Project Overview:

Airline Avenue Housing Scheme Islamabad is a thoughtfully conceptualized and master planned venture, situated on the key setting of having the luxury of M-2 Motorway on one side and also has New International Islamabad Airport in extreme nearness. So Airline Avenue without a doubt the most lucrative & world class residential scheme in terms of future productivity which is going to massive soon after of New Islamabad Airport proper functioning started.



The vital location of Airline Avenue Housing Scheme is adjacent to New Islamabad Airport , in addition the enclosed developments are mammoth to Airline Avenue; some of the noteworthy ones includes Fatehjang Road, Dhok Chauhdrian, Rakh Pind Ranjha, and Air Cargo Terminal, more over its only 15 minutes drive away from PAF Tarnol and Zero Point Islamabad.


Project Plan:

It’s a state of the art entirely developed housing scheme, equipped with the entire advance inhabited amenities & services. Airline Avenue Housing Scheme is ready to provide a lavish dream lifestyle on the prime peaceful region of the capital territory Islamabad. This mammoth project because the amount gigantic development which have been internally completed, offers world class residential and commercial plots, also the plan contain numerous finest amenities and excellent infrastructure for its cherished populace, to be found on the productive spots of the venture. So to summarize all this relevant information regarding Airline Avenue Housing Scheme, it’s an extraordinary scheme planned to bring what is expected from it, in the shape of luxurious astonishing residential and commercial zone. 




- Prime Location

- Spacious Park

- Boundary wall

- Jamia Mosque

- Commercial Area

- Community Center

- Modern Gymnasium

- Wide Main Boulevard

- Vigilant Security System

- Carpeted Roads Network

- All Utilities Readily Available