Center Point Murree is located at the heart of Murree and it is an excellent opportunity for people not to be missed. Offering you all the services around you and few minutes distance to important and beneficial spots it is offering the best to an extent. The project is offering an excellent payment plan and easy instalment policies that will be a source of much ease and convenience. A modern architectural building is designed very elegantly while equipped will all the basic and additional facilities.

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Payment Plan

You have got different floor plans that will allow you to find the right sizes for your needs and you will have superb natural point s from the balcony as it is situated at the beautiful location of Murree. If you are a visitor of Murree and want to make your trip memorable then you can rent a room here as it also offers this facility to people. You will be finding a luxury lifestyle at the compound and more and also find relaxed and pleasing surroundings. Business opportunities are also bright here as it offers shop spaces for people who are interested in starting a remarkable business of profits. All the essential features and top facilities are made part of this project to ensure an ideal living to people.

Center Point Murree

Project Plan

You will find bright residential and business opportunities with this project. This place is suitable for both purposes as it is developed very outstandingly. It offers

  • Shops

  • 1 Bed Apartments

  • 2 Bed Apartments

  • Executive offices

  • Business Center

Center Point Murree Location Map

This Project is located at the most important and beautiful spot of Murree. It is located on Patriata, New Murree where all the facilities will be available to you at your door-step. You would be able to enjoy the stunning point s from your apartment as this place is surrounded by lush green and serene atmosphere. Only a few minutes’ drives away there are many important places where people can get health, educational and entertainment facilities.

Transportation spots are also very close which gives you an excellent opportunity to travel easily. This is not all; you will be having a connection to many important roads which make this place easily accessible. The location of Center Point Murree is the blend of beneficial surroundings and serene surroundings which make this place very attractive for a living.

Center Point Murree Location Map


A very tremendous addition is done to the real estate of Murree through this project which is developed by ZAA Developers. It is a very vast and top project which has introduced new modes of living and business to the residents of Murree. It is a very unique and exclusive project which is packed with all kind of essentials and features which make a living more comfortable and desirable here. It is a place very suitable to your dreams and desires to live ideally and luxuriously. ZAA developers have established it very outstandingly and became a very reputed name in the real estate market.

Center Point Murree Payment Plan

Talking about the convenient payment plan, you will be very shocked and delighted to see that the prices and the rates are so affordable. If you want a quick enhancement there are so easy instalment plans which are for you. Shops and apartments are available in different sizes with different options. You can choose among them according to your needs and availability. You just need to choose what is best for you and you can have it very easily because of its easy payments, terms and conditions.

Center Point Murree Payment Plan


It is a project which claims about providing all the basic necessities and some additional facilities to people in order to make their existence remarkable. You will be facilitated both in commercial and residential sectors as both opportunities are available to you here. Let’s have a look at everything this place has to offer.

Smart Building Design

Center Point Murree has a spacious and advanced building design where space is available for social gatherings. Many other things are also made part of this building including apartments and commercial side along with much more.

Luxurious Apartments

A comfortable and deluxe lifestyle is available to people with the modern architectural designed apartments. All the facilities are available to you here whereas every part is designed according to global standards.

The Security System

It is a fully secure place where high alert and smart security system is organized for you. CCTV cameras are fixed everywhere while the building is under the strict supervision of active security staff who work 24/7 for the safety of people.

The Entertainment Zone

This place not only provides basic amenities but also some additional as for the entertainment of people. There are indoor and outdoor entertainment spots. Restaurants, BBQ Area, Cinema and Snooker Club are part of this tremendous project.

Shopping Arcade

What could be more convenient than purchasing your daily needs at a store that is just around the corner? Here at Center Point, you can get all the basic necessities within the building as it has an indoor commercial space.

Basic Necessities

You will get all the basic necessities including continuous electrical supply, clean water and Sui gas. The building has a maintenance staff which is available every time for the help of the residence. The building has a modern sewerage system.


Modern and high-speed elevators are here which work very properly and fast. The maintenance checks the performance of elevators on daily basis to avoid certain problems.


So what do you think about this place? Doesn’t it appeal to your dreams and desires to live significantly? If it does, then be quick to book your space here right now. Either you want to have the best residence experience or business experience; your expectations will be fulfilled in all the ways. Center Point Murree is the best choice for people as these apartments are secure and especially but after considering the need for all types of people who want a luxurious apartment and nature altogether.


Center Point Murree Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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