Chiniot city. Another famous sugar mill known as Madina Sugar Mill is also located in Chiniot, which is also helping the economy of the city to grow and prosper. There are many real estate projects also in progress in various areas of the city of Chiniot. Many new main sectors are being introduced in various areas of the city of Chiniot. 

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