Where to shop in Multan? Sharif complex Multan comes with an answer by offering the best shopping experience to people. This shopping center is a new breath of air to the shopping culture of Multan. It is an elite new project which is an ideal shopping destination and attracts many visitors to this place. Best investment opportunities in form of best brand stores are available on cash payment and easy installment plans.

Sharif Complex Multan Location Map
Sharif Complex Multan Payment Plan

This is among the vast commercial Where projects of Multan which is successfully established according to modern structure and amenities. Here one finds the best of brand stores, food points and entertainment options, all in a very deluxe atmosphere. The place gives assurance of a pleasurable time and delightful shopping experience to people. Ideally located at Multan’s prime location it is the center of attraction not only for the residents of Multan but also for the visitors from other cities. Everything in this project is organized according to modern trends and advanced modes.

Sharif Complex Multan Location Map

This project is primarily located in Tehsil Chownk, Multan near Sharif Plaza and Kachehri Chownk. The place is linked to many important roads of Multan like Khanewal Road and Kachehri Road. This place is the center of attraction of people because of its locality as it is spotted on a very chief location of this city.

Sharif Complex Multan Location Map


Ali Hajveri Associates developed this mega commercial project which is best from every aspect. The professional excellence and up to mark features are introduced in this tremendous venture. This project is a great example of the brilliance and excellence of Ali Hajveri developers who establish high standard projects and in this way contributes very successfully in the real estate sector.

Sharif Complex Multan Payment Plan

The payment plan is very attractive for the people who want to invest in this place which is full of benefits. This place is very attractive for the people who want to start a new business in form of shops or for investment purpose. This venture guarantees the best return of one’s payment as the value of the place is becoming high day by day. Easy installment plans are also available for the convenience of people. The payment plan is as follows:

Sharif Complex Multan Payment Plan


This shopping complex offers so many modern amenities and features to provide one with the best shopping experience and quality time. The place provides a platform to people where they can shop as well as spend quality time as the place proposes many amusement opportunities in different forms. Following are the features and amenities the place is adorned with.

  1. Modern Architectural Design

The building of this complex is designed very beautiful according to an advanced architectural design by expertise designers and engineers. The interior, as well as exterior layout, is amazingly attractive. The lobbies, shops, corridors, stairs and other every other thing is highly constructed and in a luxurious way. One enjoys while shopping at this deluxe designed place which is established modernly.

  1. Security and Safety

This is fully secure and protected shopping place as the proper security system works for this purpose. CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed at the entrance and all over the complex to keep an eye on circumstances. Checking at the entrance is very strict and security staff is very high alert and active to maintain the peaceful and protected environment.

  1. Parking Space

This place assures the proper parking space and facility for the visitors or the shopkeepers. The parking area is extensive and secured by the security staff members and security cameras. It is established according to a new style where much space is available for parking conveniently, without any mess. This is really a source of benefit for the people who come at this shopping complex.

  1. Food Benches

There are many food points and restaurants provide one with the best kind of services and cuisine. The different food courts at this shopping place offer the most excellent food services and varieties along with the best shopping experience.

  1. Entertainment Spots

Sharif Complex, Multan proposes a complete package of entertainment so that people can have an enjoyable time at this place. Continuous amusement is available for children in the game section where a variety of options are available for the children. There is also a luxurious large Cinema within the place where people can enjoy movies in the best surroundings.



Sharif Complex is a project who appeals to every person’s shopping interest and budget. The place is an ideal choice for the people who are in search of the most suitable place to start a successful business setup. The investment opportunities are also very bright and appealing at this place. It is definitely something not to be missed place for shopping or for commercial purposes.


Sharif Complex Multan Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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