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Project Highlights 

- NOC Approved 

- Close to New Islamabad International Airport 

- 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla & 1 Kanal Residential Plots 

- Monthly Installment from 7,000

- 5 Years Easy Installment plan 

- World-Class Amenities 

- 100% Land Acquired 

- Safe and Futuristic Investment 

Motorway City Islamabad is the most significant housing scheme by Qazi Enterprises near New Islamabad International Airport where the best living and investment opportunities are available to the investors with appealing rates. This project is developed excellently to fulfill all the living and investment requirements of people so that they can invest in future benefits.

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Payment Plan

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Project Plan

This is the dream of every person to get the best facilities and a very high living standard. Sometimes you have the money but you don’t know where to invest and how to invest. This is a very confusing question. When you have money but you don’t have an opportunity for investment.  Also when you want to get settled in your own home but you can’t because you don’t know where you will get all the facilities which are desired by you. For this purpose here is the solution for you. In Islamabad, there is a beautiful society Motorway City for the nature lover. All those who want to have their life in an urbanized form but close to the natural environment should visit this society.

Motorway City Islamabad

Surrounded by breathtaking views and facilities, living in Motorway City Islamabad is considered prestigious and beneficial in a family-oriented environment. Spread over a large area of land, this housing scheme elaborates the urbanized settings very well where luxury and peaceful living is available to all of you. Here the lifestyle of your dreams and desires is accessible easily where you can enjoy a healthy and pleasant atmosphere where every moment will bring joy to you.

This housing scheme is planned and designed auspiciously as per the international demands and has a great appeal for national as well as foreign buyers. Nothing is ordinary about this development and we are encountering a massive boost in the value and demand of plots for sale in Motorway city because of exceptional standings in every way. It is considered one of the best real estate investments in Islamabad where exceptional amenities are available to all.

Islamabad’s economy is encountering the best growth in the few years where sustainable and beneficial real estate investment opportunities are available to people. The futuristic vision of various developers allows them to provide great developments in Islamabad which redefines the living standards of people. Along with this, modern investors and buyers can gain remarkable profits by investing here.

Qazi Enterprises have shown great public concern for people by developing such an amazing housing scheme in Islamabad which comes with a vast range of properties for sale to cater to all your investment cravings. Motorway City Islamabad Executive Block is a great addition to this project which is offering more innovative living and investment options to the buyers. It is surely the best living destination as the place is packed with numerous comforts, conveniences, and peace.

Whether you are going to invest for the first time or searching for the high investment potential with a bright future, Motorway City is surely the best choice which is delivering something exceptional to everyone. Being the top development company in Pakistan, the developers aim to present a masterly planned lifestyle to people in this residential community which inspires the new mode of residence and offers more than just a home.

When you are planning to start a new and innovative form of living securely and peacefully, there is no best choice other than Motorway City Islamabad where different size plots for sale are available at competitive prices. You can easily book your desired place here to build your dream home however this community has extraordinary investment potential. It is one of its kind housing scheme that spans over a huge land while maximizes secure and exclusive living for those who aspire for this.

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Motorway city Islamabad has all those facilities and amenities which you are looking for in an exclusive gated community including the best connectivity, lush green environment, best education and health options, entertainment, and much more. You can access the top attractions and other important places of Islamabad easily from this place as it is ideally located close to everything. Various plot options are there in this place.

You will find Motorway city the most integrated and upscale hub where the luxurious and ultimate lifestyle is guaranteed while fully packed with world-class amenities. This housing scheme is surely taking the meaning of luxury living to a new level however you can take the benefits of buying property here in the present as well as in the future. Let’s go through all the important details about this society so that we might have this idea that either Motorway City Islamabad is the right town for the residence or the best investment opportunity for your secure future.

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Executive Block

Motorway City’s Executive block is the latest development and planned exclusively for the people who are looking to elevate their living standards. NOC has approved this block for the buyers where they can securely own their desired plot to earn futuristic benefits. Here all the latest and advanced facilities are included however different size plots with attractive rates are catching the attention of modern investors and buyers.

It is the most innovative place where people can live and invest safely and exceptionally. Here the residential plots for sale are attainable to the interested buyers with just 5 years of payment plan. This block is all set and designed for those who want affordable yet peaceful living while surrounded by a lush green environment. You will find a dream living here while packed with modern amenities all the time.


Motorway City Executive Block

The plots enjoy the best location in the block however the geographical importance of this block is also very high as it is primarily located in the midst of all comforts and conveniences. People with high vision will find this place truly beneficial for living and investment purposes. You will find everything here designed in a modern and remarkable manner because of which the international buyers are also attracted to buy property here.

High standard and classical residences are available while packed with modern features which will make your life pleasant in a true sense. Everything here is arranged according to the requirements and needs of people however the economic status of this land is extremely high as compared to the other properties in Islamabad. It is truly the latest development that allows people to attain the lifestyle of their settled vision. The basic and advanced all kind of facilities are closely available to the residents which increase the worth and demand of property here.

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Motorway City Islamabad Plots for Sale 

Residential plots for sale are available in the executive block in the following sizes.

  • 5 Marla

  • 7 Marla

  • 10 Marla 
  • 14 Marla

  • 1 Kanal

Motorway City Islamabad Payment Plan

The payment plan has been announced by the developers which is very conveniently organized for the people. It is a payment plan which is for all because of its affordability. You are available with such an auspicious chance to buy a property at such an outstanding place that has such a global and high development approach. The financial status is also amazing and growing with the passage of time.

You can book your desired property here with certain easy terms and conditions without facing high price issues which have become common in real estate. Easy and attractive installment policies are also available to facilitate buyers and investors. The details about the properties available in the Executive block of Motorway city Islamabad and their payments are mentioned in the table below:

Motorway City Islamabad Payment Plan

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Motorway City Executive Block Payment Plan 

Motorway City Payment Plan

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NOC Approved 

Motorway City Islamabad is NOC Approved project which is developed according to all the legal requirements. RDA has issued legal permission and NOC (No Objection Letter) and the whole society is developed legally.

People face a lot of issues and inconveniences as some schemes are planned illegally without land permission. Motorway city saves you from such scams as everything is planned and constructed as per the permissions of the concerned authorities.

The legal status of Motorway City Islamabad is one more plus point to attract the investors towards it. People will find this project completely safe and advantageous to invest for the future. The plot cutting, block division, and everything is arranged after the proper permission and approval of RDA to avoid any kind of issue in the coming time. Investing in this housing scheme is secure and safe for all!

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Motorway City Islamabad Location Map 

Motorway City Location is very much easy to understand. It is located close to New International Airport Islamabad which is easily accessible from all the parts of Islamabad. This is the easiest location to understand. This is the advantage of having a residence here in Motorway City Islamabad that your relatives and guest won’t have to search for it as it’s on the front and prime location. This project is near the new international airport Islamabad on motorway M2 with easy access to Thalian interchange and Chakri interchange.

Buying property in any housing scheme or project is affected by various factors. The value and importance of the property depend highly on its location as it is the most important consideration while buying any place. Modern investors and buyers are inclined towards the place which is situated ideally and from where all the facilities of life are closely available. Such a location is a dream and desire of every person where they can spend a remarkable living.

Motorway City fulfills all the requirements of an ideal location as Islamabad’s excellent and promising location is chosen for the development of this project. You will find this place highly appealing to buy property as it is surrounded by every facility and convenience of life. The accessibility and connectivity are excellent which increase the worth of Motorway city in the coming time.

The new developments and other important places around motorway city determined that in the near future, it would be the biggest real estate hub with excellent property value. All the important highways and roads, however, the CPEC western route will also be touched with this location which adds more to the value of this project. It can be indicated easily that the future demand and value of Motorway City are really high however the current time is perfect to buy plots for sale here to gain future benefits.

Motorway City Islamabad Location Map

Numerous housing schemes are developed around Motorway City which all are remarkable and present the best investment opportunities to people. The connectivity of this housing scheme with New Islamabad International Airport also remarkable to enhance the value of the property here while the business perspective is extremely bright because of the closeness of important destinations.

People with business minds can easily see this location ideal from a trading and investment point of view. Motorway City’s location is not only beneficial but beautiful also. The serenity and peace around society catch the attention of everyone where people can start living with much peace. Living here is a matter of dreams and desires as the scenic mountains and auspicious natural views give true delights and pleasure to the residents of Motorway City.

All the conveniences and facilities of life are closely available to the residents and they do not need to go far away to access the basic utilities of life. It is truly an ideal and appealing location to live and invest for enormous benefits.

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Developers: Qazi Enterprises

The developers of Motorway City Islamabad are the Khanial builder. This is the basic and major project which is under development right now. They have given the most successful development project in the past. With this project, they will create a new source of urbanization. There are many aims that are related to these projects but the most focused part is to develop the society within the given time. They believe in teamwork and focus is the key to miracles and success.

Motorway City Islamabad Project Plan

You might have heard about many housing schemes and plans in Islamabad. But here is the biggest housing plan from Motorway City Islamabad. This plan is going to change the standard of urbanization in Islamabad in an extremely positive way. This housing scheme is the remarkable and huge development project Islamabad ever had previously. This project has all that is required to make a mega-development project the perfect lead in the real estate market. Discussing more the project plan you will get to see the biggest and widest society of Islamabad.

There will be numerous blocks however the Executive Block is the most famous and recent development in Motorway City which is offering various size residential plots for sale. This block will have all the modern amenities and facilities to assure the quality way of life as well as beneficial investment opportunities. Moreover, the architecture of society is the best of the best interior and the design. Everything has a luxurious touch and this will be available for all the people who want to get settled in Islamabad. 

Motorway City

Motorway City Islamabad Facilities

Motorway City Islamabad is the most remarkable gated community which offers the dream lifestyle to people. The whole society is designed to cater to all the needs and demands of investors and residents. This project will change the destiny and living standards in Islamabad as everything here is arranged according to the dreams and desires of those who want to elevate their living quality.

The social, educational, commercial, health, and recreational, aspects are bright in Motorway City Islamabad with the aim to facilitate people in every way of life. People will find themselves packed with the comforts and conveniences in the midst of scenic views of Islamabad. Living here is a matter of great pleasures and delights while enjoying the lush green surroundings and a bundle of facilities around. Now let's just straightforwardly move towards the facilities of this remarkable project.

Modern Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Motorway City Islamabad is no doubt developed in the best and the most modern way. There are many people who think that these are all extraordinary homes and nothing can beat this type of fame due to the best quality of service. All the buildings and roads are designed excellently according to the new trends and this increases the worth of this project remarkably.

Educational Complex

Education is the most important part of successful development. That is the reason why Motorway City Islamabad has a plan of developing the international standard educational complex within the society. People can provide high quality and standardized education to their children without sending them far away. Best teachers, staff, and environment make sure the availability of quality education for all.

Ideal Location

The ideal location of society enables the residents to enjoy their lives in all ways. This is the most important thing which has increased the worth of property in Motorway City Islamabad as well. Developers have chosen the strategic and developed location which increases the worth and appreciation of this project among the buyers. All the facilities and important attractions are closely available however the easy accessibility adds more to the attraction of Motorway City Islamabad.

Commercial Area

There is a planned shopping mall which will be the biggest shopping mall in Islamabad. This is the part of the Motorway City Islamabad development plan. Moreover, there are many commercial plots that are also available for the best investments. The price of these plots will increase massively with time. The commercial sectors in Motorway City Islamabad have set the economical status of this project very high in the market where people can safely invest in future benefits.

Perfect Security

All the gated and the sectors are secured by the guards and the CCTV cameras. Only reserved and concerned people are allowed to enter society. Alert staff and security surveillance are installed in order to check all the circumstances. The security services are available on a 24/7 basis in order to maintain a peaceful and non-violent living environment for the residents. The cameras are fitted in every sector and block and monitored carefully by the staff to maintain a good living environment for all.

Gated Community

This will provide the best form of gated and secure community in Islamabad. This will also change the concept of residence where people can enjoy a safe lifestyle. Boundary walls and entrance gate assure the maximum safety and security of the residents. No unauthorized person can enter society without proper checking and inquiry on the gate.

Community center

For the best event management, there is a community center. Here you can organize the best events that you want to have. These events could be personal or professional. The best atmosphere, arrangements, and services will be provided to people to make their events memorable. You can arrange party functions, dinners, marriage ceremonies, and more events here with much ease and convenience.


There is a special playground for the childer where they could play. Lush green grass is present and a jogging track is also built-in every block with a playground for the convenience of the residents. Playing will be a matter of great fun and entertainment on these grounds.


There is a gymnasium where all the fitness freaks could go and enjoy their fitness in the most fascinating way, with qualified professionals. The best equipment is available however the favorable environment allows people to spend quality work out time here to remain fit and active.

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Café and Restaurants

There will be a restaurant and a café in the club or the shopping mall. Ther the best quality and taste of the food will be made sure. Moreover, this will be a beautiful addition to the housing and development scheme. You will be able to enjoy the best coffee and food here in different options from which you can choose according to your taste.

Biggest Hospital

One of the biggest medical care units will be developed by the Motorway City Islamabad. This will prove to be the best initiative not only of the residents of Motorway City Islamabad but for all the citizens of Islamabad.

Lush Green Environment

Motorway City Islamabad is a lush green and serene living community in the midst of the mountains of Islamabad. People can enjoy a peaceful and pleasant living away from the polluted and noisy environment.

Electricity and Sui gas supply

There are many areas of Islamabad which are not yet that much efficient in providing these both facilities. Motorway City Islamabad is the society that has all the abilities to satisfy the client by its futures. There is an underground electricity system and the Sui gas supply is also continuous without any issues, even in winters.

Parks and jogging track

Another very big and important feature is the facilities of the parks for families. There is a jogging track which is specially built for the residents.

Central mosque

There is a central mosque that is constructed for the residents and to show unity in the Muslim community. This mosque is designed to show the state of art and Muslim culture.


If you want to have happiness as your new destination then you need to book your plot now. This is the reason why we at provide you with all the information which will help you to get to your location. Because your location is our destination!

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