Authorities have labeled Bin Alam City Housing Scheme as Illegal. In the notice, it has been made clear that Bin Alam City doesn’t have any approval from LDA and it was selling the plots without approval which is an illegal act. Please refrain from buying and selling any of the properties in Bin Alam City Scheme.

Once again! Your promising society comes in the form of Bin Alam City Islamabad, after the success of Bin Alam City lahore. Islamabad, a city of peace with brand of Bin Alam is a complete package for people. Bin Alam Society complete its successful project in many cities. Now Bin Alam shows now its more shinning colors in Islamabad air. Both well constructed houses and plots are available in Bin Alam City Islamabad. Bin Alam is the second name of trustful society. Where you can not only get living area but can also get standard education in international institution. You can also play all types of game under the training of international players. All activities from social point of view is the best side of Bin Alam City Islamabad. It is luxury area for tourism. People can start their own business within the society in the commercial area of Bin Alam City Islamabad.

Bin Alam City Islamabad have a main plus point of prime location. You can easily access the society from all main roads. No need to spend a lot of time in traveling, you can easily avail all facilities at the arm distance within society.

People who listen the name of Bin Alam City, they don't ask much. As they already know, that the management and their kind plan from payment point of view is going to be comfortable.

Bin Alam City Islamabad

Bin Alam Developers

Mr.Haji Muhammad Alam discover Bin Alam residence society in 1973. At that time he just focused on the quality of society to give more comfort. He gathered management team from all over the best societies. In different meeting they just decide how to facilitate the people from all aspect whether it is payment issue or living facility. More than 40 years of services, developers are continuously putting more taste in their quality. Clients not only fully satisfied but also wish to be a part of Bin Alam. Bin Alam developers do both government and private projects, all are symbol of quality products.  Developers get more experience with work of expert team. These are all reasons that make Bin Alam a quality brand all over the Pakistan. 

Bin Alam City Islamabad Location Map

Bin Alam City Islamabad a beauty symbol located in the heart of Islamabad. The prime location of society is closely connected to Ranger station. Fatah Jang main Islamabad road have direct way to Bin Alam City Islamabad. No difficulty occur in searching the society map. Bin Alam City Islamabad have few minute distance to Qurtaba city and HPL city Villas Islamabad.  Society not only have standard area but it can be easily mapped by everyone from everywhere.

Bin Alam City Islamabad Location Map

Bin Alam City Islamabad Payment Plan

Bin Alam Islamabad Unconver payment plan just for 5-marla plots. Bin Alam Islamabad management just focus on the flexibility of the people in monthly installment.

  • Payment plan for 5-marla Plots

Bin Alam Islamabad have 150,000 down payment for 5-marla plot. And price of monthly installment * 60 is 12,000. On confirmation you should have to pay 45,000 and possion price is 80,000. Total amount of 5-marla plot become 9,95,000.

Size Down Payment Monthly Installments *60 Confirmation Possession Total Amount
5 Marla PKR 150,000 PKR 12,000 PKR 45,000 PKR 80,000 PKR 9,95,000
10 Marla PKR 295,000 PKR 20,000 PKR 90,000 PKR 265,000 PKR 1,850,000
1 Kanal PKR 550,000 PKR 40,000 PKR 150,000 PKR 350,000 PKR 3,450,000


Bin Alam Residential Plots

Bin Alam City Islamabad will be offering 5-marla, 10-marla  and 1-kanal residential plots. Management of Bin Alam Islamabad plan a flexible structure of payment. The entire area has been efficiently planned and divided to private specious and comfortable life style along  with convenient accessibility to ready hubs. 

Bin Alam City Islamabad facilities:

  • Mosque

  • Pure water supply

  • Sui gas

  • Play lands

  • International level study institute

  • Full time security

  • Gated community

Capital Awami Villas Bin Alam City Islamabad

Are you looking for a well constructed house in Bin Alam City Islamabad? No problem! I have a good news for you. And that is the Capital Awami Villas (project of Bin Alam City Islamabad). This is the shinning offer of luxury houses in Bin Alam City Islamabad. Dual offers of houses and plots of Bin Alam City Islamabad will put more charm in you, and you will be willing to buy one there. This Well developed project not only giving you a place of living but also facilitating you from all aspects. International level universities, school, colleges, every brand is available here. Bin Alam City Islamabad is a society on early stages but news is going viral all around like a fire. This is the trust of Bin Alam developers that they have developed after working for years. For more clear view, and for more information about bin alam city islamabad. I can help you, just keep reading.

Capital Awami Villas Bin Alam City Islamabad Payment Plan

7 Marla Houses

Capital Awami Villas (Project of Bin Alam City Islamabad ) offering 7-marla houses with 5,50,000  down payment. Balloting price is 3,00,000 . And quarterly installment * 12 having price 1,50,000. It has possession price 3,00,000 for 7-marla house. And total amount is 29,50,000.

Down Payment Balloting Quarterly Installments *12 Possession Total Amount
5,50,000 3,00,000 150,000 3,00,000 29,50,000

Capital Awami Villas Facilities

  • Community Club

  • Polo ground

  • Riding club

  • 5 star hotels

  • Water sports

  • Cinema

  • Camping area

  • Shooting range

  • Stadium

  • Medical & engineering universities on international level

  • Vocational training center

  • Self  defence training center

  • Bus services

  • Society own dam

  • Apartment and high buildings

  • Wide roads/ green belts/land scaping

  • Central mosque

  • Schools and colleges

  • International level commercial area

  • Underground electricity

  • Sui gas

  • Water supply(filtered water)

  • Gated community

  • 24 hours security

  • Amusements


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