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Muzaffarabad is the famous city of Punjab province and also the capital of Azad Kashmir Pakistan. Muzaffarabad is located on the shores of Jhelum and Neelum rivers. In the population report of 1998 the population of Muzaffarabad was 725,000 and in the population report of 1999 the population is raised to 741,000. The most famous places in Muzaffarabad are Red Fort and Black Fort.

Red Fort and Black Fort are the popular historical places of Muzaffarabad city. These both historical places are located on the conflicting sides of Neelum River. Sultan Muzaffar Khan constructed Red Fort in 1646. Sultan Muzaffar Khan was also known as the founder of Muzaffarabad city. The Red Fort lost its importance after the Mughals take over of Kashmir. In the Durrani rule the Red Fort again got importance.

Maharaja Gulab Singh and Ranbir Singh, the famous Dogra rulers, used the Red Fort for political and military operations. The architecture of both these forts is worth seeing. Every year vast majorities of tourists from Pakistan and all around the world visit these forts to look at the extraordinary architecture of these forts. The Neelum River surrounds both of these forts. There are vast real estate projects being started by many local and international real estate companies, from which the value of property is increased in the past few years.

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