A successful and new residential project is added to the real estate sector of Multan which is progressing very rapidly. An outstanding living experience is available to the people of Multan after the establishment of a top residential project called Multan Golf City.

It is a new development, a very attractive one located on a prime Sher Shah Road location of Multan. The place provides an opportunity to own your own home full of luxuries and facilities. Different Marla houses are available in a very affordable payment plan.

This project is a collection of new homes which provide a golden opportunity to buy houses of one’s dreams and desires. Along with the great residential options, a bright opportunity for new business setups is also available. Commercial plots are also available along with the residential plots.

The place is very ideal to start living globally and according to contemporary time’s needs and demands. The safe and facilitated environment is available for people to start living a remarkable life. The place meets all the requirements of desirable existence thus falling into the affordability. Living here is a great opportunity where people are surrounded by enormous features and facilities which are crucial to live in an idyllic way.

Project Plan

This is a very vast project where various property types are available according to different family needs. 5 Marla, 7 Marla and 10 Marla 4 bedroom houses are included in Multan Golf City. Houses are well furnished while designed in an advanced way and packed with all the basic and some additional facilities.

Business opportunities are also as large areas are specified for plazas, shopping malls or shops. Are you interested to start a new successful business at this land of opportunity? If yes book your place now before it’s too late.

Multan Golf City Location Map

An ideal and quality lifestyle is available to people on a very ideal and prime location of Multan. The place is situated on a very famous Sher Shah Road Multan. This place is easily accessible from all over the city as the location of Golf City is directly connected to many important roads and places. You would be very close to commercial centres, hospitals, educational institutions and transportation spots while living in this society. This project is developed among the most beneficial and facilitated spots which increase its value and demand.

Multan Golf City Location Map

Multan Golf City Payment Plan

This project is very ideal and prime where people can live according to modern trends and features in a very convenient payment plan. The houses can be booked on cash payment while flexible instalment policy is also available. Now an ideal and dream lifestyle is accessible to people very easily and in an affordable range. The best return of one’s payment is assured by this place. Here is the payment plan for this project:


This tremendous project is developed by Multan Development Authority. Their knowledge of presenting first class and well-designed homes has rightly earned them an esteemed reputation.  This project is marked with a number of steps and features to which are essential to access a significant residential place people crave for. It is developed in such a way which appeals to people in a considerable way to have a pleasant and ultra modern lifestyle. Apart from the basics, many additional factors are also introduced in this project for helping people choosing what to bid for.

Features and Facilities

All the essential features and facilities are part of this project where people could get a chance to live with comfort and luxury. The place provides not only basic facilities but also some additional facilities which make the place more attractive to live ideally. Following are the features and facilities the place offers to its residents:

Modern Architecture

When we talk about the architecture, the houses of Golf City Multan are best known for the best and suitable form of architecture. This is the significant feature of this society that the best form of architecture is available for all the houses. Whether the size of the home is big or small the structure should be according to the needs and demands of the clients. This place fulfils these requirements and provides the best living experience to people.  

Safety and Security

A safe and peaceful environment is assured to people where they can live in a terror free environment. CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed everywhere for the safety of people. Irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter the place in any case. Security system and security staff are very active and high alert.


Many areas of Multan have the issue of sewerage. This issue is due to the negligence of the admin of several housing schemes. But this won't happen here in Golf City Multan. All the pipes and the sanitary or the sewerage system is properly constructed under the earth. That is the reason why no issues are created because the proper maintenance check is done by the administration on regular basis.


Multan suffers from extreme ignorance and carelessness on this one facility too. There is the specific timing of load shedding but most of the time due to climatic conditions there are many issues and the electricity supply is disrupted. But in this project, the high-quality wiring has been done so that residents won't have the fear of remaining without electricity when it rains or storm arrives.

Sui Gas

Sui Gas in another very important thing, this is the best feature of any society in Multan. There are many areas where there is no Sui gas supply. Golf City Multan is proud to present all the homes which are designed with all the variety of facility of the essential components of the urbanized lifestyle. Sui Gas has to be provided to all the homes in the housing scheme. Even in the winter, this supply of Sui gas doesn’t get interrupted.

Water Supply

Water supply is also very much proficient in the housing scheme. There are special water tanks which are present in the society to store the water. These are specially cleaned and maintained by the workers so that all the residents could have a pure and clean water supply in their homes. Not even a single complaint has been shown of received regarding the water supply too.


The location is ideal for the nearby educational complexes. There is another plan of constructing schools within society. This is the new initiative by the administration and developers. This way all the children will be able to study in their nearby school. This is the best thing that will provide the international standard to the society and residents.

Central Mosque

The central mosque is present for showing the unity and the prosperity of the Mulsim Umah. This Mosque is regulated by the Imam Masjid. Due to the maintenance and architecture, all the residents feel the ambience is very much refreshing and sacred. Five-time prayer is been offered at this central Mosque.

Wide roads

All the roads are made in such a way that they seem wide. The main road is constructed after considering the factor of traffic. Not only the main road but the roads in several lanes where the homes are constructed are also wide and they have enough capacity to handle the traffic too.

Other Facilities

A mini zoo is there within the society which is a source of entertainment as well as information. A swimming pool is established in Multan Golf City where people can go to have a relaxed and enjoyable time. Event Halls are also part of this society where a different function could be arranged.


This place is ideal to live in every way as it is developed to provide a contemporary lifestyle to people. The amalgamation of facilities, safety, luxuries and entertainment, Golf City Multan is a place full of attraction for people who want to lead a remarkable and deluxe sort of existence. Do not miss out at this place which is worth living in all the ways.



Multan Golf City Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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