Akbar Arcade Islamabad is a new mix used commercial and residential development that has recently taken place in the city Islamabad. The project is located in Gulberg Green Islamabad that  is counted as Pakistan's most luxurious and lucrative housing society which offers world class lifestyle and comfort. Akbar Arcade Islamabad is located at the lush green and peaceful environment of the city and gives you to have a quiet life with a lot of business opportunities.


The project is developed by Engititan Private Limited one of the best developers and constructors of the country who has delivered many states of the art project in the city Islamabad and Karachi. The developers always use some of the unique and greatest techniques to make dreams of people come true. They have a special team of engineers and developers who work with planning.  Engititan concentrates on providing their clients lucrative business opportunities with residential facilities all in one place as they always present multi-purpose projects with all modern facilities.


Akbar Arcade Islamabad is located at the most likely location of the city at business Square in Gulberg Greens Islamabad, while readily available from Islamabad Expressway and Lethrar Road. Moreover, 5-star hotel, golf course, and the lake and most famous housing scheme are also found nearby.

Project offering

Akbar Arcade Islamabad is offering commercial shops, apartments, and showrooms with all amenities and facilities. The project is a multi-story building that has showrooms on its lower ground, ground, and first floor that are reserved for banks, executive offices, brands, electronics and different business sectors. The remaining levels comprise on 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bedroom apartments with modern designing and elegant interiors.


Thebooking of shops and apartments starts from 10% down payment, and the remaining amount will be payable in 3 years easy installments plan.


  B B-1 A A-1 X-L
MODE OF PAYMENT  543Sq.ft. 1 Bed   673Sq.ft.    1 Bed  1074Sq.ft. 2 Bed  1204Sq.ft. 2 Bed  1733Sq.ft. 3 Bed 
BOOKING  271,500      336,500 537,000 602,000 866,500
CONFIRMATION  271,500      336,500 537,000 602,000 866,500
ALLOCATION 271,500      336,500 537,000 602,000 866,500
33 MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS  25,000X33 (825,000) 35,000X33 (1,155,000) 50,000X33 (1,650,000) 55,000X33 (1,815,000) 80,000X33 (2,640,000)
5 HALF YEAR INSTALLMENTS  165,000X5 (825,000) 200,000X5 (1,000,000) 320,000X5 (1,600,000) 360,000X5 (1,800,000) 525,000X5 (2,625,000)
ON POSSESSION  250,500 200,500 509,000 599,000 800,500
TOTAL PRICE  2,715,000 3,365,000 5,370,000 6,020,000 8,665,000


MODE OF PAYMENT  1,507Sq.ft.    1,656Sq.ft.           1,690Sq.ft.  1,727Sq.ft. 
BOOKING  1,507,000      1,656,000 1,690,000 1,727,000
CONFIRMATION 1,507,000      1,656,000 1,690,000 1,727,000
ALLOCATION 1,507,000      1,656,000 1,690,000 1,727,000
33 MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS  150,700X33 (4,973,100) 165,600X33 (5,464,800) 169,000X33 (5,577,000) 172,700X33 (5,699,100)
5 HALF YEAR INSTALLMENTS  994,620X5 (4,973,100) 1,092,960X5 (5,464,800) 1,115,400X5 (5,577,000) 1,139,820X5 (5,699,100)
ON POSSESSION  602,800 662,400 676,000 690,800
TOTAL PRICE  15,070,000 16,560,000 16,900,000 17,270,000


Security System

To keep the people of Akbar Arcade safe and secure  the developers has installed advance security system including CCTV installation, Walkthrough gates to control access of  unknown people.


Akbar Arcade is offering a beautiful  state of the art Mosque that has the capacity for hundreds of  people with the provision of all major amenities.


For the entertainment and amusement of people Parks are a  planned to build for different sections including sports, gym, fitness club and other play areas for kids.

Main Wide road

Akbar Arcade is found in the city of green and lush environments that has wide carpeted road network  of 100 ft, 80 ft, 60 ft, 40 ft and 30 ft. The whole society is facing wide boulevards and streets with lush green Belts.

Electricity Backup

The whole building has electricity backup system to provide a fluent flow of power system in case of load shedding.


High speed elevators are also available in the building for the convenience of people to move from one place to another.