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Al Rehman Garden Lahore

Al Rehman garden is one of the most suspicious and luxury colony located near Sheikhupara District on ferozwala road. The society is well equipped with total of 6 Phases. It offers all luxuries and infrastructure for its residents. This society is walled with full security system. Here you can find luxurious houses in low prices. With its six Phases, the society is expanded over a vast area with high speed completely built roads.


The society is located in the centre of all the activity. The society is 15 minutes’ drive from assembly hall, 10 minutes from bus station, and 8 minutes from district court and 10 minutes from shahadra.


This society is a properly planned residential scheme, enriched with all types of facilities. Some of its facilities include:


The management has ensured the availability of infrastructure including road, sewerage, electricity, Sui gas, street lights, security gates and guards to its residents. They are also planning to build their own electricity plant, gym, school, college, shopping mall, restaurant, marriage hall, and transport facility. It is a town within a city.


The colony is well equipped with high tech security system including guards, security cameras, CCTV and security gate facility.

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