Investing in Afzal Agro Farms project will give you many options to earn maximum. The buyer of the Farmhouses will get multiple benefits of the fertilized land. It is located in the midst of natural environment. Additionally, The farmhouse is an ideal living place that provides the residents all the luxury means in the lush green environment. You can utilize the farmhouse land according to the choice regardless of your profession. It offers you to become a part-time farmer on your own land to grow organic foods. The Afzal Agro Farms has mentioned the payment plan offering the prices of plots/land. Constructing the Palace is also possible in such massive plots of the project. The plot sizes offered by the Afzal Agro Farms Islamabad are 5, 7, 9, 11 and 25 Kanal and Installments plan consist of 5 years. So, it is an opportunity to enjoy the luxury living in the peaceful and serene environment.

Afzal Agro Farms project stands at the M2 Motorway Islamabad as per the location map. It is a perfectly suitable territory for harvesting, farming and livestock business. Purchasing a farm house land has a lifetime benefit. After retirement, you can give some portion of the land on rent. Therefore, renting your land portion is the best option to earn enough on monthly basis. But obtaining such income requires investing in right place and time.

Benefits Of FarmHouses:

Nowadays, the farmhouses provide the best picnic for tourists living in congested areas of City. They love to visit and enjoy natural places. The spacious land of the farmhouse can be decorated to build an ideal tourist place. To attract the tourist, The farmhouse land should be converted in the beautiful garden with having lots of options for fun. Breeding of beautiful pets can be a good idea besides having some swings sets for the kid will raise its value. So, the visitor will reduce some life tensions while enjoying the natural place. Also, Arrangement of the restaurant at the place will another attractive option, beside it is another best source of income. The traditional and delicious food in an open environment will make the trip unforgettable.

It is not a bad idea if interesting in livestock production. Which else place can be better than farmhouses in the lap of nature for the breeding of livestock animals. In my opinion, It is one of the businesses that rarely go into the loss. The livestock business strengthens as long as the demand for meat is rising in Pakistan. It is an excellent source of the egg, milk, animal skin and meat.

Goat Farming:

Goat Farming is most beneficial part of livestock production. It does not require heavy investment compared to the farming of other animals. Instead of starting with low investment, the goat farming business is demanding and beneficial above all. The disposals of Goat farming is very easy. And Goats is an animal consuming low food so it is another saving of money. It will give you at the same time the meat, skin, and fiber. Managing goats is very easy besides the production of Crops and other livestock animals.

Fish Farming:

The project place is ideal for fish farming. The availability of water is not a problem at all as it has close proximity to the river. A Mechanism works in the project to supply the water continuously after sucking from the nearby river. The fish farming is rewarding business as the fish meat liked by the people throughout the country is a nutritional diet. In the winter season, the business gives maximum profit when fish meat consumption rises.

Crop Production:

The crop production can be done along with livestock animal breeding. That’s why the land provided by the project is enough to handle both businesses. Afzal Agro Farms offer you a fertilized land that is perfect for agriculture. Additionally, the four seasons of Pakistan truly back the growth of fruitful plants and trees.


The production of grapes is a good source of earning the profit. Subtropical, Hot Tropical, and Mild tropical are three distinctive agro-climatic zones of Pakistan. The land of the farmhouses in Islamabad is ideal for the production of grape varieties such as Thompson, Kings Ruby, Red Globe, Narc Black, and Sultana.


The lands in the region of potohar produce good quality olive even better than the Italy and Spain. The olive is a religious fruit that grows on the rare type of land. what else is better than Afzal Agro Farms if it supports olive production. Due to its nutritional benefits, The demand for olive will never reduce so it is a profitable business Globally.


The location of farmhouses is ideal for the production of strawberries. Also, the fertile land will support to mature the strawberry tree so it is a profitable business. All we know that the strawberry is delicious fruit and a part of many desserts. Strawberry ice-cream, jam, jelly, pickle, cake, and milkshake are famous throughout the country. Quality and quantity wise, The land of Islamabad can produce best strawberries that can be exported to Europe and the Middle East.

Blood Orange:

The production of blood orange is another highly rewarding business. Eating the fruit becomes a source of Vitamin C for the body. It also has high levels of anthocyanins. Taste-wise, it is an sweet fruit with crimson.So, Demand for the Blood orange always remains high due to its nutritional benefits.


The growth of apple plant is quicker than many other plants in the region. It requires less space and gives maximum production within four years. Growing the apple trees need pretty simple technique also the apple plant regulate the growth of other plants in the landscape. The tall spindle system invented by researchers assist to boost the apple production.


The potohar region is also known for the production of  Peach. It is a delicious fruit and considered as a Queen in Fruits due to its pleasing taste. After eating, It leaves many health benefits. It is a nutritional fruit and requires 200 to 1000 chilling hours. The temperature of 30 to 35oC is ideal for producing better quality peaches. The demand of the peaches is not only high in the country but in foreign nations also. Finally, you can choose any option described above to establish your own profitable business.


Agro Farms PVT Ltd (Developers) works under the leadership of CEO CH. Muhammad Afzal. They consist of the professional team that brilliantly knows their work. Their name is on the list of emerging developers. As developers of Afzal Agro Farms, they aim to provide a peaceful and luxurious living. Providing the contemporary style of living with all advanced facilities is their primary object. Also, They focus on delivering the spacious land with affordable prices and flexible payment plans.

The working areas of Afzal Agro Farms Pvt Ltd are Farming, Lifestyle, Cluster Development.


Providing of the quality seeds for the production of the various and detailed product is part their work. They have arranged a medical team with having experience who look after the crops scientifically.

Life Style:

In Lifestyle section, they enable the buyer for constructing the dream houses. For the purpose, They provide minimum 10 marla land. Developing of Afzal Agro Farms is a part of their lifestyle section.

Cluster Development:

To reduce the post-harvest losses, they also contribute to cluster development. So, the farmers growing citrus, mango and vegetable can avail of it.

Project Plan:

The master/project plan of the Afzal Agro Farms is designed for the commercial purpose and luxury living. The plots in the project are spacious and ideal for the construction of farmhouses. Above all, It is a gated community. 24/7 Water Supply, Electricity, Jamia Masjid, Hospital, Cricket Stadium, 4 Star Hotel, Food Court, International School, Multiplex Cinema, Park, Zoo, water park, chalet houses are becoming a part of the luxurious project.

Location Map:

The location/address of the Afzal Agro Farms is near Neela Dulha Interchange at M-2 Motorway Islamabad. It is an ideal place in the lap of nature. The area is also away from bothering city traffic and truly perfect for farming prospective and livestock production.

Payment plan:

The Payment plan of Afzal Agro Farms offers 5, 7, 9, 11 and 25 Kanal plots for sale. The total prices are given in the price table along with booking, allotment and confirmation amount. Paying the plot prices through 5-year plan consist of 50 total installment introduced by the Afzal Agro Farms Islamabad. The contact number for Afzal Agro Farms is 03116339844.



24/7 Water Supply

Gated Community



Cricket Stadium

4 Star Hotel

Food Court

International School