Plots for Sale in Wapda Town Multan Phase 3 is what you might want to know. which is Located on Asian Highway 2. It has also access to Khanewal Road and Multan Railway station can be find from few minutes’ drive. Let's start that out for you then.

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As we all know that Wapda town is one of the most well-known organization which works for the betterment and comfort of government employees and the citizens. In the field of development, where every other society is showing the facilities and asking big amount for them it is very tough for the government and common citizens to manage this amount and get a home.

Plots for Sale

Multan is the place where development has not yet completed and there are no such variety of housing schemes. No doubt that development is at its peak and this is the most satisfying state for all the citizens of this huge metropolitan city Multan. But the grand facilities are only for the upper class, which can afford the huge homes and modern lifestyle. There is no such organization as Wapda town which is working for the betterment of the common and government-citizen and providing them with the standards they should have!

Plots for Sale in Wapda Town Multan Phase 3

There are two types of plots which are available in Wapda Town Phase 3:

Commercial Plots in Phase 3

Commercial plots are being developed by the authority for the best investment policies. This is the best way of securing the future of yourself and your family. There are main commercial plots and the plots which are a part of commercial development in many blocks and sectors.

Residential Plots in Phase 3

Residential plots are the best source for making your dream home in front of yours. This way you can have the security and the garments development. This will be your first step in making your dream home overall. The best part of these residential plots is that you can organize things according to your will. Everting single decision has to be taken by the owners of the property.

Wapda Town Multan Phase 3 Developers

Wapda town Multan has been controlled by the government of Punjab. That is the reason why the distribution of all the plots and the balloting process is done under the supervision of the team which is appointed by the government of Punjab. Wonderfully this society has been created for the massive care of the government employees which cant have their homes after getting retired.

The aim of this housing scheme is to provide the proper facilities to the government employees and the people who want to avail the housing opportunity.There is a special concession for the government employees and there are special space and quota also.

Wapda Town Multan Phase 3 Map

This area is one the Northern Bypass. There are all the important banks and the commercial areas which are required to declare this location one of the best location in Multan. All the nearby places are used for the residents. That is the reason why this location is the choice of many people who want an urbanized and more developed lifestyle. So you can have all the following places,

Allied Bank

There are many top banks which are present really close to the Wapda town phase 2 Multan. Allied Bank is also present near this area. You can achieve this destination just after 3 mins from the phase 3.

Hospitals and healthcare units

From Nishtar hospital to city hospitals all the great health care units are near Wapda Town Multan Phase 3. This is the coolest and the most comforting thing which could happen to the residents that health care units are so near to their residence.

Educational Institutes

There are many famous educational complexes which are pretty close to your residence in Wapda town Multan Phase 3. These schools are City School Multan, Bloom field hall and Multan central school. Beacon house is also 5 to 10 mins drive away from your residence in Wapda town Multan Phase 3.

Central mosque

There is a central mosque which is present and it represents the unity of the Muslim community in Wapda Town Phase 3. There are many mosques which are developed near each block so that residents won't feel any ambiguity in offering prayers five times a day. All of these mosques are design to show the peace and the preaching of Islam.

Restaurants and Café

There are so many restaurants and cafés which are present near the residence in Wapda Town Multan Phase 3.

Bundu Khan is just 5 mins drive away from Wapda town Phase 3 Multan

London Street is one of the most well know food point in Multan. This is known for the international cuisine and the ambience. This restaurant is 6 to 7 mins away from phase 3 Wapda town Multan.

Salt and pepper did not need the introduction. This is also 5 mins drive away from Wapda Town Multan Phase 3.

Moreover, other restaurants like Mc Donalds and KFC is also present nearby.

Wapda Town Phase 3 Features

There are many facilities which are being provided to the clients. These features are specially developed for the providence of these facilities overall. There are many features, and they are discussed below;

Central Parks

There is a central park which is made for the people to enjoy their time. Wapda town phase 3 also has small parks with the jogging tracks also. These parks are designed for the quality family time assurance from all the residence.

Community club

There are many functions which are held in far away halls and centres just because many societies don’t allow them to do these functions and the important event in their halls. There is a specific community centre which has been dedicated to the residents. It's their choice what type of function they want to organize but they can organize all the function in the community club according to their desire.


There are many gyming freaks and those are not only from the Wapda town but outside the society as well. There is a high-quality gym which has been organized for the people who want to get slim and keep themselves super fit, there are trainers which are assigned for the assistance of the member all the time.


The central mosque has been developed to show the respect and the unity in the Muslim community. Through this mosque voice of azan has been heard in all the homes around five times a day.

Wide Roads

Today a load of traffic is so much that it is Impossible for the people to manage things on the narrow roads. Not only the main boulevard but the roads in front of the homes and the commercial areas must also be very wide. This is the best for the proper traffic controlling system overall.

Modern Infrastructure

All the homes are specially built to show the urbanized and modern infrastructure. This is the reason why all the homes are created with the best material and the proper modern lifestyle pattern.

Commercial Area

Commercial areas are near the residence in Wapda town phase 3. This phase has been linked with the main commercial sector. As well as all the blocks have the separate commercial markets.

Gated Community

This is your way to experience the best gated community. With all the educated and the responsible people in your neighbourhood.

High Security

There are guards and the CCTV cameras all around the society. These are specially organized in such a way that every single.e person could feel secure and move freely within the society, no outsider without the reference is allowed to enter the gate of society.


You can enjoy the best living experience with Wapda town Phase 3 here in Multan. This is the best opportunity for the government employees as well the common citizens. So do not waste your time and book your plot now with because your Location is our Destination.




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