Multan is progressing remarkably in many fields while the residential standards of this city are becoming high day by day. With the development of top-class and advanced residential projects, the lifestyle of people has improved in many ways. Al-Madev Center is an excellent project which is established to progress the living quality of people according to international level. This project is of the unique kind where people can live exclusively and outstandingly.

Global style spacious flats are available in Al-Madev center where people can live in a significant way. Incredible living rooms, with glass door openings to the outside views, enormous bedrooms invite you to indulge in luxury and comfort. The locations and payment plan are equally beneficial and attractive like all the other features and amenities. This place meets all the requirements of people to start living in a unique and tremendous way while at affordable prices.

Living in this place is very much like to surround you with all the essential facilities which are crucial to living ideally and extraordinarily. An extraordinary living experience is available to people in the form of Al-Madev Multan which aims highly to level up the lifestyle of the residents of Multan city.  This project provides an opportunity to own a lifestyle which is an amalgamation of value and comfort.

Al-Madev Center Multan Location Map

The best location is available to people who choose to live in Al-Madev Center Multan. Surrounded by the residential, commercial and famous area, this venture is situated on Masoom Shah Road Multan which is the very well-known location of this city. It is very close to the Multan Cantt and Multan International Airport.

This place provides you with the best and ideal location while concentrating on a complete series of your needs, comfort and leisure. While living in this place, you will be surrounded by many important and beneficial spots thus it is easily accessible from all over the city.

Al-Madev Center Multan Location Map

Al-Madev Center Multan Payment Plan

An exclusive residential opportunity is available to you in the form of this project while remaining within affordable range. One gets the best return of one’s pay payment during their residence at this place. The flats can be booked on cash payment while easy instalment policies are also available. The perfect combination of facilities and features along with affordable prices make this place preferable to many people. Here is the payment plan for this project.

Al-Madev Center Multan Payment Plan


This project is developed by Mehar Ali Developers which is a reputed name in the development, construction, professionalism and management of residential and commercial projects. They believe in an inclusive enlargement that provides a value and quality existence to its clients.

It has a legacy of establishing on the basis of honesty, reliability and excellent and these traits have earned them a remarkable position in the real estate world. This project is also built upon these traits which promise the standardized living. With its core beliefs, Mehar Ali Developers has established itself as one of the developers who will provide whatever it promises, to all its stakeholders.

Features and Facilities

This project is an exclusive residential place where you will indulge and enjoy your living in equal parts. Many facilities and features are introduced which provide an extreme comfort for the inhabitants of Al-Madev. It is developed after keeping in mind the needs and demands of contemporary time. Here is the detail of the features and facilities this project is packed with.

1. Modern Architectural Building

The building is established on modern design for every resident to avail the modern and urbanized lifestyle with comfort and luxury. The building is developed very highly and amazingly who’s design attract the clients to live in this attractive and luxurious place.

2. Security Surveillance

This place provides a safe and secure residence experience to people in the best possible way. It has a smart central security system which is very active and high alert. CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed on entrance and other important parts of the building. The monitoring staff monitors everything very carefully. Checking at the entrance is very strict while irrelevant persons are prohibited to enter the place.

3. Parking Area

This project has a complete parking space which is built on international standards and techniques. The parking area is extensive and neat where considerable vehicles can be parked without any mess. Considerable parking space is available for the convenience of the residence. This place is wide as well as secure to park cars easily. 

4. Maintenance Service

Maintenance services are available for the help of the residents. The members of the maintenance staff are very helping and help people in time of need. The security, sewerage and other systems are maintained by them on regular basis to avoid any kind of problem.

5. Elevators

High-quality elevators are there. They are very fast at speed. The maintenance is kept in mind all the time that is the reason why lifts are never jammed.


If you are looking for an ideal place to start living in an advanced way, welcome to Al-Madev Center Multan. It is a project of luxury, excess, comfort and extravagance. Located on a very hot and upscale location of Multan this project is one of the top-class projects.

With the affordable payment plan, ideal location and spectacular amenities this place offers the best residential experience to people. One not only lives but also enjoys the best lifestyle in a safe and peaceful environment. It’s a slice of exceptionality, waiting to be owned by a select few. It is providing the best you can ever visualize.




Al-Madev Center Multan Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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