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Atomic Energy Employee Society

The Islamabad Atomic Energy Employees Housing Society is located on the GT Road Rawat and the approach to the Scheme is very easy as from GT Road while the Islamabad Air Port is 22 KM away @ 30 minute drive with approach form Islamabad Expressway. The society is developed with aim to facilitate the Atomic Energy employees with the provision that public can also purchase in the society as well.

The society offers the complete life style with all the amenities that one can think such as carpeted roads network, Main Boulevard, durable sewerage system, LED street lights, water and others. Though the condition of Chattar Park is not very comfortable as people are complaining about slow development work and passing of high tension electric lines is really a misery for this site, but such problem with Rawat site. People have construct homes in the society and the population of society is growing rapidly.

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