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Anarkali Lahore

Anarkali Lahore is one of the oldest and ancient areas of South Asia. The Main Entrance to Anarkli is from famous Mall Road of Lahore which is said to be heart of Lahore City. The area is well known for its markets and nearby mausoleum which is said to be of Anarkali from King Akbar. Other main attraction for people includes famous Anarkali Food Street.


Anarkali is located towards North-East of Lahore City and is close to Ravi River. Various famous and well known government institutes and organizations are located in surroundings of Anarkali, while the famous one include King Edward Medical College, Anarkali Bazar, GC University, District Courts, Mayo Hospital, Urdu Bazar, Lahore Museum, MAO College and others.


Anarkali Lahore is said to be historical area of Lahore City and has due value from commercial point of view. Several up gradation plans renew the area with maintaining the traditional look of ancient Lahore. The area is developed and has a well structured setup that makes it a good place for residential purpose. The properties at Anarkali reflects mostly traditional look of Indo-Pak Sub Continent.


Developed road network

Shopping Areas and Markets

Hospitals and Medical Collage

Quality educational institutes

Easy access to all part of Lahore by approaching Lahore Canal Road via Mall Road

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