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You can’t say that SA Garden Lahore is just a place for living. It is a total saving for your upcoming generations. SA Gardens is more than a blessing, and whoever visited it, fall in love with this housing scheme. When you see how many features and relaxations this place is giving you, you will prefer to live and invest here. Whenever you are about to buy your dream property, the first thing you will look for is the Location. SA Garden is at one of the best locations near Kala Shah Kaku, making this scheme one of the highest developed projects. SA Garden is situated in the heart of Lahore while it is connected to many commercial areas. You don’t need to travel for hours if you are about to go somewhere as all the basic and advanced facilities are closely available.

If you want to live in the midst of comforts and conveniences, SA Garden will be a fantastic choice. Move to tow the facilities and necessities, and you must be looking for them? SA Garden is a promising scheme that has every luxury that you need or ever dreamt of. It is a gated community which makes your family and you safe. You are available with a chance to get your property in this society with complete security and standard living. Various size plots are available in this place with very attractive price ranges.


SA Gardens Lahore

The 5 Marla houses in SA Garden with luxurious designs and ventilation are available. The focus of engineers at the time of building houses were to fulfil all the needs of people. They made that type of homes which ensure the remarkable living standards. The security of SA garden gives your kids a wide area to play without any fear. You can go out for running, or you can walk and enjoy the fresh air in the parks of this place.

These facilities and high-quality living is attainable for all because of the reasonable prices. The management of SA Garden has arranged flexible payment and installments plan for the ease of people.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Commercial Block
Phase 1
Phase 2
SA Gardens Premium Block
SA Gardens Sher Afghan Block

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This community offers an entire way of life to its inhabitants. Indeed, it is said to be New Lahore City because of the reason that it offers the advanced method for living as well as offer a far-reaching way of life. What you will get from SA Gardens Lahore incorporate gated group, secure condition, Food Courts, a business zone, parks and every fundamental enchantment. MacDonald establishment is additionally serving there while a neighborhood sustenance point named Pend Food Court. SA Gardens Lahore has two passage entryways and both are situated on Main GT Road Lahore.

SA Gardens Lahore Features

SA Gardens Lahore is completely packed with all the most recent offices which ought to be in a perfect society. SA Garden Facilities are not also based on basic needs but it also includes schools, clinics, shopping centres and stops very close to the homes of people. In SA Gardens Lahore for the diversion office of the general population, there are the Sports complex, silver screens, and also world-well known McDonald's site. An Al Huda focus is likewise situated in the general public for the profound childhood of the inhabitants. There are additionally group parks and midway found mosques in each square for the occupants of SA Garden Lahore. Booking is presently open for this undertaking all sizes of private plots are accessible for setting up for first start things out served premise. Here are the subtle elements of this undertaking specified beneath guaranteed by venture designers. There is no heap shedding of power as all the wiring is done underground and if there is any issue upkeep is only a summon.

  •           Outline And Architecture:

SA Garden Homes have been configuration to make it extraordinary and amazing. The engineering plan of 5 Marla plot home is an incredible accomplishment of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made an atmosphere of splendor.

  •           Widen Front:

SA Garden Homes have been configured to make them one of a kind and amazing. The engineering plan of 5 Marla plot home is an awesome accomplishment of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made a feeling of splendor.

  •           Sublime Structure:

SA Garden Homes have been configured to make them novel and stunning. The engineering plan of 5 Marla plot home is an incredible accomplishment of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made an atmosphere of brightness.

  •           Gas and Water Supplies:

SA Garden Homes have been configured to make them exceptional and stunning. The engineering outline of 5 Marla plot home is an incredible accomplishment of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made a vibe of splendor.

  •           Rich Green Environment:

SA Garden Homes have been configured to make them one of a kind and amazing. The engineering outline of 5 Marla plot home is an extraordinary accomplishment of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made a climate of brightness.

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Location Map:

SA Gardens Lahore is situated on the prime area confronting Main GT street close Kala Shah Kaku. SA Garden Lahore Location Map is not much difficult to find on google. It is roughly a twenty to thirty minutes drive from the inward focus of Lahore. The two GT Road enables you to get to Lahore City in time. The Lahore Bypass which interfaces GT Road with Motorway, give continuous and quick trackway.

SA Garden Lahore Location Map

SA Garden Lahore Payment Plan

S.A Gardens is putting forth similar plots on marked down rates with the same offices to advance the Housing Society. The present advancement offers 5 Marla Plots for just Rs. 10,00,000 on net money premise. The 3 Marla plot is accessible for just Rs. 6,00,000. So it is a brilliant open door for the individuals who are searching for a protected and completely created gated group on fundamental G.T Road effortlessly of installment.


SA Garden payment plan for 3-Marla is updated. The down payment for 3-Marla is 172,500, yearly installment plan is 5 year and the total amount is 6,90,000.


SA Garden payment plan for 4-Marla is updated. The down payment for 4-Marla is 230,000, yearly installment plan is 5 year and the total amount is 9,20,000. 


SA Garden payment plan for 5-Marla is updated. The advance for 5-Marla is 287,500, yearly installment plan is 5 year and the total amount is 1,150,000. 


SA Garden payment plan for 6-Marla is updated. The advance for 6-Marla is 345,000, yearly installment plan is 5 year and the total amount is 1,380,000.

8 Marla

Find SA Garden 8 Marla payment plan. Advance to book 8 Marla Plot in SA Garden, you have to pay  460,000. The total grand prices after development charges, advance, is 1,840,000.

10 Marla

10 Marla SA Garden payment plan is updated now. The advance you have to pay is 575,000. The total grand prices after development charges is 2,300,000.


Advance 60 Months Installment  Balloting 10% on 36th Month Plot Price

3 Marla

172,500 7,500 69,000 6,90,000

4 Marla

230,000 9,967 92,000 9,20,000

5 Marla

 287,500  12,458 115,000  1,150,000

6 Marla

345,000 14,950 138,000 1,380,000

8 Marla

 460,000  19,933 184,000  1,840,000

10 Marla

 575,000  24,917 230,000  2,300,000

Note: Limited Files only.

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SA Garden Faisal Block Commercial Plots (with Possession)

SA Garden Lahore is introducing the best commercial opportunities for potential buyers and investors. Various size commercial plots for sale in SA Gardens Faisal Block Lahore are available at the competitive price. The buyers will get possession after the booking without any delay. The commercial plots here are available in different sizes and prices indicating the high future growth and desirable benefits. Like the other properties in this housing scheme, these plots are also well-equipped with all kind of facilities and amenities. The payment plan for SA Garden Commercial plots are as follows:



Per Marla Price  Advance 35% 3 Monthly Installment Total Payment


2,700,000 1,890,000 1,170,000 5,400,000


2,600,000 3,640,000 2,253,334 10,400,000

4Marla MB

 2,860,000  4,004,000 2,478,667  11,440,000

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SA Garden Phase 1

Art freedom and creativity will change society faster than policies. SA Garden Phase 1 is a part of SA Garden. There are 3-marla, 5-marla plots for sale in SA Garden Phase 1 on flexible price. It is not only quality project but also a complete brand of the 20th century. SA Garden Phase 1 booking is almost complete in a very short time period. Surprisingly, individuals who already have 1 property in SA Garden Phase 1 are wishing to have some more property in other phases. Phase 1 has all facilities that are requirements of extravagance life.

And SA Garden phase 1 is situated near Kala Shah Kaku interchange.

SA Garden Phase 1 Location

SA Garden Phase 1 location map is itself a main point of  Lahore. If you are on the Canal, you will reach directly at the Gate of SA Garden Lahore. Garden phase 1 is not as much distance from Shell petrol pump that is located on GT Road Lahore. SA Garden phase 1 has a few minutes ride to the GT road where Chak No 44 Road ends.

I think now you can get a clear image of SA Garden Phase 1. If you want to visit the society, you can also use Google map as well.

SA Garden Phase 2

SA Gardens phase 2 Lahore, a New Lahore, provides its residents with all facilities that one could think of, situated close Kala Shah Kaku Interchange. SA Garden Phase 2 is totally different from all residential societies in the market because each plot has a wide road and wide front according to the size of the plot. Plots for sale in SA Garden phase 2 is a golden chance to save your money.

People have a grand offer of this deliberately outlined housing project, who really wants a stylish house construction. Brilliant division of Plots will facilitate you in ventilation. Interestingly you will be more comfortable from fresh air and greenery of SA Garden. SA Gardens phase 2 is a project of the regarded SA Group. SA Group is the most understood and very much trusted property engineers in the city of Lahore.

SA Garden Phase 2 Location Map

SA Gardens is located near Kala Shah Kaku. As we know that it’s a dominant place that is itself a commercial area of Lahore. SA Garden Phase 2 is located within the SA Garden housing society, It is closely connected to phase 1. There is a few minutes distance of SA Garden phase 2 from the Rice research institute and near the Hostel RRI. The total Parco petrol pump is at a few minute drives from SA garden phase 2.

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Display Houses and Maps

Individuals who get a kick out of the chance to perceive what their homes will look like after culmination SA Gardens has fabricated demonstrate houses, so the general population can without much of a stretch visit and observe the sublime compositional plan of the houses. The model houses are of 3 Marla single stories, 3 Marla twofold stories, 5 Marla twofold stories and 5 Marla single stories.

SA Gardens lahore Houses

Commercial Plots for Sale in SA Garden

SA Garden Commercial is situated at the passageway of Lahore City close Kala Shah Kaku Interchange. The Developers quality work increment trust amongst them and open are putting resources into SA Garden Lahore. SA Garden offers a total way of life and is one of the lodging plans of Lahore which offers the advanced private group with all conveniences as a major aspect of it.

Presently SA Garden Lahore offers a predetermined number of plots available to be purchased, the plots are identifying with SA Garden Commercial Plots and it is a decent open door for speculators and representatives to make an early venture to grow up their business in coming circumstances. Encourage SA Gardens administration will give prompt ownership on Booking of Plot. For more subtle elements, stay tuned to the site.

SA Garden Facilities

SA Garden Facilities not only differ from other societies but also have a specific attraction in it, that make it unique. SA Garden Facilities are as follows:

  • Clean Environment
  • Filtered water
  • 24/7 security
  • Broads roads
  • Gardens
  • Play Ground
  • Cinema with a silver screen
  • Markets  For shopping
  • Schools
  • Mosque
  • Hotels
  • Sport complex
  • Luxury design of construction
  • Low rates

SA Garden Premium Block

SA Garden is not only unique but also a shining project of Lahore. Now the developers of the SA Garden is going to launch one more golden offer in the form of SA Garden Premium Block. It is situated on the main location that can access directly and easily by everyone. There are different offers concerning with plots in the form of Marla’s. Prices are not very high as compared to other schemes, an average community can avail this essential offer. Facilities provided by the SA Garden Premium Block not only fulfil the basic needs but also cover luxury life. For the first time, an exclusive opportunity knocked at your door. Be a part of SA Garden Premium Block and make your life more comfortable in a bright future.

SA Gardens Premium Block Facilities

Basic And Prominent Facilities provided by the SA Garden Premium Block are as follows:

  • Clean water
  • Sewerage system
  • Sui Gas
  • Broad roads
  • Nearest to the main commercial area
  • 24/7 Security

SA Garden Premium Block Payment Plan

SA Garden Premium Block Payment plan not only have average prices but also economical for buyers. Per Marla price is 8-lacs. You can buy plots (in Marla) according to your need. Keep in touch with us for more updates.

SA Garden Offer Sher Afghan Block Plots File for Sale

The new Sher Afghan Block in SA Garden Lahore lodging society is another brilliant open door for venture for bringing down class individuals, particularly for the individuals who are searching at the reasonable cost of plots in Lahore City. As of having Budget amicable portion design, SA Garden lodging society Lahore is a silver covering for the lower and working class individuals of Pakistan. Area astute, SA Garden engineers have set the lodging venture on the edges of Lahore, close Kala Shah Kaku and fundamental GT Road. The balloting of plots in Sher Afghan Block will happen inside the next three years, and the members will be accused of 10% of the aggregate specified sum. With just three and five marlas of little plots at such a sensible value, This soul of serving destitute Pakistanis is the case of a perspective across the country.

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To the extent the aggregate number of pieces in SA Garden Housing Society are concerned, It has added up to seven squares, and Sher Afgan Block will be at number eight. Furqan, Faris, Sher Afzal, Sohail and Sher Azam pieces are the piece of Phase 1 in SA Garden Kala Shah Kaku. While the stage 2 of the lodging plan is comprised of Kamran, Sohail and Arsalan Block. The offer of plots in SA Garden Lahore is progressing effectively, and a large portion of its plots have just been sold out.

SA Gardens is an excellent lodging society with private estates, private and business plots. Without a doubt, it isn't only the best alternative for long haul speculation yet additionally enables you to develop your own particular house in a propelled lodging venture. Because of SA cultivate Lahore simple installment design, low plot rates and perfect area on the guide, the ideas of its substandard quality occur in the brain. Be that as it may, the undertaking, truth be told, is importantly arranged remembering the comfort and the upside of a standard way of life.



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