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IBL Housing Scheme

IBL Housing Scheme is located on Main Canal Road near the beautiful vicinity of Sozo Water and Jallo Park as well. The site is an ideal place to live with peace of mind along with your family members in Dream Home. IBL Housing Scheme has all of the amenities that make you feel like life in heaven.


IBL Housing Scheme is located on Main Canal Bank Road near Jallo Park and Sozo Water Park. IBL Housing is located on facing Canal Bank Road, while the presence of Sozo and Jallo Park attract people towards site. Public Transportation and private vehicle on demand are also available to travel to Lahore. Lahore Ring Road is located at 5 minute of drive.

Facilities & Amenities:

IBL Housing Scheme offers a comprehensive residential plan in the vicinity of water Park and lush green environment. You will love the atmosphere and development of site. The uniqueness of site and key features attract people towards it. Following facilities and amenities are part of IBL Housing Scheme

-          Developed Housing Project

-          Commercial Area

-          Secure Environment protected by Guards

-          Located in the vicinity of famous Water Park and Jallo Park

-          Quality Development

-          Availability of all basic to lavish amenities of life

-          Constructed Homes

Facilities around IBL Housing:

Following facilities are available at walking distance from IBL Housing Scheme.

-          American International School System

-          Serena Hotel at 2 minute of drive

-          Hospitals and Clinics

-          Market at 5 minutes of drive

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