When it comes to the residence, there’s no chance of the wrong choice as the ideal living is the dream of everyone. Al Kabir Town Islamabad is here to fulfil the cravings of a quality and upgrade existence as it delivers in Lahore previously. This project is comprised of many facilities and features which meet all your requirements. It is developed very distinctively which appeals to a large number of people in every way. It is emerging as one of the most desirable and amazing places of Islamabad to live significantly.

Al-Kabir Town Islamabad Location Map
Al-Kabir Town Islamabad Payment Plan

The best choice is available to people in the form of this project which is the mixture of facilities, luxuries and affordability. For the people of meagre resources or average status, the search for a quality living ends after visiting this place. The upward trend is being set in the real estate sector with the establishment of this project.

Al-Kabir Town Islamabad

This valuable and exclusive project will offer various size plots which will be fully equipped with all the basic facilities. Along with the urbanized lifestyle, people get interacted with the natural spaces and scenery as the location of this place is very beautiful and ideal. Al Kabir Town Islamabad is a place where you can settle according to your needs, desires and demands.

Al-Kabir Town Islamabad Recent Update

The development work of this project is going on very rapidly and successfully. This place is not launched officially while it would soon be launched according to the newest update. The pre-booking of the plots is going on where people could have their property on very easy terms and payments.

Al-Kabir Town Location Map

Along with the other facilities, this project aims to provide great convenience to people in the matter of locality. It is located on Chakri Road which is very close to New Islamabad International Airport. Thallian Interchange and Chakri Interchange are very close to this society.

Many important roads and spots are closely connected to this place which is a source of ease and comfort for the residents. The project’s location is very ideal and easy to understand while very easily accessible. You would not be troubled about searching that where this project is established because of its chief location.

Al Kabir Town Islamabad Payment Plan

The plots are waiting for you to come and buy them so that you can build houses of your dreams. Easy payment and instalment plans are available to people which make easy for people to fulfil their desires about idyllic and comfortable sort of living. You can book your plot on cash payment on which you would get a 5% discount. Moreover, this project also has flexible instalment policies. Here is the detail of the easiest payment plan for this venture.

Plot Size Booking Monthly Installments (x60) Possession Total Price
3 Marla 250,000 9,000 200,000 1,000,000
5 Marla 350,000 12,500 400,000 1,500,000
10 Marla 450,000 29,000 500,000 2,700,000
1 Kanal 600,000 60,000 800,000 5,000,000


Plot Size Booking Monthly Installments (x60) Possession Total Price
5 Marla (C) 1,500,000 58,000 500,000 5,500,000

*5% Discount will be offered on full cash payment of residential and commercial plots.

* 10% extra will be charged in case of Corner, Park Facing and Main Boulevard Facing plots.

Al-Kabir Town Property Types

You would get a variety of plots from which you can choose according to your requirements. Along with the residential plots, commercial plots are also available for bright business opportunities. 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots are part of this project while 5 Marla commercial plots are also available.


After the successful accomplishment of Al Kabir Town Phase 1 and 2 in Lahore, Al Kabir developers are ready to launch another tremendous project called Al Kabir Town Islamabad. This is a very remarkable addition in the real estate of Islamabad while the excellence and professionalism are shown considerably while developing this project.

The payment plan, location, facilities and features, all are developed very highly and in an appealing way. One gets the delightful residential experience after choosing this place to live.

Facilities and Features

You would be facilitated in all the sectors while living at this place which is a name of brilliance. You would be facilitated highly with all the modern amenities and services under the name of Al Kabir Town. It is packed with everything and anything which is essential to living in an incredible way. Let's go through the details of what this project has to offer.

Modern Infrastructure

The place has one of the most developed and advanced infrastructures. The roads are neat and wide with green belts which add much to the beauty and attractiveness of this place. Walking, jogging and driving tracks are different which is very convenient for people. The roads are designed and built in such a way where traffic mess and problems could be avoided largely.


An international level gymnasium is built of those who care about being fit and smart. All the equipment is developed by considering the need for staying healthy and fit. This is the way to groom yourself. Gym instructors are the professionals with the mindset of maintaining fitness in your life.

Parks and Playgrounds

Lush green areas are a very significant aspect of this project. There are different small and large parks along with jogging track in them. There are a swing and different physical activities which are specially developed In the parks for the children and their families. Separate playgrounds are also available to provide best and secure playing experience to people.

Commercial Area

There is a commercial sector within the place. This area is the basic and most convenient source for everyone to shop grocery. Whereas, for shopping or other things a shopping mall is also planned to establish within the Al Kabir Town Islamabad.

Safety and Security

A safe and protected environment is guaranteed to people as a smart security system is organized. CCTV cameras are fixed everywhere while the monitoring staff and system is very active and high alert. It is a fully gated community where checking at the entrance point is very strict wheras irrelevent persons are not allowed to enter the place.

Central mosque

There is a central mosque which is constructed for the residents and to show the unity in the Muslim community. This mosque is designed to show the state of art and Muslim culture.

Electricity and Sui gas supply

There are many areas of Islamabad which are not yet that much efficient in providing these both facilities. Capital green city Islamabad is the society which has all the abilities to satisfy the client by its features. There is an underground electricity system and Sui gas supply is also continuous without any issues, even in winters.


Al Kabir Town Islamabad is a very significant addition to level up the living standards of people.  This place is the best choice for having your own house of dreams and desires. Along with the ideal location and easy payment plan you would love this place to live. The luxuries and facilities are no more a dream for the average people so do not miss out on this place to start living ideally.


Al-Kabir Town Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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