If you like living in a place with natural beauty all around you where cool and refreshing breeze and chirping words increase the pleasure, Capital Hills Murree is the best choice. The lifestyle here is very luxurious, comfortable and facilitated where you will enjoy the best living experience. This place grabs the attention because of its beautiful surroundings, lush green atmosphere, and ultra-modern and secure residency. You can have a dream home here either for permanent residents or as a vacation home where a memorable and quality time is guaranteed to the families.

Capital Hills Murree Location Map
Capital Hills Murree Payment Plan

The idea of enjoying a life apart from just living is greatly fulfilled by this place which is developed very appealingly. All the basic and some additional facilities are made part of this venture. Living here would be a source of great pleasure, relaxation and delight in the womb of nature and luxuries. You will be facilitated in every walk of life in the best possible manner. The exclusive and delicate touch is given to everything while developing this venture. An ultra-modern architectural design is given to everything while developing Capital Hills housing society which adds to the attraction and demand of living here.

Capital Hills Murree

This place ensures a surreal living to people who are in search of their dream home. Come and start living in a classy and healthy environment without going out of your budget. Away from the noisy and hustling bustling atmosphere, settle yourself at this outstanding and striking location.

Project Plan

Just decide what property type you want to have according to your family need and own the plot with easy conditions. This vast project at the most ideal and beautiful location is divided into various property types. Only residential plots are available thus in different sizes. Just look at the plan of this project and make quickly make your decision before it’s too late as the limited plots are available because of the high demand for this land. The size detail of plots is given below:

  • 5 Marla

  • 10 Marla

  • 20 Marla

  • 40 Marla

Capital Hills Murree Location Map

Enjoy the best and amazing location where you will find living very ideal, pleasing and beneficial. It is located on Murree Expressway a very well-known and easily accessible locality. Everyone wants to have the best surroundings where they can live with a relaxed mind and comfort. When you know that everything is very closely available to your residence you will be happy and relaxed all the time. This relaxation and comfort are maintained by the most attractive and top location of Hills View Cottages. Here you will enjoy:

  • Easy and hassle-free access to public transport.
  • Easy access to local markets with grocery, restaurants, entertainment and others regular day to day requirements.
  • 2 km from Bahira City
  • 10 km from Murree Toll Plaza
  • Reputed schools and colleges in close proximity
  • Safe and guarded environment
  • Renowned doctors and hospitals
  • Shopping Malls and Markets
  • Broad and congestion free roads

Capital Hill Murree Location Map

All these qualities are well addressed with Hills view Cottages Murree.

Capital Hills Murree Payment Plan

Although affordable housing seems to be a distant dream when one thinks to have all the facilities and comforts available at one place thus with reasonable payments. But with the establishment of Capital Hills Murree, you can turn out your dreams into reality very easily. This housing in Murree is organized in such a way which caters to all the housing requirements of a family. At the same, it gives a very top-class living experience to you with the very appealing payment plan.

When you will consider the offers and service this place offers the payment plan will attract you highly as it is very flexible if you consider the project’s features and amenities. The plots can be booked on cash payments while easy instalment policies are also there. Just make up your mind and own a property conveniently. Let’s get informed about the detailed payment plan which is given below:


A reliable and excellent name called Midtown Developers has developed this project according to contemporary time’s needs and demands. It is well-organized and established where a totally unique and new style of living is waiting for you. The state of the art planning, exclusive ideas, high-quality architectural designing and advanced infrastructure, all are at the core of this tremendous project. The developers have considered the public dreams and desires to live in a secure, facilitated and affordable range.

This company has developed remarkable projects in the real estate sector of Pakistan while adding more to its reputation and prestige through the more outclass developments like Capital Hills Murree. This company aims to level up the living standards of people all over Pakistan. That is the reason that it has not done developments in major cities but also gives considerable attention to small towns. This perfect residential project is the best example of their excellence and exclusiveness they are famous for.

Features and Facilities

Don’t you want to be facilitated in every walk of life? Of course, everyone wants this and Capital Hills Murree understands this aspect to a great extent. You will be confronted with all the amenities and features you have ever dreamt of. But now this is no more a dream and you will realize this factor after becoming the part of this land of profit, desires and opportunities. Let’s have a detailed look at everything this project has to offer:

Gated Community

Safety and security of people is a very important aspect nowadays to live ideally and peacefully. You will be highly protected while living in the gated community called Capital Hills Murree. This secure place ensures the terror-free environment through high alert security staff and system.

Lush Green Surroundings

Be a part of serene and beautiful atmosphere with this venture. It is surrounded with the breath-taking and amazing natural views which give a delightful sight to people. Live with peace here which is really a land of your dreams.

Parks and Playgrounds

Many small and large parks are made part of this place which is a source of pleasure and adds much to the beauty of this place. Children can have the best and safe playing experience in the beautiful playgrounds.

Modern Infrastructure

A very advanced and modern road network is spread all over the community along with the green belts. The roads are extensive, neat and broad where driving and walking will be really pleasing and comfortable.

Electricity Supply

Just forget about the electricity failures and breakdowns with the most maintained and trustable electricity system. The connections are undergrounded through which the continuous electricity is supplied to people even in the unfavourable weather.

Clean Water

Through the society’s own filtration plant you would be able to have a clean and pure drinking water which is very crucial to stay and live healthily.


What do you think of this place then? It is not something to be missed out if you consider the place carefully. You will fall in love after visiting Capital Hills Murree which is a place of your settled vision. A perfect combination of ideal location, easy payment and modern amenities is waiting for you. Here you would experience such a lifestyle which you have never done till now. But now the time has come to bring a significant and desirable change in your life with the settlement at this dreamland.


Capital Hills Murree Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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