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Bhara Kahu Islamabad

Bhara Kahu is located around the Murree Road Islamabad. It is a big town and so may housing societies are located within this town. The Bhara Kahu Islamabad presents natural atmosphere which is dust free located in the lush greenery views of nature.


The Bahara Kahu of Islamabad is 14 KM away from main Islamabad city and point include Zero Point, different ministries, secretariat and other main locations. Bahara Kahu is located on Murree Road Islamabad and one can approach City with 20 minutes of drive.


The Bahara Kahu is fully developed residential area located towards the both sides of Murree Road. The location and development of Bahara Kahu makes it favorable as it is just like a haven for those people who love to enjoy the natural views and healthy environment. The area is developed and basic facilities are available within the same location. Bahara Kahu include Abdullah town, Muslim Town and Azmat Town.


The residents of Bahara Kahu are enjoying the life style. Basic facilities include standardized Brands in commercial areas, quality education institutes, health centers etc.

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