As we all know that shopping is second part of our life, because we need things for our living. For all these shopping we need a place where we can open our own brands. Commercial areas are blessing because people come here to fulfill their shopping requirements. It is more than blessing, if you have a property at dominant location of commercial market in big city. You are blessed with this grand opportunity because Silk Mall is ready to serve you. Silk mall has grand location with high range tower, consists in 14 floors. There are lot of opportunities in these floors you can start each type of business by buying property in silk Mall.

Silk Mall Islamabad

Hold on Hold on! I know you are looking for a location, follow me I am going to inform you that Silk Mall is located in Islamabad.


We know standard luxuries in every mall but trust me I have never seen this type lavish environment in ever. All the floor of tower are centrally air conditioned.

  • Wide parking ( double basement parking)

  • Air conditioned building

  • Food court

  • Firefighting system

  • 24 hour security(CCTV + security guard)

  • Help point

  • Uniform security petrol

  • Life time maintenance

  • Silk mall super store

  • Wide building

  • 24 hour power bank up

  • Fun zone

  • Ventilated environment

  • Clean building

Payment Plan

You are lucky my reader, Silk mall booking is started with only 10%. You don’t need to worry about payment. You just need to select your desire place and pay complete payment within 3 year easy installment. Silk Mall management is trying to satisfy their clients from each aspect, you just need to visit the place and enjoy your business.

  • 10% discount on 50% down payment

  • 20% discount on down-payment with full payment


Location Map

Silk Mall has most dominant location in commercial market. Silk mall is situated on the Opposite to Bahria Town phase 7-9 entrance Islamabad, Pakistan. We all know that Islamabad is a city where people come for visit. The people who are going to be a part of Silk mall are very lucky, because visitor mostly are crazy about shopping and by seeing the beautiful tower they will definitely prefer to visit Silk Mall.

Silk Mall Islamabad Location Map