Aura Square Islamabad is a network of workspaces full of modern luxuries and amenities. At this ideal address, discover private offices that provide a very suitable and high-class environment to you. Here the offices are designed to promote productivity and flexibility. Plus, one all-inclusive rate makes things easy. The developers of this project have considered every detail so you can focus on your business fully while enjoying all the facilities. It enjoys a very suitable address while connected to many important roads and transportation spots which is a very attractive aspect.

Aura Square Islamabad Location Map
Aura Square Islamabad Payment Plan

Beautiful shared offices are very luxurious and facilitated where people would enjoy working. This advanced architectural building is designed and built according to latest trends and attracts a large number of people. Aura square is becoming the most impressive office building. All the features, safety and modern amenities make it the best office space in Islamabad. High and quality development status with panoramic views of a city bustling with commerce and creativity, surround you with inspiration and purpose.

Aura Square Islamabad

This new and top-most project is bustling with commerce and originality.  Luxury flourishes from the minute you enter in this distinctive and top office building. From its furnished construction to its location and facilities, all make it the finest commercial project in the capital city.

Aura Square Islamabad Location Map

It is located on iconic F-11 Markaz which is a very strategic and fine location for commercial projects. It enjoys a very good connectivity to beneficial spots and main roads including main Margalla Road, Major Sumbal Road and Hilal Road. The location is very beneficial and ideal which provides more than enough facilities for you. It is a highly desirable and attractive location for business persons and workers as well.

Aura Square Islamabad Location Map

A unique array of world-class restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment places are closely available to the address of Aura Square. You will also enjoy beautiful and serene views of Islamabad hills and landscapes which is a source of relaxation and serene escape.  This prime location also affords convenience while it is a highly desirable host of business and personal services as well as easy access to major subway and bus lines.

Aura Square Islamabad Payment Plan

Pick up your desired office space with much ease and convenience in this building. Very affordable payment and flexible instalment plans are introduced by the developers. It is a place which is developed according to unique trends and specifications while offering convenience to people in all the ways. The same concern is shown while organizing a payment plan for this commercial project. It is very convenient and flexible where possession will be given to people very easily.

Aura Square Islamabad Payment Plan

The prices of offices travel from low to high according to their types and locations. Flexible instalment policies are also available which are very expedient. You can own a property as many options are available to your convenience. The procedure of booking is very easy so that problems could be avoided by people in any way. The detailed payment plan is given below:

Developers of Aura Square Islamabad

It is a project by ZK Developers which offer you with a complete and guaranteed environment which suits all your business needs. Your peace of mind and fulfilment of all the essential needs regarding your workplace is central to our attention of developing the extensive and luxurious business spaces in Aura square Islamabad.

Your safety along with the highly facilitated environment is the utmost priority of the developers which is ensured through hazard control experts involved in the development of this project. The developers work with the aim and vision to make your journey regarding business or career-growth free of discomfort. They pay back what we get paid for in the best ways.

The vision of a perfect business place comes true by developing luxurious office spaces and assuring a comfortable and facilitated environment. From traditional to modern, the exotic designs are reflected through each brick kept in your office. They strive for perfection in every project and keep in mind your desires to have the best working place.

Building Amenities

Are you ready to work with enormous facilities? Here at Aqua square, you will find the best facilities that will appeal the most to your working life. World-class amenities and features are made part here in order to provide an elevated and ultra-luxurious office spaces. It is offering the following amenities to people who are concerned or linked to this place.

Onsite Staff

A very helping and supportive team is here for you throughout the workweek, from front-desk service to personalized support.

Security Services round the clock

All the areas and entrance are safe and secure through the active and high alert security staff and system. CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed everywhere to provide the safest working place.


Modern and speedy elevators are made part of this venture where maintenance staff checks its working on regular basis to avoid problems by people.

Conference Rooms

Dedicated meeting spaces including unexpected details like custom wallpaper and marble tables are part of this building.


Every floor has its own space stocked with a business-class printer, office supplies, and paper shredder.

High-Speed Internet

Secure and fastest Wi-Fi connections are available all over the building.

Professional & Social Events

From workshops to spaces for different professional events are available which helps to nurture a strong team culture.

Special Common Areas

The heart and soul of our locations, these lounges are living-room-style spaces designed for creativity, comfort, and productivity in Aura square Islamabad.


Aura Square is a most exclusive and esteemed commercial project which is located in the womb of economic activities in Islamabad. This modern architectural building offers various office spaces to you while packed with all the facilities. Aura Square Islamabad provides a very suitable environment for people who want to do business with excellent growth and excellence.


Aura Square Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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