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D12 Islamabad

Sector D12 is a new residential Sector of Islamabad and is located nearby the Margalla Hills National Park on its northern side. The sector is newly developed and a few families are with constructed homes are residing there and CDA has already issued the on its site and in news paper for the sale of sector D12.


The sector is developed by CDA and all the necessities of life are part of sector D12 as well. Due to the availability of resources and amenities, some families are residing there with pace and enjoyment. The roads are fully developed and electricity is available while the sewerage pipelines are also laid down.


The location of Sector D12 provides the best environment to its resident as it is located very close to the Margalla Hills towards its Northern Side. The eastern side is undeveloped yet and it seems like that the Sector E 11 will be developed towards the eastern side of D12. The western meets the Sangrial. The southern side faces the Sector E12 which is also a new addition in Islamabad Sectors.

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