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Pakistan has accepted the Muridke as one of the important cities. It is in the territory of sheikhupura district and Muridke Tehsil. The location of the Muridke City is at Famous Grand Trunk Road. Many industrial centers and satellite town are in the surrounding of the Muridke City. It was a part of an important provincial town in Mughal era.

The economic and social life is very simple and getting progress day by day. Nowadays, Many housing societies are becoming the part of the Muridke City and shifting infrastructure of the city to the next level. The city is being served by the three police station. In addition to the roads, The railway station is also connecting the city to other regions of Pakistan. Therefore, living in the city will provide you all the essentials of life.

The Sheikhupura district and Muridke Tehsil has accepted the Muridke as a headquarters in 2005. The City was the hometown of Iqbal Masih. He was the person who fought for the freedom of Pakistani Children. At the age of 12, he was murdered but his life is the icon of freedom. He played the role model for captured children by escaping from and fighting with his Kidnappers. Additionally, The Muridke City has gained peace after the banned of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Hopefully, the crime in the city will come to an end soon.


Muridke City is situated in Punjab province of Pakistan. The Famous city of Lahore is nearby it and the elevation of the Muridke City is 215 m above sea level. Exactly, The Famous Grand Trunk Road and crossroads to sheikhupura, Kala Shah Kaku, Gujranwala, Narang Mandi and Narowal is the location of the Muridke City.

Real Estate Development:

Muridke City is developing in the real estate sector as new housing scheme and the commercial zone are settling in the area. Surrounding by ideal commercial and residential properties, The Main GT Road Muridke is boosting the real estate business in the city. Some of the common housing society and commercial project in Muridke city are Taiba Colony Markaz, Muridke Shopping Center, Satellite Town and Saremco Commercial Zone.

Social Life Of Muridke:

Social life in Muridke City is similar to the other city of Punjab. Speaking Punjabi and the Urdu language is common among peoples. Before partition, the Mughal, Sikh and British rulers have rule the region. Numerous population of Muridke is still attached to the agriculture business. But, Every type of business is common in practice here. So, the people of the city do not deprive of the advanced facilities of the modern era. 

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