The Skyline of Islamabad is now going to have an outstanding commercial venture at the best-suited location of town with the name Emporium Islamabad. Emporium Islamabad is one of the high profile commercial projects that will provide a marvelous shopping arcade and which will introduce new standards of the lifestyle. The project will be Pakistan first ever high rise shopping Mall consisting of 11 floors offering all kind of shopping and recreational facilities. Emporium Islamabad is a majestic, unmatched and edge cutting concept in Islamabad which has been designed with seven different concepts, where each single floor will reflect a different theme, outlook, and feel. The every single floor of the mall unveils the new excitement and features that add precious elements to the excitement of the visitors. Emporium Islamabad is undoubtedly a visual approach which has been quite carefully designed at the prime area of Islamabad. The project is a four-sided corner plot offering 150 shops and hundreds of international and local brands, roof top restaurants, gaming zone, open air cafe and much entertainment facilities with a thematic design.



The Emporium Islamabad has been developed by one of the most prestigious construction group of Islamabad by SaifCo Group. SaifCo Group of Companies is leading business group in Pakistan which has been operating for more than half a century.  They have delivered multifarious projects and consistently build its reputation through hard word and delivering projects that speak for themselves. The Company has a comprehensive line of project managers, investors, designers, engineers and high-pro?le consultants, which all have the versatile expertise of establishing multiple ventures. They deliver each project by undertaking various business methods and by ensuring that they have chosen the best resources for a particular project. SaifCo Group has taken part in many of the largest commercial and residential construction projects in Pakistan and has also delivered some up-scaling smart malls in the top-notch cities of the country.



Now if we talk about the site of the project the developers has positioned the project at one of the best places of Islamabad near the mega zone in Markaz F-10, on a service road, Islamabad. The location is one of the easily approachable as connected to all main roads of town including Margalla Avenue, University Road, Nizam Ud Din Road, Jinnah Avenue and Ibne Sina Road. The Markaz F-9 Park is situated at the opposite of Emporium Islamabad and many commercial, and famous residential buildings are also found nearby.  The Centaurus Mall is situated at the distance of 10 min, Kashmir Expressway at 12 min and Islamabad Highway at the drive of 20 minutes from the Mall.


Project Plan

The Emporium Islamabad is the outstanding and thematically designed shopping mall that is offering 150 shops and also a variety of displays of international and local brands outlets, entertainment Zone including gaming area and cinema, rooftop skylight, restaurants, and cafe. The building of the mall comprises of 11 floors where each level has given an exclusive floral theme name. The design of each floor is different from other, and separate balconies, and seating areas have been added to fill visitor’s leisure time with pleasant views of the park. The mall has a central atrium that connects all the floors of the mall visually. The lower basement levels are given the name Carnation Car Park 2 and the upper basement floor is Lotus Car Parking which will provide a two-way parking. The lower ground floor will have jewelry, electronics, food corners, vegetables & fruit corners, cosmetics, etc. And have iris theme.

The ground floor is a Tulipa Theme for display centers, 1st floor is Rosa Theme for kids shopping, 2nd floor has Lilium Theme, 3rd floor has Mountain Avens Theme for cafe and open sitting spaces and 4th floor has Sakura Theme for women accessories. The 5th floor has Plum Blossom Theme, 6th floor has Edelweiss Theme for gaming and fun ventures, 7th floor has Daisy Theme for cinema, kids play area, food area, and the rooftop will have a skylight and also the food court and BBQ area. Emporium Islamabad is an outstanding and unrivaled shopping complex that will provide world class shopping experience with the availability of all modern facilities and amenities.


Payment Plan 


 Emporium Islambabad Payment Plan 
 Tulipa Floor 
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 T-3                            630                          89,280                      56,246,400
 T-4                            473                          89,280                      42,184,800
 Rosa Floor  
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 R-1                            758                          51,840                      39,268,800
 R-2                            511                          51,840                      26,490,240
 R-4                            473                          51,840                      24,494,400
 Lilium Floor  
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 L-1                          1,002                          40,320                      40,380,480
 L-2                             696                          40,320                      28,062,720
 L-3                            575                          40,320                      23,184,000
 L-4                            569                          40,320                      22,921,920
 L-5                         1,002                          40,320                      40,380,480
 Mountain Avens Floor  
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 M-22                            120                          36,000                         4,320,000
 M-23                            195                          34,560                         6,739,200
 Sakura Floor 
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 S-1                            110                          30,240                         3,326,400
 S-2                            188                          31,680                         5,955,840
 S-3                            132                          31,680                         4,181,760
 S-4                            120                          31,680                         3,801,600
 S-5                            195                          30,240                         5,896,800
 Plum Blossom Floor 
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 P-1                               96                          31,680                         3,041,280
 P-2                               82                          31,680                         2,597,760
 P-3                               70                          31,680                         2,217,600
 P-4                            110                          31,680                         3,484,800
 P-5                            122                          31,680                         3,864,960
 Edelwiss Floor  
 Shop #   Area   Rate    Amount 
 E-2                               96                          34,560                         3,317,760
 E-3                               90                          34,560                         3,110,400
 E-4                               82                          34,560                         2,833,920
 E-5                               70                          34,560                         2,419,200


Emporium Islamabad Features

11- Floor Shopping Mall in Islamabad

Emporium Islamabad Anchor Store

Geothermal Air Conditioning

Clean & Clear Ownership Fully Approved

Car ParkCorner Plot, Four Sides Visibility

Strategic Location

Rooftop Restaurant

Lifetime Maintenance

Largest Outdoor Video Digital Wall

Skylight Ensuring Fresh Atmosphere