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Abdullah Sports Tower Hyderabad

Abdullah Sports Tower is said to be Business Hub of Hyderabad and is located on Gateway of Hyderabad City as well. The developers of Tower are Abdullah Builders & Developers and are well for their work in city. The prime location of tower makes it elegant business and corporate place of city i.e. Qasimabad, which is said to be Dubai of Sindh and dominates the Hyderabad business area. The city will be included into one of the metropolitan area of Pakistan due to its progress & development.  Abdullah Sports Tower will aid Hyderabad in getting high-rise status and also provide the residents of city with a proper place of living.

It has multi approach from Hyderabad Bypass and Makhdoom Jameel Zaman Road and that makes the site elegant and prominent for corporate persons. After completion it will offer executive apartments of 4, 5 and 6 rooms apartments with different types i.e. Type A, Type A1 and Type B.

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