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Jhang city, can also be attributed as the Land of Heer, the town of Jhang was built in 1288 by Rai Sial on the recommendation of Hazrat Shah Jalal Bukhari. Jhang is more famous for its natives, than for its goods. The Jhangvi are mostly dedicated, healthy, tall, and strong. The people live in the rural kind of area, and therefore are simple and straight-forward, broad minded, hospitable and progressive.


Jhang is 228 km from Lahore and 73 km away from Faisalabad. Surrounding towns which exists in close proximity are Toba Tek Singh, Gojra, Samundri, and Bhawana.


Punjabi is the local language of the area. Urdu and English and many other local languages are also spoken and understood by Jhang masses.


Shrine (Darbar) of Sultan Bahoo, Chenab Park, Tomb of Heer Ranjha, Jinnah Hall, Chenab College Jhang.


Jhang is the centre of a purely agricultural based culture. Agriculture is the main source of bread & butter and provides employment opportunity to the people of Jhang. About 85% of the Jhang’s agricultural land is irrigated. Wheat and cotton are the most productive crops of the vicinity. Other crops include rice, sugarcane, corn, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables. Cattle Farming and poultry business are also done in large numbers by the people of district Jhang.

Real Estate Developments:

Naya sheher, Mohalah Baghwala, Amir Town, Malik Colony, Basit Rasool Pura, Qasim Colony, Pathan Colony, Hasnana Mohallah, Shadab colony, Qasmi colony, Madina town,



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