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Aquatic Mall Islamabad is a new and underdeveloped multipurpose project. This project is offering rich shopping, business and living experience to people while keeping in view new and advanced concepts. Everything about Aquatic Mall is planned very uniquely and outstandingly inorder to make it the top development of Islamabad city. You will find a lot of entertainment and other options here.

Location Map

Payment Plan

Project Plan

Facilities and Features 

Shops, offices, deluxe apartments and suites are available to meet all your needs and desires. Located on the main and amazing location of Main GT Road Islamabad, this venture combines modern concepts with beautiful views of nature. It will be the biggest and auspicious mall of Pakistan after the completion of its development work. Many world-class amenities and facilities are planned to make part of the Aquatic mall.

Aquatic Mall Design

Pakistan's first underwater themed mall is the greatest attraction of this place which will provide people with something new and classy. This mall is adding new ways and dimensions in the current real estate world of Islamabad. The auspicious and newest building design makes it the most exclusive project which is the finest example of urbanization.

Your residential, shopping and commercial all the needs will be fulfilled here in a very appealing way. It is a remarkable place which is providing advanced and latest modes in all the aspects of life. The global standards are highly kept in view by the developers and they have established such a fabulous place which is grabbing the attention of everyone towards it. Let's discuss the other aspects and features of the Aquatic mall to get fully informed about this place!

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Property Type

  • Apartments 

The apartments are very well-furnished and provide you with a sense of comfort, lavishness and relaxation. You will be able to enjoy beautiful scenic views from the windows of apartments while having all the modern facilities of life. All the modern equipment are made part here. The rooms, drawing room, TV lounge, kitchen and all the other parts of apartments are spacious and modernly designed.

  • Suites 

The suites here are available to offer the best and memorable stays at this out-class place. You will get the quality and most comfortable time during your stay at the most deluxe suites of Aquatic Mall Islamabad. Every single facility and advanced amenities will be provided to you You will get a sense of thrill and exclusivity while stepping into these fantastic suites which are here to give you an exceptional experience.

  • Shops 

The business opportunities are very bright here because of its international approach, ideal location and higher financial status in the market. The shops are extensive and providing a very great shopping environment for people. All your commercial cravings will be ideally fulfilled here.

  • Offices

A golden opportunity of setting an ideal business is knocking at your doorsteps! Yes, the deluxe office spaces of Aquatic Mall are here with such elements through which your business will grow to new heights. This place will reflect class, style, elegance and future growth which will be very excellent for commercial or business options.

Project Plan

This project is rich in entertainment, residential and commercial options. Latest architectural building and innovative designs make it the finest real estate developments which are offering sophistication, elegance and high quality at the same time.

Aquatic Mall Islamabad is consist of extensive shops, office spaces and deluxe apartments which are all equipped with latest and basic facilities. The mall has 9 floors from which are specified for retail shops, the one is for food courts which is double height. Then there is a rooftop where gym, helipad and swimming pool are here to provide endless fun and entertainment to you.


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Click to Call: 03028443860

Aquatic Mall Islamabad Location Map

The Aquatic Mall Islamabad is mapped at the classy edge of DHA Phase 2, just opposite to GIGA Mall. The Aquatic Mall Islamabad has direct approximation from G.T road, if you are coming from Zaraj Housing Scheme, you can even flexibly approach the mall within a few minutes.

You can access conveniently this place from Islamabad Expressway without following difficult Google Map.  On the other hand, it has close vicinity to Bahria Town Islamabad, in other words, the mall has rich locality at a busy location in the city. All these locality essentials are surely giving clues of business growth.

Beside all these offers, The Aquatic Mall residential area is more than a blessing because to approach daily life necessities, you don’t need to travel anymore. Public transport availability is allowing all of you to travel all inner areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is truly an ideal business and residential destination here you will also enjoy Islamabad's most amazing natural views.

Aquatic Mall Location

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Aquatic Mall Islamabad Developers

Al-Bari Group is going to launch an unbeatable venture in the boundary of Islamabad, the project is none other than Aquatic Mall Islamabad. This venture is an unparalleled venture for both commercial and residential investment; your future will be more secure because of high future values of The Aquatic Mall Islamabad. The developers established this project with the aim to make it the best real estate investment place of Islamabad.

Al-Bari Group is mature and committed real estate developers who world for present-day development for the advancement of residential and commercial ventures. Al-Bari Group is a symbol of trust, maturity and loyalty because they have strong protocols which compete with fast-growing trends.

Basically, this company has a brilliant team of developers who take proper research before establishing any plan. These developers have done numerous landmark ventures including, residential, commercial and industrial at the international level. All the projects by this company are remarkable because of rich locality, contemporary state of art, expert management, mind-blowing maintenance staff and flexible payment plan.

Al-Bari Group has done unbelievable venture in different cities for urban development, now they are moving for the modern establishment in living and business platform. The main purpose of all these innovative inventions is development stability, developers are offering all of you a huge combined venture that groom your business within a limited time period and give you a lavish residence at the same time.

Aquatic Mall Islamabad Payment Plan 

The payment plan of Aquatic Mall has been declared by the developers. It is organized very well and appealingly while it is enough flexible to catch the attention of potential and modern buyers. Apartments, shops and offices are the types available in this venture from which you can choose according to your requirements.

This place ensures a good value and best future returns of your money. Easy installment policies are available with a certain amount of down payment to book your desired property here. The prices of properties vary according to the property types and floor location. Booking procedure is very easy and understandable. The detailed payment plan is given below for you!

Aquatic Mall Payment Plan


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Facilities and Features 

This place is full of attractions, facilities and world-class amenities which will provide you with some unique experiences. Nothing is ordinary about Aquatic Mall Islamabad as it is a place designed on new and advanced modes. Its features are rich in exclusivity while enormous entertainment options are available for you. The commercial, residential and shopping all the options are bright here. Here you will find the following amenities and facilities:

  • Modern Architecture
  • Quality Construction
  • Underwater Tunnel
  • Themed Restaurant
  • Luxurious Apartments
  • Exclusive Suites
  • Aquarium
  • Underwater themed Shopping Mall
  • Luxurious Offices
  • Spacious Lobbies
  • Playland
  • Swimming Pool
  • Skywalk
  • Water Zoo
  • Helipad
  • High Alert Security


Don’t you think so that The Aquatic Mall Islamabad will be a fruitful decision from bright future aspect? Definitely yes, then don't wait any more, planned to visit the actual location and apply for booking for both residential and commercial property if you are willing to make the secure and best investment. Don’t miss the royal amenities of business and living because in the 20th century it’s actually difficult to pick an authentic well-organized property. Contact us to know more details and information!

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The Aquatic Mall Islamabad - Payment Plan - Location - Opening
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