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Project Highlights

- A smart and Innovative Project 

- Ideal Location of Lahore Bypass 

- NOC Approved 

- Overseas & Executive Block 

- 5, 10 & 20 Marla Residential Plots 

- 10% Down Payment

- 3.5 Year Easy Payment Plan

- Equipped with Smart Features 

Smart City is now coming to Lahore by Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd and FDH after the great success of Capital Smart City Islamabad. Smart City Lahore is expected to be launched within 2 or 3 months. It will be the second smart city in Pakistan with desirable investment and living opportunities. Habib Rafique developers are known for introducing the best real estate projects in Pakistan to meet the growing residential needs according to the latest concepts. Potential investors and buyers are anxiously waiting for this project as it will set new trends and surely be one of the best real estate investments in Lahore. 

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Features and Facilities

This project will have a direct impact on improving the living quality of its residents. Lahore Smart City housing society aims to bring a decent standard lifestyle and core infrastructure within a sustainable ambiance. People who want a peaceful living environment with affordability will find this place ideal. Best residential and investment options will be available to people enabling them to bring smart technologies into their lives.  Moroever, your investments are safe in Lahore Smart City LDA approved project. 

High-level services and features will be provided by the developers to those who choose this place as their residence. Residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale, houses and so much more will be available at the best payment plan. After the official announcement and launch of Lahore Smart City, you can book your desired property here with affordable and appealing pre-launch prices. The smart cities facilities in this scheme however various technologies are associated with it such as smart technology system, LED lightening, smart waste management, solar panels, and much more.

The basics however will be good healthcare systems, transportation, clean water, and improved infrastructure. Pakistan real estate needs various smart city projects despite its growing population. As private sectors have stepped forward because of which we are going to encounter 2nd smart city in Lahore after Capital Smart City Islamabad. This project will surely have every basic and advanced facility that makes it a smart and advanced place. It is surely a great step to make Lahore a smart city fulfilling all the latest concepts and trends.

Professionals and researchers are making excellent plans for Smart City Lahore. After the launch and completion of this project, Lahore real estate will encounter a great boost. Worthy and advanced information is being collected on which the development of this smart project will be based. Modern infrastructure will be developed throughout the community with efficient technologies in every sphere.


Lahore Smart City 

A realistic plan is made to achieve sustainable urbanization. This innovative and new real estate development will solve the growing residential problems. A more liveable and sustainable environment will be available to everyone so that they can meet the high standards of profitability and sustainability. One of its main goals is to reconcile the latest and innovative technologies with the social challenges faced by this city. A lot of benefits are attached to this society however the living quality will be raised to the global standard.

You can secure your present and future by investing here as the value and demand for such projects will continue to increase. You can have an improved form of living with excellent features and amenities around you. A safe, secure, high-tech, neat, and innovative surroundings will allow you to live in a way you always dreamt of. Lahore Smart City will definitely be a mega-development with so many attractions and smart solutions.

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Lahore Smart City NOC Approved 

Lahore Smart city is a legal housing scheme thus approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA). You can buy residential as well as commercial plots in Lahore Smart City LDA approved society without any risk. However, this project has gained immense success in a short time. The approval from the concerned authorities was granted to this housing scheme in February 2021. Currently, LSC has 16,000 Kanal land approximately that will expand. After the NOC approval, Lahore Smart City plot prices have increased. 

Lahore Smart City Latest News

Lahore Smart City housing society is the second smart and top-most real estate project in Pakistan. Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd group and FDH have announced the launch of Lahore Smart City within 2 or 3 weeks however the exact date is not yet revealed. Lahore Smart City payment plan 2021 and location have been disclosed by the authorities after which people can book their desired property easily.

This will surely be the greatest real estate development to fulfill the residential and investment cravings of people. After the official announcement, you can enjoy the best pre-launch discounts. The latest technologies will be used while developing this project as per the latest updates. This eco-sustainable city will definitely stand out prominent because of smart management, mobility, lifestyle, and smart economy. Stay tuned with us for Lahore Smart City latest update and news! 

Lahore Smart City Plots for Sale

Like Capital Smart City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City also comes with Executive Block and Overseas Block. Limited plots for sale are available in Lahore Smart City at the most affordable prices. The official launch is expected in a few weeks however the management has revealed pre-launch prices of the limited properties to provide the best investment opportunities in Lahore. Overseas Block allows overseas Pakistanis to invest for futuristic benefits with attractive prices. Here you will find: 

- Lahore Smart City Residential Plots for Sale 

- Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots for Sale 

Lahore Smart City Executive Block Plots for Sale 

People who live in Pakistan can book their desired plot in Lahore smart city Executive Block to be a part of this significant real estate project. The following plot sizes are available in this block for potential buyers and investors! 

- 5 Marla 

- 10 Marla 

- 20 Marla

Lahore Smart City Overseas Block Plots for Sale 

Lahore Smart City overseas block comes with the best investment opportunities for people who reside outside Pakistan. They can make a safe and advantageous deal by booking their plots here to enjoy upcoming benefits that are attached to this place. Residential plots in this block are available in the following sizes! 

- 5 Marla 

- 10 Marla 

- 20 Marla

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Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

Smart City Lahore housing scheme is bringing the most affordable and appealing investment solutions to you all. HRL group is famous for its excellence as well as for the best price plans. All the payment plans for this project are organized while keeping in view the requirements of people. Smart City Lahore payment plan has not been revealed yet however the pre-launch prices of properties are announced. The clients and interested buyers can enjoy fruitful investment benefits through this project. 

The pre-launch prices are reasonable through which people can enjoy amazing discounts. All the clients will be served on a first come first basis while the booking procedure will also be simple. Various property sizes and options will be provided by the developers for people so that they can choose according to their needs.

You are available with a great chance to book your property in Smart City Lahore at pre-launch prices to gain futuristic benefits. Initially, the property prices will low allowing everyone to be a part of this place without going out of their budget. The prices of all the properties will be increased significantly with time and you will get the best returns on your money. Lahore Smart City commercial plots for sale are also available at the best price. 

The present, as well as the future of this project, is very high because of sustainable development. Your money will be secured for a lifetime and you will get desirable returns in the coming time. The developers of this venture want to offer a lifestyle to people according to their settled vision. It is a common sight that people cannot elevate their living standards or buy a home at their desired place because of the rising prices of properties.

The interested buyers and clients can easily be a part of this exclusive venture by following the attractive and best installment plans. The buyers just need to pay a certain amount of down payment at the start and then they can make a lot of profits. The investment or buying place here will provide you with enormous benefits in the present as well as in the future time.

Lahore Smart City plot price will definitely grow so it would be a wise decision to occupy your desired place here with a very excellent price range. You must note that the b of this project. Here is the detailed Lahore Smart City rate list! 

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

Lahore Smart City New Payment Plan

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Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

The most awaited Lahore Smart City commercial plots for sale have been announced. Booking is open at pre-launch rates. Definitely, it is the best investment opportunity to gain futuristic benefits. So, book your commercial plot in LSC now as very limited plots are available. Here is the Smart City Lahore commercial plots payment plan containing all the details! 

Lahore Smart City Commercial Payment Plan

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Lahore Smart City Sport City Commercial Payment Plan

Lahore Smart City Sport City

Lahore Smart City Location Map

Now the question arises, where is Lahore Smart City Located? Like the other striking features of Smart City Lahore, you will find the location of this project very appealing. Though the exact location of the project is not yet revealed however according to the recent updates, it will be situated on Lahore Bypass near Main GT Road. One can access this location easily from Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, Lahore Ring Road, and GT Road.

Through Ring Road, this housing scheme will enjoy excellent connectivity to all the parts of the city. This is among the best locations of Lahore where the best and futuristic developments are going on. Hence, this strategic Lahore smart city location ensures great investment benefits in the near future. Various main roads and highways are directly connected to this location making this scheme more connected and easily reachable from all over the society.

The developers have chosen the excellent and most sought-after locality of Lahore where life will find out the true pleasures and conveniences. Modern investors and clients find this location perfect to live and invest in as the value of properties here will be increased in the near future. The residence here will be full of comforts and conveniences as all the facilitated spots are closely available. You do not need to go far away to fulfill the basic and important requirements of life. In modern times, everyone wants to live in a popular and tactical location as it is the most important factor while choosing your residence. Here is Lahore smart city map! 

Lahore Smart City Location Map

This venture is worth considering from the location’s point of view which allows you to remain close to the best attractions in this region. If we talk about the surroundings, you will get to know that it is not only located at the beneficial but also beautiful. Living at this place will come to you as a blessing and a source of much pleasure. Society is away from the hustle and bustle of society so you will have peaceful surroundings.  All the necessities of life such as shopping, transportation, education, and health facilities will be closely available while living here.

If you really want to enjoy the best and prime location of Lahore while closely connected with comforts and facilities, It is the most amazing and desirable location to live in an advanced as well as a comfortable way while having the best places close to you. The proper Smart City Lahore Location Map will be revealed to you right after the official launch by the authorities.

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Smart Features 

- Uninterrupted Electricity, Water and Gas Provision 

- Automatic and smart traffic controlling system 

- CCTV security surveillance everywhere 

- Automatic Street Lights 

- WiFi Zones throughout the society 

- Automatic air-conditioning in every house and building 

Lahore Smart City by Habib Raqfiq (Pvt.) Ltd & FDH

Habib Rafiq Group is a well-known real estate name famous because of its excellence, commitment, and innovative ideas. The extraordinary work efficiency and special public concerns make it one of Pakistan's best real estate companies. Some of the best projects are developed by these developers that appeal not only to the local but also to international clients.

The company is especially known for its environmental and special engineering work. Pakistan's first smart project named Capital Smart City Islamabad has also been introduced by Habib Rafique Group. Now, these developers are going to introduce another mega and smart project in Lahore. Smart City Lahore by Habib Rafiq is a great addition to the real estate of Lahore where the best living and investment opportunities will be available to people. Because of the high performance and reliable work, HRL has already gained the trust of its clients and become the recognized name in the market. Some of the most famous projects of HRL are Capital Smart City Islamabad, Royal Orchard Multan, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal.

People show great interest to invest in the projects by HRL because of their professionalism and high standings. Lahore smart city has gained a high value even before the official launch of the project and of course, will attract a large number of buyers to invest here. Great value is attached to the name of this project which has so much to offer everyone. This renowned name has achieved the best and celebrated position in the real estate sector after the establishment of such an exceptional living place. It is developed highly and exactly according to contemporary time’s needs and demands. This project is founded on such amenities that are essential to living in an ideal and luxurious way.

The developers have planned to manage everything here according to modern trends to provide a tremendous and improved existence to the people. Smart technologies will be introduced in every way such as infrastructure, lighting, housing, security, maintenance, cleanliness, and more. They aim to provide everything and anything at this place which is essential to living in an ideal way.

This housing scheme is one of the best residential projects in Lahore, a city that is progressing very rapidly in the real estate sector. The residential quality and standards are becoming high, and this project is a significant addition to it. Various techniques and trends are introduced to meet all the requirements of people. The imagination of people to live in modern and sustainable settings will be truly captured by the developers through Smart City Lahore project.

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Lahore Smart City Development Plan

Lahore Smart City is planned to reach a high level of urbanized development. This project will surely promote economic growth and enhance the quality of living. Innovative features and technologies are planned to be applied throughout the development to generate smarter outcomes. Through smart techniques and technologies, improved infrastructure and a better living environment will be created for the residents.

The upcoming Lahore smart city development is planned according to advanced standards thus offers so much to its residents and clients. People will be able to remarkably improve the quality of their living with affordability. Let's discuss some of the specifications of this project!

According to the Lahore Smart City latest update, this project will promote the use of innovative technology in all fields. Hence, Lahore smart city plots for sale include both residential and commercial. Excellent trends and smart concepts will be used to develop roads and other infrastructure. Access to basic necessities such as water and electricity will be made easier. 

China Village 

There is a China Village within the community with various residential options and commercial spaces. The cristal lake and best food courts here will grab the heart of everyone. 

Financial Square 

The financial square is a major part of Lahore Smart City master plan. Also, this is a center point for commercial activities where offices, banks, hotels, and various other commercial options are available to people. 

Hill Vista

Buyers can find out the best residential opportunities in Hill Vista.  A wide range of plots for sale is available in this part of Lahore Smart City. The golf club and golf farmhouse are the main attractions of Hill Vista to enjoy luxuries. Affordable and efficient living spaces will be provided to people with the availability of proper health, education, and advanced IT connectivity.

Aviation Village 

Aviation village is totally a commercial hub in Lahore Smart City incorporating offices, hotels, shopping areas, exhibition halls, warehouses, and other technical spots. Infrastructure will be more sustainable and eco-friendly, by reducing the amount of waste generated and also through mindful consumption of natural resources.

Lahore Smart City Aims  

This project has set some higher aims to provide a residence which is both the need and desire of people in the current time. Smart and premium living is promised to those who actually want to live in this way. Being developed by famous and renowned developers, this venture is offering extra quality to people. Everything here is available in an exceptional way while there is no chance of lacking behind.  This place is here to tackle the following aims by offering deluxe living spaces, Moreover, Lahore Smart City facilities are incredible to upgrade the residential standards of people. 

The aims of this project are:

  • To deliver a residential place of high and international standards
  • Promote the usage of Electrical Vehicles 
  • To provide the exceptional, innovative, smart, and ideal living environment
  • To provide a golden chance to those who want to adopt an evolving lifestyle to enhance their living standards according to contemporary time
  • Lahore Smart City master plan includes smart, innovative and remarkable living facilities 
  • Offering high-value status to those who choose this place
  • The best quality and standardized lifestyle with much ease and convenience in payments

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Lahore Smart City Features 

Here is something very interesting and variant about Smart City Lahore that the features and facilities of this project will be unique and advanced than the other housing schemes in Lahore. HRL company is proud to present to you the greatest housing scheme. Lahore smart city is not only a residential or commercial area but a start and the beginning of a new era. However, this place has the potential to fulfill the high-end residential demands of the people while providing the best investment opportunities. 

This project is packed with enormous amenities that guarantee a desirable lifestyle for the people of this place. All Lahore Smart City features and facilities are planned to be developed in such an exceptional way to ensure a dream lifestyle. Top-notch solutions will be provided for smart parking systems, waster management, security system, and much more. This project will be made more eco-friendly and sustainable. The following are the Lahore Smart City Features that are not common and could only be found exclusively here for those who want to enjoy them!

Protected Community

A protected sort of environment is very necessary in today’s world. Smart City Lahore assures the safest and peaceful living experience to its inhabitants. Because of the smart surveillance, the place will be highly secure where people can live in a terror-free environment. The CCTV and other smart cameras will be fixed everywhere to keep a check on all the suspicious happenings and circumstances. Strict checking at the entry point will be maintained and security experts will work 24/7 to provide the best security services.

Modern Infrastructure

This place has established one of the advanced and modern infrastructures of this city. All the roads are extensive and neat where one can walk with ease and comfort. Walking, jogging and driving tracks are different while all are built very highly where traffic mess or burden could be avoided in the best possible manner.

Eighteen Land Boulevards 

The eighteen-lane boulevards will allow the residents to enjoy highly safe and peaceful living. Being the first eco-friendly sustainable project of Lahore, everything is very well illuminated. 

Parks and Playground

Much land of this project is allotted to greenery where many small and large parks are part of this venture. Walking and sitting in these parks are really a source of delight and relaxation. The parks are neat and beautiful while providing a very pleasant experience. The lush green environment is a very attractive feature of this project. A separate playground is also established to provide the safest and enjoyable playing experience.

Dancing Fountains 

The dancing fountains with music attract a lot of people. This feature provides a great outlook to the community however watching these fountains every day will be a great experience. 

Open-Air Theater 

For investors and buyers, the open-air theater is a great attraction. The living quality of residents and the investment value will of this project with such an amazing feature. 


To provide the best health services to people, a high-standard hospital is made part of all the sectors. Lahore smart city facilities and health services are available based on 24/7 to the people. It is equipped with all the basic facilities and experienced medical staff and a source of many conveniences for the residents of this place.

Educational Facilities

Smart City Lahore will have the best educational institutions to provide quality and international level education can be provided. The schools, colleges, and universities are there with well-educated staff.

Modern Architecture

This project will be developed in such a shape and architecture which are exceptional. All the buildings, flats, residential and commercial spaces will be given the shapes of most lavishing infrastructure for increasing the velocity of their demand not only in Pakistan but also for the international clients who want to have a house in Pakistan. 

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Electricity, Water and Gas Supply

You don’t need to be troubled about getting access to the basic necessities while living in Smart City Lahore. All the properties are fully equipped with proper Sui Gas, electricity, and water connections. The electrification system is undergrounded through which major breakdowns are avoided while every house has a proper gas connection. Clean and pure water is supplied to the residents. Sui gas supply also remains constant even in the winter season.

Sport Areas

The sports area which is provided by this project will present you with the best infrastructure and the revival of sports in Pakistan. Smart City Lahore will present recreational opportunities. This will define the international standards of Pakistan with the state-of-the-art infrastructure. In this way, the property rates and the worth will increase.

Shopping Malls

As the development is so huge the shopping malls are the compulsion of the project. These shopping malls will be constructed by the Developers to create a magnificent look at the project and deliver the best commercial property for investment and improved lifestyle also.

International Standards

These all things which I am defining you are based on the international standards. There is no competition within the region the competition is now reaching the hype through the internationally developed project making it the best challenge for the international housing organization. This is the basic concept of Smart City Lahore.

Swimming Pools

There will built-in swimming pools with the best equipment and saunas as well. This way no need to wait in lines for getting your turn you can avail of this facility at your home or in the resort or sports club as well.

Beautiful Tracks

The international standards are purely defined in jogging and other walking tracks making the walk very comfortable for all. These tracks provide safe and comfortable walking and jogging experience to people who are surrounded by green belts and much more. 

Contact Us for Booking 

Lahore is on its way to encounter its first and Pakistan's second smart city. The place suits you from all the perspectives while the advantages are enormous in the near future. For Lahore Smart City rate list, booking details and new updates, contact us now as limited plots are available.

Booking your plot in LSC is a matter of great benefit as the investment return is high. You can easily be a part of Lahore Smart City housing scheme that has a unique standing in the real estate market for its smart features, latest development trends. Hence, Lahore Smart City payment plan 2021 is highly flexible and affordable. 

If you are interested to book your plot here, pay a certain amount of down payment in favor of Future Development Holdings Pvt. Ltd with needed documents. For more details and booking, you can contact us on given numbers or can visit our office in SA Garden Main Boulevard, Phase 2. 

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