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Margalla Town Islamabad

Margalla Town Islamabad is located towards the east side of Islamabad Highway while Murree Road is located towards southern side of city. Swan Road connects the Margall Town with Islamabad Highway while the Islamabad Highway if located only 2 KM away access able within 3 minutes of drive. To access the Murree Road which is only 500 meters away, you have to approach Orchard Road. Furthermore Zero Point of Islamabad is KM away.

Talking about Margalla Town of Islamabad which is a complete Housing Society offers a residential community with providing living aid to residents. Margalla Town is divided into two phases. Phase 1 is located towards Northern side while Phase 2 is located towards Southern side of Swan Road. Each Phase has its own dedicated resources and i.e. parks and shopping area. The streets are properly developed and maintained. Phase 1 is more developed and populated. The fair development conditions and location near to Islamabad City attracts the public to be a part of Margall Town of Islamabad. The Town is named after the famous Hills of Capital City of Pakistan Islamabad i.e. Margall Hills. Phase 2 is now getting development and that’s why people are now dealing with Margalla Town Phase 2 files and properties.

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