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If we talk about the city of Multan we will come to know that this city is neglected in many ways. Not only there are many places which are not yet developed, there are many areas which need to be properly constructed in a way that the executive class could enjoy their stay and this way the urbanization will be properly done. This is a new initiative taken in the shape of Buch Villas Multan this will be done in a particular way so that there could be the proper urbanization. There are many people who left Multan just because there was not even a single place that could meet their requirements of the proper and modern plus lavish residence.

Buch Villas Multan Location Map
Buch Villas Multan Payment Plan
Buch Villas Multan Features

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For Booking Call now:

Click to Call: 03028443859

Click to Call: 03028443860

Buch Villas Developers and Project Aim

This project is backed and developed by one of the most famous and popular Captain developers which are known for their competitive nature and the quality for delivering the work and projects that are totally exceptional there is no chance on lacking behind at any cost. The team of architectures are amazing and they try to provide the best for all the projects which are they completing. This is the reason for being the utterly competitive and popular because of work and punctuality. The same thing is being portrayed in this project also, which makes this project one of the most exclusive projects of all time.

The aims of this project are:

  • To deliver the work with the efficient code of conduct

  • To bring the executive culture in Multan

  • To show the world that Multan is not at all lacking behind, in fact, these villas are the best for all sort of residents who want to evolve their living standards.

  • Buch Villas Multan will show that there are more space and more development chances in Multan

  • This is an initiative to bring the shifted residents of Multan from other cities to back at the place where they belong.

  • This way the development will increase and other people will also find chances to live in Multan

Buch Villas Multan Location Map

One of the most important things is the location of any society and that is the focus of all the developer. Buch Villas Multan is located in the centre of all the important avenues of Multan. This makes this location best for those who want to do the job in Multan or those who want to have the perfect investment. This is also an ideal place to get settled and have a dream home as there are families who want all the commercial areas near their residential place. Buch Villas Multan is located on the Boston road, Multan which is the nearest to the top university of Multan, Bahaudin Zikriya university. This area also includes:

  • The Nishat school and college for girls and boys which is the biggest school of Multan

  • The other educational complexes such as the knowledge school and educators are also located after few minutes drives from Buch Villas Multan.

  • Nishtar Hospital and city hospital is after 5 to 10 mins drive from Buch city Multan whereas nighter medical college is also very close to the destination.

  • The main road of Multan is on the front of the first gate of Buch Villas Multan.

  • Whereas on KhaneWaal road Agha khan university is also located which is not more than 15 min away from Buch Villas Multan

  • There are many fast and continental food point including the chicken hut, Happy meal and other famous food restaurants which are just 4 to 5 min away from Buch Villas Multan.

  • Universal cinema is 2 mins away from Buch villas, a great form of entertainment with friends and family.


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Buch Villas Multan Payment Plan

Buch villas Multan payment plan is very simple and very competent and this is the complete access to your way of investing in a secure form of investment. This depends on you what you want to do with your plot once you invest here. The payment plan is very simple and authentic and this also provides the best solution for your residential and investment issues. There are various types of plots which are offered only in 2lac advance down payment. The sizes vary from 7.5 Marla, 10 Marla to 1Kanal respectively. Book your plot now!

For Booking Call now:

Click to Call: 03028443859

Click to Call: 03028443860

Project offerings

Buch Villas Multan is a mega and multi-purpose projects that not only offering you residential units but also providing commercial and recreational facilities. Here you will find a choice of different kinds of residential plots to choose any of 5 Marla, 7.5 Marla, 10 Marla, 17 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots. If you want a constructed and ready to live unit, then the investor will have the option of 1 & 2 Bed Apartments and 5 Marla triple storey Buch cottages.

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Booking Details

The developers have provided a comfortable and convenient payment schedule that will be in the reach of middle-income people. The price of 5 Marla plot starts from 63 lac while the booking can be made with just a payment of 2 lac as down payment. The balance amount will be payable in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments.

Buch Villas Multan Facilities

Following are the facilities which are provided to the residents of the most lavished so the residents are increasing day by day because they know that can't find a better place than Buch Villas Multan. Following is the list of Facilities which are provided to the residents of the society.

  • Mosques

There are many central mosques in the Buch Villas each sector and there is a common and major central mosque which is specially developed to facilitate the residents and create the impact of religious unity.

  • Monuments

There are these beautiful monuments and those are places of the signals and important avenues within the society which display the cultural impact on the viewer.

  • Modern Infrastructure

These villas are constructed in the proper way to provide the impact of modern infrastructure and the certain and proper way shows the content initiative of urbanization in Multan through Buch Villas Multan.

  • Theme Park

There is a strong plan for creating a theme park in Multan which will develop the interest of investors in more and more in this city especially this Buch Villas Multan. This theme park will prove as the most successful venture by Captian Group, Multan

  • Graveyard

There is a graveyard in the society which is preferred for the development and facilitating the residents that their close people will stay close to them through this initiative. There is a proper graveyard developed for this purpose.

  • Park and Track

There is a park for children and the jogging track so the fitness could also be maintained when the children will play at their swings mother will enjoy the walk at the track.

  • Country club

Country club s for the gathering and the way to bring the people of the neighbourhood closer to each other and also for the enjoyment purpose.

  • Commercial area

The commercial area is the most important aspect of the society and for this reason, there are many commercial plots available for the investments as well as the malls which are constructed for the convenience of the resident in Buch Villas, Multan.

  • Other Facilities

Electricity supply, Sui gas supply, and the roads, as well as the properly organized lush green areas on the roads for decoration, are some other facilities which are being delivered as the compliment to the clients and the residents.


If you want to get the proper lavish lifestyle in the city of Multan and you need to shift your area because it does not deliver the required criteria of living to you then book your plot now and avail this chance of investing in the most outstanding project Buch Villas, Multan.

For Booking Call now:

Click to Call: 03028443859

Click to Call: 03028443860


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