It’s a genuine reality that all of you are moving towards developed areas to sort out your job, education and many more problems. On the other hand residential needs are increasing, not all but most of the expert developers are going popular in developing amazing residential and commercial areas.

Faisalabad comes in the list of those areas which are completely developed not only education but industry aspect too. Let’s talk about your most awaited residential location which is none other than dominant Canal road Faisalabad. Are you looking for the residential plot at eh main edge of Faisalabad? No doubt ‘’SITARA DEVELOPERS ’’ comes in the list of expert and trustworthy developers that’s why they are now coming with the amazing offer of Canal Villas Faisalabad.

You will be definitely surprised to see that Canal Villas Faisalabad is located on the edge of main city with having lot of impressive and admirable luxuries. These luxuries not only comes in the list of comfort zone but also completed the demands of royal surrounding.

Let’s talk about the inner area and essentials of Canal Villas Faisalabad, wide roads, perfectly developed parks, electricity, sui gas is waiting for you.

More You need to Know About Canal Villas Faisalabad

How can you forget to discuss about nearby locations? Don’t you think so that commercial area, education institutes and hospitals must be available near your residence. To solve all these problems ‘’SITARA DEVELOPERS ’’ developed Canal Villas Faisalabad which is located at the few steps away from commercial areas.

Availability of public transport is actually admirable feature of Canal Villas Faisalabad, you can easily visit inner areas of Faisalabad by taking economical ride on public transport. Yes I know by observing all the desired essentials all of you are estimating high prices. No leave it to think about high prices because Canal Villas Faisalabad has a team of loyal management which is ready to sale all plots not only at economical rates but at installments offer too.

Now nothing worries behind, just come on and choose dominant location in Canal Villas Faisalabad, to know more about Canal Villas Faisalabad just follow me.

Canal Villas Faisalabad Location Map

Canal Villas Faisalabad is mapped on the edge of Canal Expresses Faisalabad that is most dominate location from the commercial and residential aspect because it’s closely connected to commercial and educational institutes. You can visit all inner areas of Faisalabad within few minutes distance, all daily used products will be conveniently available near to your door step. Your most of the money and time of traveling will be saved by being a part of Canal Villas Faisalabad. Don’t neglect this amazing and admirable offer because it’s actually hard to find assertive residential location having royal luxuries like Canal Villas Faisalabad.

Canal Villas Faisalabad Location Map

Canal Villas Faisalabad Payment Plan

 Management of Canal Villas Faisalabad is going to reveal the news of payment plan with a lot of comfort in the form of installment plan. Installment plan is basically designed for all those wishers who love to be a part of Canal Villas Faisalabad, but they cannot afford complete payment at a time. Specially for job holder, they can easily pay easy installments even with their minimum salary.

I bet you that you have never seen these type of easy installment plan ever in any society. Before making any plan to grab residential area, you must visit Canal Villas Faisalabad because you cannot stop yourself by observing Canal Villas Faisalabad at least once.

Canal Villas Faisalabad Payment Plan


Project Plan

Most of you are thinking to know about the plots cutting, constructed houses and commercial shops, let’s come on to given detail.

Canal Villas Faisalabad is offering 3-, 5-, 10-marla, and 1-kanal residential plots and 2- and 4-marla commercial plots at very economical price. On the other hand Canal Villas commercial Plaza shops & Flats are available for Sale with different sizes and different Floors including Ground floor, First floor, Second floor & Constructed Houses available. Plots which are located are little bit expensive as compared to back face plots, same protocol is applied to the commercial zone.


Off and on all of you wishes to know desired to live in the royal environment which is not only has dominant location but economical rates too. On the other hand next generation safe zone is attached with not only dominant location but the requirement of proper educations and commercial essentials are even more important as well. The solution of all problems leads to only one solution which is none other than Canal Villas Faisalabad. Here you can found lot of essentials more than your expectations within few asserts. Are you ready give yourself a proper living environment with lot of impressive features, have a look below,

  • FDA approved

  • CCTV camera security

  • 24/7 guard security

  • Lavish parks

  • Special area for kids play

  • Wide roads

  • Parking areas

  • Street lights

  • Sewerage

  • Sui gas

  • Electricity

  • Green belts

  • Mosque

  • Commercial areas

Without any doubt you can found all these essentials in 100% pure quality, all of you can apply for separate meters no involvement of any neighbor. If you talk about safety point of view you cannot imagine that you are blessed with 24/7 security under CCTV and security guards, by being a part of Canal Villas Faisalabad you will be in heaven because you can go anywhere without any tension of home security.

Definitely true that you can don’t need to travel ant more by being a part of Canal Villas Faisalabad, because all international level school, colleges, universities are located at the few step away from Canal Villas Faisalabad. You can even go alone at commercial market because Canal Villas Faisalabad is closely attached with commercial zone of Faisalabad.

Health care is basic need of this time, but you don’t worry of you are planning to be a part of Canal Villas Faisalabad you will be blessed with well equipped hospital near to your house.

I thing nothing left behind to ignore Canal Villas Faisalabad amazing residential location, just come on to visit royal developed areas if you are actually thinking to give comfort to your living.


Canal Villas Faisalabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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